Tips and Tricks To Prepare for the SAT Exam

Tips and Tricks To Prepare for the SAT Exam
Tips and Tricks To Prepare for the SAT Exam

Every student who wishes to pursue graduation from their dream university in America including the 9 ivy league colleges, must appear for SAT. Designed by the college board, SAT is one of the most widely accepted entrance tests for an undergraduate course. The pattern of the exam is designed to test the skills of the students and their preparedness for the course they seek to devote themselves to.  Thus, there is an extensive syllabus with questions that test both the knowledge and the aptitude of the candidates.

Needless to say, the competition for this test is tough. More than 2.2 million students had appeared for the test in the previous year. While not all, a lot of these students are well prepared, and thus, qualifying for this test and landing up at a good college is not a piece of cake.

But it is important to remember that this is just one side of the story. Let’s bring some optimism in! The SAT, like all other exams, is especially delineated with certain expectations from the test takers. Therefore, the candidates who are able to deliver the same will be able to qualify easily.

Furthermore, since the students willing to appear for the SATs generally find themselves rattled and clueless, it is important to get a good direction before starting your preparation. Here is a list of Tips and Tricks that have been gathered from our team of experts as well as students from previous batches who have performed optimally in their tests.

Know the Syllabus:

The first tip is to know in advance what topics are relevant to study. This ensures that you cover everything that is required and do not waste time frivolously. The corresponding weightage of the topics must also guide one’s preparation. In SAT writing and language test comprises around 40-45 questions, Reading and comprehension section covers about 50 questions while Mathematics is dealt with 55-60 questions. The distribution has remained relatively even over the years.

Prepare in advance:

It is a very good idea to start SAT preparation in Dubai while you have a lot of time on your hands. This is because one can prepare for the test slowly and steadily.

Be a voracious reader:

Having a good command of grammar and a good reading speed gives one an advantage in SAT exams. These are more of a matter of habit than something that can be prepared for in a limited period of time. Thus, having a consistent reading habit is going to be highly beneficial. It also helps one develop a good vocabulary that will be very helpful in the Reading and Critical Reasoning section.

Write sample essays:

Contrary to what a majority of test-takers believe, the essay is a very integral part of the SAT exams. Thus, it is very important to practice writing on a variety of topics. This helps one to get the hang of creative writing, helps in structuring arguments, improves grammar and vocabulary, and each sample essay rewards by improving your speed and quality.

Solve Practice papers:

Practice papers and mock tests are perhaps one of the best methods to prepare for examinations like SAT which are not only about the knowledge of the subject but also about testing the candidate’s presence of mind, time management skills, and confidence. Solving practice papers helps one capable of handling real-time stress and helps one evaluate the position where the one stands. SAGE has the best review tests among all SAT classes in Dubai.

Read the question carefully:

The SAT is designed in a manner to check the observation skills and presence of mind of the students. So often tricky questions are given in the paper, which one can easily commit a mistake in if the same is not read properly. It is best to give time to understand a question and what it seeks to ask before answering the same. Understand the question in its context!

Understand your mistakes:

It is important to introspect and find out your weaknesses while practicing questions on the SAT. Finding the cause of the mistake, whether it be lack of time, silly errors, or lack of knowledge, would help you to improve your performance by eliminating it completely.

Passage reading hack:

One can save time in the exam by being faster at the “reading” section of the test. While the reading speed matters, it is even more important to ensure that you first skim the passage, then read the questions, and again go to the passage to read the relevant section only. This ensures that no time is wasted on reading frivolous details and helps to answer rhetorical questions.


while it is definitely important to understand the concepts, one must also memorize certain things like Mathematical formulae, basic mental calculations, and Grammar Rules. This will help you save time.

Prepare with a study schedule:

The best preparations are always those that are planned methodically. It is one of the most important tips for any candidate to prepare their study schedule in a way to devote most of their time on the topics of their weakness and at the same time keeping their strengths at par with regular practice. Planning also helps to avoid procrastination as there is a strict schedule to follow. Any SAT classes in Dubai can help you plan it.

Be prepared for the exam:

Plan how much time you will devote to each section of the SAT and stick to the deadline. Also, fill the bubbles in the OMR sheet in the last 10 mins so that you have the freedom to change your answers any time before that.

Trick the Question:

While one may not know what the answer is, a lot of times it’s easier to know what it must not be. Thus, in multiple-choice questions where only one answer is correct, try eliminating the obvious ones to increase the probability of choosing the right one.

Get professional assistance:

As we have highlighted above The SAT is a highly competitive exam and a lot is at stake. It is thus best to get enrolled in a professional torturing course that will provide you with the perfect faculty, comprehensive study material and guide your preparation as per your expectations and needs by any SAT coaching in Dubai. These are a few tips that will help you prepare for your SATs. This is not an exhaustive list.