How Much Does it Cost to Convert an iOS App to Android?

How Much Does it Cost to Convert an iOS App to Android?
How Much Does it Cost to Convert an iOS App to Android?

Every startup or a small company wants to bring a feature-packed app for its target audience. However, at times, enterprises find it essential to convert an existing app for one platform to another platform. For example, a company has built an iOS app to reach an affluent audience based in the USA, the UK, and Canada. But, gradually, it turns up that there is no point in missing Android’s giant share of over 71% of the mobile OS market.   

Here, the company needs to convert the iOS app into an Android app to leverage the benefits of higher penetration in the smartphone market globally. Also, it is fair to mention that if your iOS app works well on the market, it is beneficial to come up with an Android version so that you can attract a huge audience. What’s more,  it is possible to add more features like widgets and Android Intents in your app’s Android version.  

Here, the cost of mobile app plays a vital role in deciding on converting your iOS app into an Android app. Apart from being a closed and open operating system respectively, the iOS and Android OS have many differences that contribute to the costs to port your app from one platform to another platform. Let’s go through some of the factors that the mobile app development company considers while calculating the cost of conversion- 

  • Programming Languages- Swift vs. Java
  • System Frameworks
  • User Interface (UI) design
  • API integration
  • Software Development Kits (SDKs)
  • App’s interaction with the device hardware
  • Types of devices and Android version support

Also, running an integrated environment for iOS app development or Xcode IDE needs a Mac, whereas Android SDK and Android IDE are straightforward to run. The open-source nature of the Android OS is beneficial for developers and entrepreneurs alike but then we have numerous Android devices available and testing of your app for Android version, therefore, demands more time, effort, and money. J2ObjC Google open-source tools can help Android app developers to convert the iOS app into an Android app. They can easily use Android code for the iOS platform through the code translation method. 

Considering all the factors and the size of your app conversion project, the cost to convert an iOS app to Android ranges from $10000 to $60000. App complexity or the number of features can also impact this cost. A moderate app with more features and complexity costs around $20000 to $40000 and a highly complex app with many features can cost between $40000 to $60000. 

There are no ready-made tools or OS converters available to port the existing iOS app to the Android app to date. You need to consult a reputed Android app development company to get a customized Android app from your iOS app. The app development company follows three steps for converting your iOS app into an Android app.

  1. Making a Plan

It all starts with the analysis and making of a strategy. You need to consider the features, characteristics, and design of the existing iOS app. It is also necessary to think of the user’s journey in your app while making a plan for converting it into an Android app. The mobile app development company can help you make a roadmap by considering the possible errors and issues that can come in the way of porting. 

Android app developers can either bring a solution to such issues or optimize the app version accordingly by using the latest tools and APIs. 

  1. Execution 

The Android app development company takes all technical aspects including coding, libraries, and third-party integrations into account for determining the project valuation. Before executing your app conversion, the development company gives you a quote. Though in many cases, converting the iOS app to Android is quite similar to build a single Android app, iOS apps with innovative features and functionality can take more time to convert into an Android app. Material Design alteration and Android-focused UX design are some of the critical aspects with a significant impact on the execution of the app conversion project.  

  1. Test and Release

It is of utmost importance to ensure the quality of the Android version of your iOS app. The Android app development company uses real Android devices or emulation tools for extensive testing before releasing the app. As compared to iOS apps, the testing procedure takes longer for Android apps because of the variation of devices.  

How much time does it take to convert your iOS app into an Android app? 

The conversion time from iOS to Android app depends on the size of the app and its complexity or number of features. In a way, the process usually takes anything from a couple of days to a few months. 

Major challenges for converting iOS app into Android app

Here are some of the common challenges that make the porting of your iOS app into Android quite a task. 

One of the biggest challenges is the difference in screen sizes. When it comes to iOS, devices have certain screen sizes with a minimum variation, but in Android, there are a number of smartphone makers come up with devices that have differences in the display size. Android apps are designed to work across multiple devices.  

Another issue is hardware. Tens of hundreds of companies manufacture Android phones with a slight difference in hardware and functionality. On the other hand, being a closed source and having proprietary nature, iOS has limited devices without having major differences in hardware. This makes porting from iOS to Android quite challenging for the mobile app development company. 

Another major challenge is API. The iOS platform has many APIs with innovative features and functionality. It is a bit difficult for Android app developers to make APIs in line with the existing iOS app. 

Concluding Lines

If you want to port your existing iOS app to Android, all you need to consult a reliable mobile app development company. It is beneficial for your company to go for converting your iOS app because an Android app can help your business reach a huge audience globally while opening the doors of new opportunities.