There is a saying that goes, “money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy you coffee which is kind of the same thing.” For some people, drinking coffee is their morning ritual, and they cannot go without it. There is evidence that suggests that coffee helps people stay focused, thereby augmenting creativity.

It is widespread for people to wake up sleepy and be reluctant to work and carry on with their day. Coffee stimulates energy, and people find themselves pushing through their laziness.

One can buy coffee online or in stores. If you buy it online, be observant of the reviews. A coffee snob can differentiate between good and bad quality. To other people, it might seem all the same. Apart from buying good coffee,  it’s essential to know different brewing techniques as well.

The current market offers newfangled technology and more novelty ideas to brew one’s coffee. Each technique is different from another and tries to deliver your best cup of coffee. These days one can buy coffee online from platforms like Instagram also. Ask your friends and family if they’ve tried their blends and make your purchase.


Before understanding the different ways to brew coffee, it is essential to narrow down how much time and money one can spend on it. Brewing coffee can take some time, and the technology is not cheap. Hence, streamline these points before investing in your coffee maker.

1. Pour-over coffee

This method presents a delicate blend that resembles a juice or tea. The coffee is smooth. Begin by taking three flat scoops of coffee beans, and medium grind them. In another container, fix up the filters dexterously and dampen them.

Pouring hot water over the filter removes the paper-like taste and obliterates the sour taste. The taste of water is easily distinguishable. Once the filter is damp, get rid of the excess water and add the ground coffee. The coffee should flatly settle at the end of the Chemex, hence give it a good shake.

Next, use a kettle to pour the hot water onto the ground coffee, dampening it and then working your way up. It takes about 3-4 minutes to implement these steps. Gently stir the coffee and the water held by the filter, and then serve your coffee once it’s a little cooled down.

2. Coffeemaker

It is easier to make coffee using this medium. Begin With selecting your coffee. You can either buy ground coffee from the market or print it yourself. Once you’ve chosen your coffee, fill the carafe with cold water. The water quality can significantly impact the taste.

Steer clear of tao filters and use filtered water. Now, pour this water into the reservoir and install the carafe back to its position. Add the coffee to the filter according to your taste. Now, switch the coffee maker on and sit back to witness the sorcery.

People prefer this model because it is hassle-free and guarantees good coffee.

3. French press

Choose your coffee and try to keep it coarse. Begin with adding one tablespoon of coffee. In a kettle, boil water about 118 liters or a little more. The water must come to a full boil, post which one must let it stay there for another 30 seconds.  Empty the water into the carafe with your ground coffee. Make sure you pour slowly and in circular motions. Stir and shut the French press and wait for 4 minutes. Gently press the liver down, and voila. Enjoy.