Kickstart Your Taxi Business With Top Uber Clone App Features

Kickstart Your Taxi Business With Top Uber Clone App Features
Kickstart Your Taxi Business With Top Uber Clone App Features

Gone are the days when calling a taxi was troublesome as many ordinary individuals couldn’t afford these services. But Uber has changed the whole scenario and made it a necessity by offering its ride-hailing services at a reasonable price.

Nowadays, the demand for Uber clone app development is on the rise.

On-demand taxi app development is a prime choice for startups and entrepreneurs because of its low barrier. This implies you can easily enter into the taxi business industry. Nonetheless, because of the low entry barrier, the market is a little bit competitive. But with some unique and advanced features and a solid go to market strategy, you can flourish in this market and earn huge revenue.

For Uber-like app development, it is crucial to analyze and comprehend all the critical factors which include in the development process. Taxi booking apps generally rely upon the development of two separate applications with different features and functionalities that are interlinked with each other through the super admin panel.

Uber is ruling the transportation industry, also they have brought a revolution in ride-hailing businesses. Such enormous potential has attracted many young entrepreneurs and business owners to invest in Uber clone app development services.

Important features to be considered for Uber-like app development:

Customers App Features

  • Social media login: Users can register themselves via mobile number, email id, or can directly login with their social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Cab booking details: The feature will assist the passengers to select the types of car, price, add their address, and set their drop point.
  • Fare calculator: Passengers can check the accurate prices before a ride end. This will help customers to get the exact amount they need to pay.
  • Driver tracking: With this feature, passengers can easily track the movement of their driver before the arrival of the taxi.
  • Multiple payment options: There are many payment gateways integrated into the application so the users can pay via credit cards, debit cards, in-app-wallet, or cash.
  • Push notifications: Through this feature, users can get all the essential information related to their ride including arrival time, driver details, taxi details, and others.
  • Messaging and calling: If there is any delay, passengers can message or call the driver from the app.
  • Rating & Review: Users can give ratings and reviews out of 5 based on the services they got.

Drivers App Features

  • Driver Profile: The feature will include the authentication process of a driver which caters to licensing, taxi insurance, etc.
  • Request alert: The ability to receive new orders to accept or reject, including information regarding passenger’s location, route, travel history.
  • Accept/Reject Request: The driver has options to accept or reject the ride request. If he accepts notification will be sent to the user but if reject the request, it will automatically be sent to the nearest driver.
  • Push notifications: This feature uses to give alerts, booking information, including location, map, payment, etc., and accomplishment.
  • Navigation and route optimization: Offer the best trip route utilizing Google maps.
  • Driver reports: Gives statistical data about trips and wages on a daily or monthly basis.
  • In-app messaging: Texting or calling a passenger from the application.

Admin Panel Features

The admin panel is needed to manage and control the driver’s activities as well as keeps tracking customer satisfaction. The admin panel controls and manages the taxi bookings, drivers, customers, payments, and other significant activities.

  • Driver and User Management
  • Booking management
  • Vehicle management
  • Fares management
  • Review driver’s orders & payoffs
  • Manage ratings & reviews
  • Notifications management
  • Promotions & discounts management

Uber clone script is the fastest and least expensive way to launch your taxi booking application services online. Obviously, you need to direct complete research and test all the necessary features in the clone.

You may likewise have to change some features, add new features, or revamp the complete UI. Notwithstanding, it won’t cost you much of what developing from scratch would cost. So yes! Clone scripts are actually good enough to let you begin your taxi business with the minimum investment in time and resources. By purchasing a readymade Uber clone script, you can-

  • Save a massive amount of time and money as well
  • Save a huge amount on R&D
  • Launch your application quickly
  • Can customize the given codes
  • Can add new features and functionality
  • Can host on your preferred server

These days, numerous ride-hailing startup companies have begun to look at any Uber clone app solution providers in the app development industry because of its wide range of benefits as follows.

  • Open-source and available for both Android & iOS
  • Easy to utilize to book a ride from anywhere through the application
  • Simple UI with alluring navigation
  • Schedule your rides as per your convenience
  • Cancel at anytime
  • Full-fledged tracking of driver’s credentials
  • Multi-payment modes
  • In-app emergency preferences (SOS button)

Below are some of the reasons that made the Uber clone app a popular option:


Uber became an overnight success because of its revolution in the transportation business. With a touch of an application, passengers can book a ride from anywhere at reasonable rates. This new and modern ride-hailing service has brought accomplishment, and many entrepreneurs are looking to recreate the same formula by developing their own Uber-like app.

Language Barriers are broken down

If you are a traveler and have visited different countries, then you would have confronted the inability to communicate with the local taxi drivers. The Uber clone app can auto-translate and provide an agenda of the journey making life easier for both drivers and passengers. As for the entrepreneurs, this gives a wide playing field and lets them open up a business in different nations also.

Open more opportunity for Drivers

Drivers can choose to become a part of your taxi fleet by registering on the application, and they can choose anytime to be online or offline depending on their hours. This flexibility will help you to take up your business to the next level.

Reviews and ratings

In your Uber clone script, both passengers and drivers can rate and review the ride in the app based on the experience, allowing passengers to assess the drivers for a job done the right way. Drivers who drive are part of a global network, and these reviews and ratings will motivate drivers to commit themselves to your venture in the long run.

Wrapping up

Develop an app with the above-mentioned features and launch it on multiple platforms to obtain a large customer base in a short period. Make sure that the application is feature-rich, user-friendly, scalable, and cost-efficient. Hire a suitable taxi app development company and develop an optimal Uber clone app for your taxi business.