Top 6 ways to make money from the Internet

Top 6 ways to make money from the Internet
Top 6 ways to make money from the Internet

If you want to learn how to make money from the internet. Then you are in the right place. because I am going to tell you about how you can earn money from these 6 ways. Let’s get started.

1. Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing, you earn a commission. Many large online shops, banks, fitness studios, delivery services, and other companies offer so-called affiliate or partner programs. The registration takes place either directly via the website of the retailer/service provider or via the advertising network. Advertising networks such as Amazon, Flipkart, Clickbank, etc. offer access to numerous partner programs with one registration.

After registration, you look for the desired product and create an affiliate or refer link. If someone clicks on the link and buys the product or membership, the affiliate receives a commission. The commission varies depending on the product and provider. At Amazon, for example, there is between 3% and 10% commission on the value of the goods.

So if someone buys from my link on Amazon for $100, I get a commission of around $7. For financial and insurance products such as Life Insurance are also happy to include $70 and more per referred customer. The really difficult thing about affiliate marketing is to achieve the referrals unobtrusively, within the framework of the applicable laws. Your own blog, forums and newsletters are suitable for this.

2. Blogging

Seeing blogging as a source of income is the opposite of the affiliate example above. It is important to know your subject well and create high-quality content. If the blog is authentic and appeals to the target group, growth can be seen over time. Once you have built up a stable stream of visitors, you have the basis for making money.

Now the right monetization concept has to be developed. You can choose from, for example, CPC (cost-per-click), affiliate marketing, subscription models or sponsored posts. At CPC you integrate advertising material (e.g. banners). The webmaster receives between $ 0.05 and $ 2.00 per click.

The popular provider is “Google Adsense”. If you have a niche with a lot of products, affiliate marketing is also a good approach. An alternative would be the subscription model. One offers in the blog e.g. his expertise in WordPress. Writes beginner tutorials and tips and tricks that will make you hungry for more. In the paid member area there are then videos with detailed, continuing material.

Another alternative is sponsored posts. Here you turn to companies or marketing agencies or they turn to the blogger. The blogger then writes a blog article marked as advertising according to the customer’s request and receives compensation for it. Depending on the size and awareness of the blog, sponsored post costs between $50 and $ 500. For very large blogs, the upper limit can, of course, be increased even further.

3. Making films/videos

YouTube has long ceased to be “the video platform with the funny clips”, but rather a tough business in many corners and ends. Whoever produces videos and hits the nerve of the user can generate good sales. By coupling the YouTube Channel with the Google Adsense advertising platform, an average of between $1-5 can be earned per 1000 video views.

In addition, there is income from sponsorship contracts and affiliate marketing for products and services that many YouTubers advertise within their videos and link under the videos.

4. Making eBook

Anyone who can write has never had it easier to publish their works than it is today. Anyone can sell their books as e-books on Amazon with the help of a PC including an Internet connection. Customers and markets are available.

Unfortunately, it must also be said that the market, especially on Amazon, is now already oversaturated. If you want to generate good sales with e-books on Amazon, you first need a top concept/book/story, second, a knack for what is currently in demand and third, always a little bit of luck.

5. Create Information Products

We already had the category of information products on the negative list. There it was about books and DVDs that promise quick fortune without diligence. That is not the point here. However, anyone who is an expert in a particular field should consider whether there is a market for that expertise.

Let’s assume that Bernd is a computer scientist and aquarium enthusiast. Over the past few years, he has expanded his aquarium to include various IT measurement systems and smartphone control. There are aquarists books and IT books, but none that deal with both topics in one. Bernd notes that all of his online contacts in the aquarium forum are enthusiastic about his aquarium. Bernd now writes construction plans, an e-book and purchase lists together and creates a video instruction for the reconstruction of his aquarium. With this, Bernd has created an information product and found a niche where there is a need.

Since there are no alternatives, Bernd can sell his product for $99 and still find buyers. Once created, Bernd only incurs low follow-up costs. The largest provider of information products in German-speaking countries is Digistore24. As a marketplace, this takes over the payment processing and offers the possibility of finding advertisers who advertise their own information product for a freely definable margin quite easily.

6. Stock Photography

Stock photography is the opposite of commissioned photography. So you don’t photograph special objects/motifs/scenes according to order, but first of all on “bulk”. These photos can then be uploaded to one or more stock photo portals such as istockphoto, Fotolia, or Shutterstock and offered for sale. Depending on the payment and license model, you earn a small amount per sale or, with exclusive licenses, higher sums, but only once per photo. In principle, you can make good money with stock photography.

The German stock photographer Robert Knecht, for example, achieved sales of over $10,000 per month in 2013, as he writes in his annual report. Nevertheless, one shouldn’t be blinded by such numbers, because on the one hand the competition is great and on the other hand many motifs are simply “exhausted”. Nobody will download the 100,000th rose photo. So creativity, quality in implementation and a feel for the current trends are required here.


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