Top Doctor Consultation Apps in The US

Top Doctor Consultation Apps in The US
Top Doctor Consultation Apps in The US

Innovation in the world of technology is benefiting almost every industry, and the healthcare sector is also not deprived of its blessings. According to an analysis done by the US federal government, Americans spent $3.65 trillion on healthcare services last year. Healthcare costs in the country are increasing exponentially which is a signal for technology to come to the rescue of the common man.

The latest technology in the medical domain is striving towards saving their hard-earned money while taking good care of health. Affordable quality healthcare has also been made possible with a list of Top Doctor Consultation Apps. They make treatment by the best doctors accessible from the comfort of homes and that too at reasonable prices. They have become useful in the pandemic times forced upon by COVID-19. Presenting a few of such apps that have brought a revolution in the field and you might find them matching your requirement too.

1. Lemonaid Health

Lemonaid is one of the top doctor consultation apps, particularly for people with reproductive problems. Thousands of people download it for sexual problems like ED, Premature Ejaculation, and Genital Herpes. It promises doctor consultation within 24 hours and additionally delivers medicines at your doorstep.

But when you book an appointment, it gives an online questionnaire that needs to be answered. It will help them to know about your medical history, medicines you are taking, symptoms of your disease, and things to which you might be allergic. You may also be asked to submit health parameters such as your blood pressure, particularly if you have downloaded the app for birth control or erectile dysfunction. An immediate doctor consultation would follow. The nurse or doctor will send your prescription directly to the pharmacy for getting you the medicines.

Lemonaid doesn’t need patient’s health insurance while assuring quality care which most of the citizens opt for. The app charges just $25 for a doctor’s consultation, and this includes free medical tests too.

You will be happy to know that the delivery of medicines is also free of costs! In comparison to the service charges with similar apps, the app charges quite less than most of the insure co-pays.

2. Amwell

If you are looking for virtual medical attention within minutes, then Amwell can be an excellent choice for you. Here, the doctors are available 24*7 and all around the year. You can avail of their consultation during emergencies, irrespective of where you are. What is special about this app is, you may also find therapists and specialists visiting your home for special care. 

Credit: Amwell

According to the 9th Annual Vitals Wait Time Report, 30% of the patients who responded to a survey mentioned that tired of the long wait in the doctor’s chamber, they had to leave their appointments. Needless to say, apps like Amwell act as a savior to such patients. 

Also, if you need psychiatric assessment or medication, there will be experts to help you out. Therapist visits at just $85 or $99 (depending on the qualification of the therapist) and visits by psychiatrists at $199 (first-time) and $95 (follow-up visits) are more features to look for in the app. Like many others of its type, it allows you to save more with any existing health insurance and sends the prescription to an easily accessible pharmacy.

3. Dr. on Demand

Another Doctor Consultation App provides consultancy by US-based and certified doctors at a convenient time. It also provides a complete package that includes preventive care (regulating your daily lifestyle and diet), urgent medical help (assistance during the cases of emergency), chronic care (providing treatment for chronic diseases), and integrated behavioral health (emotional support while maintaining privacy).

Its one-of-a-kind program of full body and mind care compels employers from different organizations to collaborate with it to ensure the wellness of their employees. 

It allows you to sign up for free. The subsequent fees are quite affordable and disclosed well before you decide to consult a doctor.

No additional bills are sent later and no hidden costs are involved. Moreover, if you are already insured or are covered by any health plan thanks to your employer, the price is further reduced. The app also offers an easy interface to check the suitability of your existing health plan. If you don’t have one, there’s nothing to worry as they allow everyone to enjoy medical care at amazing prices.

The popularity of the app and its collaboration with corporate programs has rightly helped them achieve a rating of 4.9 stars out of 5. What adds to their credibility is the way they treat every patient compassionately and take special care of each of them.

4. PlushCare

PlushCare provides you with a platform to interact with some of the best medical practitioners in the country. The doctors here have been trained in some of the most reputed institutions and have years of experience in the field. They specialize in a wide range of medical diseases and provide the best solution in the very first visit in majority of the cases. Yes! The video sessions between you and the doctor of your choice where the first visit has provided solution to the patient in 97% of the cases. The diverse range of diseases that can be cured using the app makes it unique.

The services provided include general medical assistance for diseases such as Cold and Flu, Bronchitis, Urinary Tract Infection, Sore Throat, Stomach Upset, etc. and prescription refills for High Cholesterol, Diabetes or Pre-diabetes, Erectile Dysfunction, Arthritis, Birth Control, High Blood Pressure, Asthma, and the likes. Labs and testing such as Allergy Test, Dietary Assessment, Cholesterol, Thyroid Testing, and STD testing and screening are also done.

The payment has to be made per visit and there is no hidden charge involved. If you are not satisfied with the type of medical attention you receive, you can take full advantage of the money-back guarantee they provide.

5. LiveHealth Online

This online doctor consultation app has four categories in which you can find the doctor of your choice- Medical, Psychology, Allergy, and Psychiatry. It is quite popular among the citizens, owing to the “Allergy” section which is not very common in other apps of its type.

Concerns like minor rashes, runny noses, puffy eyes, itchy throat, sneezing, and other allergic conditions can be dealt with very easily. Besides, the other regular sections are also there. The app is free to sign up and charges you a maximum of $49 per visit.

All these Top Doctor Consultation Apps allow you to enjoy consultation by qualified doctors at a reasonable price, comfortably and conveniently. Surveys have revealed that an increasing percentage of the population in the country is inclined towards consulting physicians over the apps rather than waiting in the long queue. With this, we see the beginning of a new era in the history of techno-medical science!