Top Solar States Leading the Way in 2021

Top Solar States Leading the Way in 2021
Top Solar States Leading the Way in 2021

Solar power is the future. There were 10.6 GW of solar power installed in the United States in 2018 alone. It’s safe to assume that number is only going to continue to grow considering what hot topic environmentalism has been in recent years.

But where is solar power catching on in the United States, more specifically? Taking a look at the most popular solar states is also a good indication of where solar power is likely to be most effective.

Here are the top solar states that are generating the most solar energy with solar panels!


It should come as little surprise that California leads the charge of solar states with 21,074 MW of energy. That’s enough energy to power 5.4 million homes!

One reason it shouldn’t come as a surprise is California’s long history of sustainability. The other reason is even more practical, though. California is incredibly sunny, as well. It’d be foolish to not take advantage of one of their leading natural resources!

North Carolina

Although trailing quite a bit behind, the second biggest solar state is still nothing to sneeze at. It’s also a bit surprising, as you might not think of North Carolina as sunny. And usually, you think of a different kind of green when you think of the Tar Heel State.

Impressively, North Carolina produces 4,308 MW of solar energy. It’s also a forerunner of green initiatives. North Carolina boasts over 7,600 solar jobs and 8,381 solar installations.

You can find some of those installations at


For our third solar state, we return to one of the most stereotypically sunny states in the union. Arizona features an average of almost 300 days of sun a year. This makes Arizona a leader in renewable solar energy.

Arizona produces 3.6 GW of solar energy per year. This is used to power over 530,000 homes. Arizona’s solar power accounts for around 6% of the state’s total energy output. This is a testament to how viable that solar power is a serious source of energy.

Arizona is also a testament to what happens when you take solar power seriously and offer incentives to put it into practice. Arizona offers the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit. Homes that invested in a full solar power system could qualify for up to a 26% tax credit.

Imagine what could be possible if 6% of the entire country’s power were generated with solar power?

As we continue to move forward and solar power becomes more established, we might not have to wonder anymore. Let’s take a lesson from these solar states and that dream will be a reality before we know it!

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Solar states are only going to continue to become more important as we move into a greener future. Now is the perfect time to implement this sustainable technology and find out how it can enrich your life!

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