How To Utilize Editing Features On TikTok – 7 Simple Steps

How To Utilize Editing Features On TikTok – 7 Simple Steps
How To Utilize Editing Features On TikTok – 7 Simple Steps

TikTok is full of exciting features, which make your video more engaging, and you can spruce up your content with those features. One of the impressive features offered by TikTok is editing services. Using editing features, you can easily enhance your video. Moreover, it’s not that difficult to use or learn this feature. Even though your content is engaging, editing is very important for your video to stand out from the crowd. The interesting fact is that TikTok is a excellent social media platform.

This article will guide step by step procedure to edit your TikTok videos.

# Fix Your Camera Settings

Once you open your TikTok app, click the “+” button, which appears at the bottom of the screen. You must check a few settings before you begin your shootings. When you have already decided on your background music, just tap on the sound button, which displays at the top of the screen. Or else you can use this option to find music or pick any of the featured sounds, which is popular on this platform. You can even decide to record your video in advance of including your background music. There, you can choose a beauty mode that gives a good appearance to your face. Also, you can choose the filter’s color.

# Decide Your Effects

TikTok cameras have different effects that you can try according to your preference. Do you know? You can create any picture with the help of your camera roll, which can be used as a background. If you like to dance in Monte Carlo, TikTok will make it. On the other hand, you can spot trending effects.

# Record Your TikTok Video 

Now your initial step is over and the next start to record your video. Choose the length of your content, whether it’s 15-second or 60-second. After finishing your recording part, tap the stop button. Follow the process until you have shot all the sections that you want to shoot.

# Click Adjust Clips Button

After recording your video, click the adjust clips button, which is present at the right corner of the screen. Here, you can pick each clipping and adjust its duration. Next, re-shoot clips by hitting start over, don’t save it after completing.

# Choose Your Transition

If you hit on the transition button, you can choose different ways to transition your clippings.

If you don’t like any of the effects, you can click the undo button. You can select the portion that you want to run in slow motion, repeat, or reverse speed in the time section.

# Add Stickers 

At the end of the editing screen, you can spot the stickers icon. There you can find a wide variety of emojis, graphic stickers, which give an instant engagement rate. Face zoom manually can apply to any of the person’s face that appears till the end of your video, which helps to get more views and grab audience attention. Increase audience engagement that lets you buy TikTok followers and make your brand popular. You can choose any trending stickers, polls, emojis for your videos.

# Upload Your Videos

Now you have done all your editing for your videos. It’s ready to post. If you’re fully satisfied with your editing, press the next button, it will direct you to the posting page. Before posting it, don’t forget to add hashtags and descriptions to your videos, which help to give you more visibility.

Winding Up

On TikTok, you have three options: publish, private, and visible to friends when it comes to visibility. Also, you have a duet option that allows other TikTokers to interact with your video directly. Allowing stitch options gives access to the users to interact with your videos, or they can react to it. By allowing duet and stitching, you can increase your engagement and visibility once you set all these settings, next upload your videos.