The 15 accessories to have for a perfect barbecue

The 15 accessories to have for a perfect barbecue
The 15 accessories to have for a perfect barbecue

Summer is the best season to organize barbecues and dinners in the garden, with family or friends. But, in order for everything to be perfect, it is good to have everything you need to make the most of your barbecue. Here are the accessories that you absolutely must-have.

Barbecues are ideal kitchen accessories for preparing grilled meat and fish. Having the best accessories available can help simplify preparation and make everything perfect.

In this way, you will be able to organize dinners with friends and family lunches and enjoy the relaxation of summer evenings and free time on Sundays.

Therefore, below you will find the barbecue accessories that you absolutely must have at hand.


Charcoal is essential to operate the barbecue. It is good to get the right amount of charcoal, to avoid running out of stock during the barbecue and having to interrupt dinner. There are several types, make sure you buy the one compatible with the grill in your possession.

Light the fire:

In case of strong wind, lighting the embers could be difficult; for this, it is necessary to have a firelighter at hand, a tool that speeds up the ignition of the fire and does not release toxic gases. In fact, firelighters are ecological and act in respecting the environment.


Flavoring meat or fish with salt, spices, or sauces while cooking can give them a better taste, as the ingredients mix better. Of course, however, it cannot be done with bare hands, running the risk of getting burned. In this regard, it is recommended to have a brush at hand. The best are those made of silicone, such as the Leading-Star brush, because they do not conduct heat and the bristles do not come off, risking to mix with food.


Grilling means being very close to heat, charcoal, and fire; for this reason, the risk of getting burned is high. The solution is to always wear a pair of gloves. The ideal ones are the insulating ones, which do not absorb heat even in contact with high temperatures. This is the case, for example, with non-slip gloves, which can also be used to remove trays and pots from the oven and which are sold in a pack with two potholders.


When cooking, it is always best to have a dish towel handy, to dry and clean your hands and to avoid getting dirty. The best are certainly those in cotton because they are absorbent and safe for food contact. A good compromise can be the purchase of the pack of 10 tea towels, each measuring 50 x 70 cm


Among the indispensable accessories for the big BBQ grill there are certainly the tongs, convenient for grabbing food without letting it slip, abandoning a knife or forks to grab sausages and short ribs. If you have two, you can use one for food and one for loosening the coal. In this case, steel products are preferred. Make sure the handle is long enough.


Paired with the pliers, it is also good to buy a headstock. This tool is perfect for turning food without getting burnt and without getting damaged. As for the pliers, it is good to choose a model in stainless steel and with a long handle and covered with insulating material.

Kitchen thermometer:

If you want to be sure that the meat is cooked to perfection and that it is just the way you like it, it is essential to have a cooking thermometer, a useful tool to detect the temperature of food and know when it has reached the desired one. In this way, you will be sure that you have not made a mistake in cooking in any way.


When cooking, it is good to have everything you need close at hand. In this regard, it would be good to have a trolley available. Some barbecues have a built-in stand, others don’t. You might decide to buy a folding cart, to be used only when needed. Opt for a model that gives you the space you need to place oil, salt, pepper, sauces, and dishes, such as the SunJas barbecue cart.

Cedar wood tablet:

To best cook fish on the grill, it is good to have a cedar wood tablet available. The wood absorbs the heat and releases it slowly and evenly, allowing the fish steaks to cook perfectly. The tablet should be pre-heated for about 20 minutes, not in direct contact with the fire.

Grid mats:

To prevent food from coming into direct contact with fire, you can place a mat on the grill. Generally, this accessory is made with non-stick material, to allow you to cook without adding seasonings.

Cooking Support:

If you are worried that the food you are cooking will get stuck in the grill or slip, you can use support. The cooking supports are existing steel structures in different shapes; to choose the right one, you need to evaluate which foods you have the most difficulty with on the grill. Among the most valid models is the Camping cooking support, useful with chicken, ribs, and vegetables.


If you want to serve skewers, but you want to compose and prepare them yourself, you must have steel or wooden skewers to put on the grill. The skewer rack is one of the most complete models, because the support allows you not to place the skewers directly on the grill and to avoid direct contact with the charcoal. Thanks to this accessory, you can serve food with imagination.

Brush for the grill:

The grill brush is an essential accessory to ensure that the barbecue is always clean. Hygiene is essential, especially when it comes to accessories in close contact with food. The grill brush is made with stainless steel bristles, which also remove encrusted dirt.

Barbecue cover:

If you have a garden and want to leave the barbecue outside, it is good to cover it when not in use, to prevent it from becoming dusty or damaged. The cover is not always included in the package. A waterproof fabric tarp, which ensures that the grill is kept safe and dry.