What are the Reasons for PST Corruption? – Fully Explained

What are the Reasons for PST Corruption?
What are the Reasons for PST Corruption?

In short: Today, in this blog we will know what are the reasons for PST corruption. Because many MS Outlook users are facing some or other problems with PST files. Out of these, the most faced problem is PST file corruption. So, without wasting important time start to know the PST corruption error.

First, let us know about the MS Outlook PST File in upcoming sections. Then, we will understand the PST file corruption reasons. So, let us start.

What is PST File?

PST (Personal Storage Table) was created by Mircosoft. It is store personal data of Microsoft Outlook and Exchange. Besides e-mail folders, it may also save contacts, addresses, and other information. Its biggest advantage is that it is portable and can be easily moved from one Outlook email client to another without the help of any IT expert. Also, PST files were never created as a multi-gigabyte archive which caused users to suffer frequent PST corruption and subsequent data loss.

So, let us move on to the next section to understand the cause of PST file corruption.

Reasons for PST Corruption

There are several causes of PST files being corrupted or damaged. Below, we mention some causes of PST:

1. Header Corruption Due to PST File Transfer and Download:

The reason for header corruption is that when you transfer the PST file to the entire network area or download the file then the possibility of this corruption increases. So, until you recover this PST file otherwise your file becomes unreadable.

2. Crashes on Fault Segments and Hard Drive:

The PST file on the hard drive can sometimes crash, making the files contained in it unavailable. On hard drives, bad sectors can sometimes build up and endanger the PST data that’s stored inside.

3. Attacks Due to Virus Incidents

are known to aggressively target Outlook PST files and make them unavailable under certain circumstances. Even after successfully eliminating the infection from the system, the PST file may still be inaccessible as its metadata may be corrupted.

4. Older versions of Outlook have data limits.

If you are using an older version of MS Outlook, such as the 2002 version or earlier, Outlook may start acting strangely once the PST file exceeds the 2GB limit. Thousands of organizations, especially small businesses, still use older versions of Outlook, although the problem has been fixed in recent versions. Because in them the limit of PST files has been increased to 50 GB.

5. Malware Incidents

A specific type of virus known as ransomware affects computers by encrypting the entire contents of a hard drive. PST data files would also become inaccessible if you were the target of such an attack.

6. Power outages, Outlook crashes, and hang-ups

The Outlook application needs to be closed properly after use. However, it is possible for the core PST data file to get corrupted if there is a sudden power failure or your Outlook client crashes.

After knowing all the important things about the PST and its reasons, let us move to the solution part. So, in the below section, we will tell you one of the best and most trustworthy solutions to repair corruption from PST files.

Repairing PST File after an Incident of Data Corruption

If you are also facing the problem of a corrupted PST file then you should immediately try to repair it using Outlook PST Repair Tool a powerful and reliable repair utility. The program provides you with a variety of features. The recovery process should be completed as quickly as possible while achieving the best possible recovery rate.

Time to Wind-Up

So, in this unique entire blog, we are explanted all the important points about the what are the reasons for PST corruption. Also, we mention one of the best third-party utilities to repair all the corruption from PST files. Now, if you are also facing the same problem with Outlook PST files. So, you can use a trustworthy solution which is mentioned above.