7 Reasons Why Aluminium Frame Glass Doors Are Right for You

7 Reasons Why Aluminium Frame Glass Doors Are Right for You

If you are working on creating a dream home, you must pay special attention to fixtures in the house. The home fixtures that play a major role in contributing to the looks of a home are its doors and windows. An aluminium frame glass door opening to a balcony, garden, or terrace can transform the looks of the house. It is possible that your house is still in the construction stage or maybe you are planning to upgrade the house to give it a more modern and contemporary look. In either case, you would want to get the best for your home. 

Doors and windows are among the key fixtures that are responsible for how comfortable you feel in your home and hence require special consideration. Along with that, you must also pay attention to your pocket and find an option that looks appealing while being comfortable, durable, and affordable. Aluminium door frames fit all these criteria making them a good option. There are also many more benefits of installing these frames that would compel you to choose them for your home. 

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Benefits of Using Aluminium Door Frames

The popular options for door frames are timber, aluminium, and UPVC. Below are a few benefits of aluminium door frames that make them a better choice than the other two.

  • Durability

Aluminium is a material that can survive the weather elements easily. It is corrosion-resistant and hence does not rust. It is also strong and weather-resistant timber. With appropriate surface treatments, an aluminium doorframe lasts long with the same aesthetics and performance. By virtue of its durability, it can be used in any part of the house – indoors or outdoors – without any fear of damage due to environmental factors.

  •   Aesthetics

Since aluminium is strong, it does not require the frame to be wide and deep. A slim frame is good enough to hold the glass. This also allows for ease in creating larger frames, unlike timber, and you can use a greater amount of glass than the frame to let in more light and an undisturbed view. Lesser number of frames create a feeling of a seamless view and enjoy the vista better. Moreover, the frames can be powder-coated in and out to match with your décor theme and give your home a cosy feel. The specifications will need to be discussed with your supplier.

  • Versatile

Aluminium is malleable and hence can be used to create a variety of doors and window frames as per the requirements of the house. You can get folding doors, sliding doors as well as a combination of the two. You can discuss your requirement of light and space with your supplier and the doors can be customised accordingly. 

  • Low Maintenance Requirement 

The non-corrosive property of aluminium prevents the doorframes from getting rusty or discoloured. This makes it very easy to maintain them for a long time. It requires minimal effort and expense to keep them looking good as new over a long period of time. To clean these door frames, you only need soapy water and a cloth to wipe it dry. Simple maintenance will keep these doors working perfectly for a long time.

  • Energy Efficiency

Aluminium frames offer a good fit for your doors and windows not allowing air to pass through. This helps in saving on your electricity bills when using an air conditioner. They are also good at offering insulation and help to keep the house cool or warm as desired. The right kind of glass for your doors can improve this efficacy and save more on energy consumption.

  • Eco-Friendly

Aluminium is a completely recyclable and highly reusable material making it more environment-friendly when compared to uPVC. You can change your aluminium frames as and when required without feeling guilty about creating waste. The frames can be converted to several other useful products. By using these frames, you also help in saving trees and hence prevent soil erosion and other environmental hazards.

  • Value for Money

In the long run, it actually proves to be cheaper than uPVC as well. For the money that you would spend on them, they give you the best value, simply by having the qualities of durability, environment-friendliness, better energy performance, and elegance. With aluminium, you can customise your doors and windows to a greater extent than the other materials, and that too for a much more affordable bill. Once installed, they hardly require any maintenance, helping you to save later as well. If you are in the middle of choosing the right doors for your home, you have your options open. Keep the important factors of usability, durability, and your budget in mind when exploring the market and you will certainly feel compelled to adopt the aluminium frame glass door option for your comfortable home.