How To Choose And Partner With The Best Offshore Development Company?

Offshore Development Company
Offshore Development Company

There obviously might be a lot of confusion regarding partnering with the best offshore custom software development companies. You might be confused about what parameters to look for to find a trustworthy offshore software development company. A company that delivers high-quality deliverables on time, without errors, at a cost that suits your financial budget are some parameters to look for. Of course, the company’s ability to deliver on time also matters a lot.

Here are ten tips to partner with the best offshore software development company.

Thorough background check

There are several offshore software outsourcing companies in today’s world. Choosing the best company that can address your business needs can be difficult. To ensure that you select the right company, check its ratings on reputed websites and read the online reviews. You can also analyze the company’s portfolio, hear what their previous clients have to say. This will help you know whether the company you are planning to partner with is right for you or not.

Development Methodology

Several methodologies and procedures are used to handle software development projects. You should partner with a company that uses a methodology that is suitable for your project. The methodology used by the offshore software development company should produce quality outputs and be impactful.

Company Size

Looking at the company’s size is one of the best indicators for judging a company’s ability to carry out a project. If the company is small, full attention to your project is guaranteed by the company. Team management is also easier for small companies. But, it also means working with limited people, tools and technologies. Large companies, on the other hand, have advanced technology and resources. However, you might have to wrangle hard to get the company to assign the top talents to your project.

Demonstrable Experience

Finding the best offshore software outsourcing company that can build a world-class development team for your business is essential. It means that you need to find an offshore software development company that has done it all before. Because if the company doesn’t have any experience delivering remote offshore teams, then you’ve chosen the wrong company. If not experienced, the company should show you some case studies highlighting their ability to solve problems.

QA Testing

You should check if the offshore development company has a team of dedicated software application testers. There are a variety of software application testing methods available. With these methods’ help, you can assess if the offshore development company can deliver high-quality projects.


There are chances of the projects getting complex. Flexibility in approach is needed to handle such complex projects. So, choose a partner offshore development company who is flexible and able to deliver according to the project requirements.

Check Tools Used

Inquiring about the offshore software development firm’s tools to control the source and bugs is essential too. The source code and the bug tracking tool are crucial tools for any offshore software development project’s success. Checking the tools used is a way of assessing the effectiveness of the firm’s quality assurance.

Handle Communication Issues

A significant concern for offshore companies partnering is communication, particularly in dealing with companies based in other countries. Not only do we have to deal with language and cultural barriers, but we have to deal with the time difference also. Lack of effective communication can lead to misunderstandings in various matters like project requirements, deliverables. It can even ruin the client relationship. So, it’s essential to partner with companies offering support in your time zone to avoid misunderstandings, delays and real-time issues.

Project Management Capabilities

It is imperative to partner with a company with robust project management capabilities. Sometimes, offshore development companies do not provide a project manager. This puts the responsibility of overseeing the project on the client. Companies who offer project management as part of the agreement are the best companies to partner with. This is because they possess the skills and experience needed to employ creative solutions whenever required.

Evaluate Cost-Effectiveness, Not cost

Every business solution comes down to the cost eventually, in some way or the other. While choosing an offshore development team, acquiring the best possible talent for your business is essential. Getting that talent at the most affordable price is equally important too. So, make sure you clear all your doubts about quotes, timelines and other unforeseen costs with the offshore development company. India was considered as the best country in 2017 and 2018 to set up an offshore development centre. One of the primary reasons for this was its cost-effectiveness. One of the primary reasons for this was its cost-effectiveness.

Amidst the number of offshore development companies in the market today, finding the right company can be overwhelming. And selecting the wrong company as your partner can lead to low-quality results and massive losses. So, make sure you follow the above tips and choose the best company to partner with.