Possible Health Issues for Surrogate Mothers

Possible Health Issues for Surrogate Mothers
Possible Health Issues for Surrogate Mothers

Since surrogacy is not only to bring a child to life but is also a difficult process a woman goes through. It brings with it the complexities through the process or even after the process as well. A surrogate mother faces the same issues just as a normal pregnant woman. The IVF process and the pre-pregnancy treatments may find you physically weak but also will leave the side-effects. Here are some possible health issues discussed regarding surrogate mother and surrogacy. Although there are several health issues for surrogate mothers, we have researched and here shown the most common health issues for surrogate mothers during pregnancy and post-birth crisis.

Pre-pregnancy treatments

The pre-pregnancy processes, a surrogate mother goes through are time-consuming and might be painful as well. This process may leave lifetime effects on you. The injections you get or the fertilization procedures might be intimidating for you. There are several medical as well as psychological issues that follow surrogacy. Whether you can ensure the proper pre-pregnancy treatments that might affect to ensure healthy pregnancy as well as giving birth a healthy baby.

Medical issues

Surrogacy causes different minor and prolonged issues usually. The side effects may last long but are minor. For such problems, remain in contact with your doctor. There are several organic and medical issues that happen in the surrogate’s pregnancy. You may look at the following possible health issues for the surrogate mothers that may help you to be clear on it.

Some of the common issues are:

  • Nausea

You may feel nausea during pregnancy. The process you are going through is not an easy one. So things can be problematic for you. You may feel depressed, so keeping something with you to eat will make you feel better. However, you may have some pills the protect from nausea as well as something that gives relief from it.

  • Vomiting and depression

Vomiting is a common sign or a problem so there is no need to get panicked. Vomiting usually ends earlier but the depression lasts longer. For this, you may keep in touch with your friends or family members to ameliorate the situation. Surrogacy pregnancy is quite sensitive to the regular one. Vomiting or depression can because of harmful damages. However, you have relaxed and get regular pills or something suggested by the doctor.

  • Surrogacy miscarriage

Surrogacy can unfortunately go wrong. It may cause miscarriage if a surrogate mother is unable to cope with the circumstances. The pre-pregnancy processes might be the possible reason. You need to take care of your health, or else find medical treatments as early as possible. Usually, miscarriage happens during surrogate pregnancy for IVF weakness or medical issues to the surrogate mother. However, whether you feel anything not normal you might visit the doctor immediately.

  • Pre-pregnancy processes

The pre-pregnancy process may cause side effects, like the injection you are getting can make you feel dizzy. It might be painful oftentimes. So there is no need to worry. Keep telling your doctor about the situation. There are several pre-pregnancy processes involve in the surrogacy methods including eggs and sperms fertilization in the test tube and transfer into the surrogate’s uterus. It is very important to follow all the clinical process very carefully and observe the pregnancy procedures and stages.

  • Embryo transfer process

The transferring process can be a major issue; it may damage your reproductive organs. There can be bleeding for a certain period. The menstrual cycle gets disturbed as well, which is considered as a major side effect of all. So the transferring process should be careful and hygienic as well.

Emotional and traumatic situations

In the surrogacy process surrogate mother carries and gives birth babies for their biological parents. It is not easy to give birth to a baby and handover to intended parents. There are some emotional issues that occur. There will be a period in the whole nine months of pregnancy when you feel emotionally devastated. After carrying a baby for nine months with you, you will not be getting it in your hands any longer, after birth. This situation, in case you get attached to the baby, can cause severe traumatic and health issues. To cater to the situation, you need to have several scaffoldings with you. They may be your friends, family, and the intended parents.

The intended parents can be good support for you all the time through nine months. The benefit you will be getting in return is a long term relation with them as a surrogate mother of the child.

Psychological issues

The surrogacy process generally leads to psychological issues eventually. The majority of the surrogate mothers selflessly donate themselves for the process, which induces in them a sense of depravity at times. This may cause traumatic fits to them. Usually, the agencies when hiring surrogate mothers make them attend oriental sessions that are the step which should be highly appreciated.

Final thoughts

Surrogacy is a critical and sensitive process to get parenthood to the intended parents who are unable to give birth babies their own. Usually intended infertile couples, any critical health issues that are prohibited for pregnancy or intended single parents go through the process. Surrogate mothers play the most vital roles in the process to give birth babies to their intended biological parents. Thus the pregnancy process happens in a clinical process and pregnancy is not through natural ways. There are several health factors and health issues for surrogate mothers exist.

Surrogate mother or madri surrogate is not only a selfless and altruistic process but it takes much more from you. You need to be emotionally, physically, and psychologically strong for the whole process. It is a big and life-changing decision bringing much more with itself. Having proper control and grip on your senses is the foremost demand being a surrogate mother. We already have discussed all the possible health issues for surrogate mothers that might help you. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the explanation you are most welcome to write your questions or suggestions in the comment section.