Why Should You Choose White Label App For your Taxi Business?

White Label App For your Taxi Business
White Label App For your Taxi Business

As smartphones are ruling our lives, they opened a new array for businesses to conquer their targeted customers through mobile apps. One such company which are getting the massive advantage of mobile apps is the on-demand taxi business.

In the taxi business, having a mobile app is more important than having a website or social media presence. If you are running a taxi business, then building a Uber-like taxi app is the best way to win over the customers and to survive the competition.

You can say that developing a taxi app for your business can take your customer’s experience to the next level. Instead of developing a taxi app from scratch, you can consider implementing a white label taxi app.

What is the white label app?

You can define the white label as the product created by a company and then rebranded and sold to another company. The white-label apps are the software applications that can be customized as per the requirements of the buyer company. It is a fully supported product developed by the company.

The taxi white label solution is consisting of three parts, namely:

  • Passenger App
  • Driver app
  • Admin panel

Importance of owning a white label taxi app

An Uber-like taxi app can be a lifesaver for your taxi business. It not only reduces the hassle of running a taxi business but also enhance your brand visibility. The app is essential for your business in many ways:

  • Seamless customer experience
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Uninterrupted operations
  • New customers base
  • Stay ahead of the competition

Reasons to select the white-label app for your taxi business

Although you can choose a customized taxi app for your business, there are many reasons to choose a taxi white-label solution for your on-demand taxi business.

Leverage automation

White label app offers a thoughtfully designed interface to manage all dispatch requests with automatic and manual modes seamlessly. Any on-demand taxi request can be automatically allotted to the nearest driver, saving time and cost.

This automation improves the performance of the driver as well as reduces high transportation costs for your business. Thus, you can connect with your driver and customers in real-time with a smartly designed autopilot mode.

Stay competitive

Companies like Uber, Lyft have entirely changed the way users travel, experience, and plan their trip. Nowadays, convenience is the top-rated customer’s expectations, and you have to win over your customers with a hassle-free taxi booking application.

By developing a white label taxi app, you can harness the benefits of technologies based on operating systems like Android and iOS. You can target smartphone users to stay ahead of your competition.

Low cost of investment

Developing a custom taxi booking app needs a lot of investment. This investment does not only include money, but you also have to invest your precious time in research, design, and other marketing aspects.

You need to hire the designers, the developers, the business analyst, and quality assurance professionals to figure out all the core features of the app. On the other note, the white-label app only needed a one-time setup and a monthly subscription fee to get started.

Enhanced Visibility

According to the latest reports, the number of taxi app users is expected to amount to 1,531.5 million by the year 2023. Having an online taxi booking app will broadly provide your business brand visibility, along with the enhancement in the percentage of the customers.

Just like people searches their query in search engines, tourists make use of search engines to find out the taxi service in their area. Most of the tourists prefer mobile phones to book a cab and thus, they can find you while searching for a cab in search engines. Therefore, you can get enhanced visibility through search engines, mobile phones, and a seamless app.

Higher return on investment

As you can get enhanced visibility through search engines, mobile phones, and seamless applications, you can get increased revenue. The increased visibility means an increase in customers, and increased customers result in increased profits.

Profit is not the only way to earn through a taxi app, but you can save your transportation costs by streamlining all your operations and saving valuable time. A taxi app also reduces your dependencies on third-party agents whom you have to pay hefty commissions.


The application is all about customers and providing them a hassle-free riding experience. All they need is to download the app, register, and book a cab. Your customers can see the nearby drivers and their locations, respectively. It offers them a whole dimension of hiring a taxi.

Besides, they can also see an interactive map to track the driver’s position in real-time. They have multiple payment options, including credit or debit card payment, mobile wallet, cash on arrival, etc. All features are designed to create a seamless experience for the customers.

Easy administration

The online taxi booking app is well-equipped with everything that you need to run your taxi business successfully. Right from controlling the fleet of vehicles, to driver’s profiles, you have access to each and everything from a single dashboard.

You can view and monitor the driver in real-time, check out their ratings, earnings, turnaround time, and other factors. Similarly, you can also track your customer’s feedback and their experiences with your company.

Significant features of an online taxi booking app

The Uber-like taxi app comes with versatile features that can be customized as per your business requirements. Some of the notable features for smoothly running a fleet of vehicles are:

  • Dashboard: A powerful cloud-based dashboard loaded with features like auto-dispatch, real-time fleet tracking, and much more to manage all the significant factors of your taxi business.
  • Real-time updates: Getting real-time updates to offer transparent services to the customers, builds customer loyalty, and enhanced customer base.
  • Easy payment integration: The application can be integrated with different payment methods, including cash on arrival, UPIs, credit or debit card payments, Net banking, mobile wallets, and others.
  • Reviews and ratings: You can decide the performance of your drivers with the help of reviews and ratings given by the riders. You can reward the drivers for their best performance based on ratings.

Role of taxi booking application development company

The success of the taxi booking application is based on the integration, maintenance, and support of the use by the taxi booking application development company. A white label app development company can bring massive success to your ongoing taxi business.

Define branding

The mobile app designers can completely customize the app as per your company’s brand. They can embed your logo, your brand’s color combination, and other minor elements for the seamless customer experience.

Setup and configuration

The mobile app developers configure and set up the application based on your business requirements. This includes the input of the driver’s profile, your fuel consumption rate, and other aspects.

Testing and app submission

The quality assurance professionals test the app to check any bug before submitting it to the respective stores, including the Apple Store and Google Play. Thus, they create a flawless cab booking experience.

App approval and launch

The work is not done until the app stores approve the app. The app development company helps you to have a quick app approval and flawless launch of the app.


A taxi white label solution takes out the hassle of running a traditional taxi business. Right from autopilot mode to enhanced branding, you can save lots of money, time, and energy. You can invest these essential things in further business development and nourishing your business’s unique branding.