Bathroom Design 101: How To Design The Perfect Bathroom

Bathroom Design 101: How To Design The Perfect Bathroom
Bathroom Design 101: How To Design The Perfect Bathroom

The bathroom is oftentimes an overlooked part of the home even though we spend plenty of time in it. However, as this is a space that can be quite costly to renovate, you want to get its design right on the first go. With that in mind, here are a few tips that you should keep in mind when designing the perfect bathroom for your home.

Find the right layout

First of all, if you have the opportunity to design your bathroom from scratch, finding the right layout that will work for your family is the most important thing. When it comes to repairing water lines, drains, and pipes, later on, it can be very costly, so you should do it right from the start. For example, you can line up your sink, toilet, and shower on one side of the bathroom. This is the least expensive approach but it can also be limiting. Then, you can also keep the sink and toilet on one wall and the shower on another one. Lastly, the most versatile approach is having all three fixtures be on separate walls but it’s also the most complicated. Therefore, find what will work best for you and your budget.

Decide if you want both a shower and a tub

Another big decision to make is whether you need both a tub and a shower. If your bathroom is large, there is no reason to not have both. However, in a smaller space, you usually need to choose, so go over your priorities. Do you have young kids or pets that you need to bathe? Does your fast-paced lifestyle not require a bath? Do you have mobility issues that would make getting into a tub difficult? While a tub does offer more possibilities, sometimes it simply doesn’t make sense to have one.

Shower and A Tub
Shower and A Tub

Make a statement with your tub

If you do decide to get a tub, you want to get one that really makes a statement. For starters, even though you could get a drop-in one, a standalone one will make for a better focal point. The actual tub is up to you, as you can get one that is flat on the ground or one with claw feet. Furthermore, while a white one is the classic approach, opting for a black one or some other bold colour can also be fun.

Add a spa touch to your shower

On the other hand, if you opt for a shower, you can also use it to make your bathroom more spa-like. Get a ceiling-mounted rain shower showerhead in addition to a variety of other spray heads, including a handheld one. Moreover, you can incorporate a bench in there, either from marble or the material that will match the inside of the shower or a wooden one. 

Pick the right kind of floors

Another important aspect you have to think about is flooring. Bathroom floors need to be slip-resistant and waterproof; however, they should also be attractive. The ideal solution is ceramic tiles that are rated “impervious”, as these are the most waterproof. They are also durable and resist wear and stains. Moreover, they are easy to care for if you properly seal all grout. If you select a slip-resistant finish, you are good to go as they come in various colours and designs.

Consider the colour scheme

Consider the colour scheme
Consider the colour scheme

As colours can have a great impact on our mood, it’s crucial that you opt for the right colour palette. In addition to opting for the hue of the wall and floor tiles, you also have to think about the colour of the fixtures, elements, and details. While you can opt for the timeless approach of having your fixtures white and everything else in some light neutral colour, you can also be a bit bolder with some black, navy blue, or deep purple pieces. Furthermore, when looking for quality bathroom supplies like taps and other hardware, you also have a wide array of finishes at your disposal. Pick from chrome, rose gold, and black and create a gorgeous bathroom.

Save space with floating elements

When working with a smaller bathroom, space and storage can often be an issue. With that in mind, you want to incorporate floating elements that can make the room appear larger. For example, getting a dual-flush toilet that will be mounted on the wall or a wall-hung vanity with plenty of hidden storage is a great move as these will keep the floor clear and provide visual simplicity. However, if you’re also having trouble with storage, you can use open shelving and go as high as your walls allow in order to keep all towels, toilet paper, and other supplies in order. For a quick solution, you can also use a wooden stool as storage that can easily be moved around.

Bring in plenty of light

Something that can easily be overlooked when designing the perfect bathroom is lighting. As chances are that you will not have plenty of natural light, you want to incorporate a few fixtures that will let you layer the lights. For starters, a chandelier or pendant light that can be dimmed when you’re taking a bath is a must. Then, you also need some task lights near the mirrors for when you’re putting on makeup or shaving.

Don’t neglect the details

Finally, you don’t want to overlook any details. For example, the shower curtain and bath mat can bring in plenty of personality to the space, as well as personalized organic cotton towels. Look for towel rods and hooks that match your toilet paper holder and soap dispenser. While you can opt for the mixed-metals approach, you can also have them be in the same colour. Add a few pieces of art and some houseplants like ferns and orchids to tie it all together.

Designing the perfect bathroom can oftentimes be a challenge. However, if you decide on the right layout, pick the right elements, flooring, and colour scheme, and pay attention to details, you will create a bathroom that you will not feel the need to remodel any time soon.