Top 5 Reasons Why You Should NOT Use Shared Hosting

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should NOT Use Shared Hosting
Top 5 Reasons Why You Should NOT Use Shared Hosting

If you’re thinking about using a shared hosting plan for your next website, think twice. Today I will explain why you should not choose shared hosting by showing you the 5 main drawbacks and dangers of shared hosting.

1. Low Speed

The first common disadvantage of shared hosting is Low Speed. If you choose a shared hosting plan for your website, it is going to be pretty slow in comparison with what you could get with managed hosting. If you are trying to grow your beauty blog or construction business online, shared hosting provided speed will surely harm your website’s performance and brand reputation. Your slow website will affect your visitors’ conversions and lower your search rankings.

2. Bad Security

Next comes Bad Security. With shared hosting, you are going to be affected by the neighboring websites. You and a bunch of other unknown websites respectfully share a common space in a single server. And if one of the websites on this single server is getting hacked, your website will be compromised as well.

3. Lack of Scalability

The third drawback is the Lack of Scalability. In shared hosting, because you share all the resources with other users, your traffic cannot exceed a certain level without having bad neighborhood effects on others.

This is why if you unexpectedly exceed a certain amount of visitors per month you have to take into account that your website might lose speed or experience downtime. You’re basically stuck with whatever your plan’s settings are unless you upgrade manually. Which indeed, can cost you considerably more.

4. Poor Customer Support

The fourth danger is Poor Customer Support. Most shared hosting platforms rely heavily on automated tools and generic questions to serve a large client base. If by any chance, you encounter a unique problem, it will take a while until it’s solved. And everyone knows that in business time is money, so a critical issue that takes a lot of time to solve may uproot your reputation in the market.

5. Control Panel Problems

When you cannot design your own control panel and use that of the free web hosting services, this is good for personal and non-monetizing websites but is no good for websites that are going to be grown rapidly and you aim to monetize and establish as a web media technological business. Thus, it is also important that you need full control over the website for preventing hacking of your website and administration issues, which will enable you to decide how much freedom that you can allow for different kinds of users, and you having the entire control. This will not happen in a free web hosting service, where the site administration is managed by someone else, and you are not given full control.

In such scenarios, there is little that can be done except watch and wait. Enough of negativity, let’s end with a positive note,10Web is our next reason why you should not choose shared hosting.

10Web is a disruptive newcomer to the world of hosting. It is a managed WordPress hosting on Google Cloud, which brings a 95+ PageSpeed Score, high performing infrastructure, Free SSL certificate, and more at the same low prices as shared hosting plans.

With 10Web there is no need to worry about bad security, Because we have built-in login limitations, DDoS and brute force mitigation, real-time network monitoring, and constant installation of the newest patches and updates to ensure utmost security for your website.

There is no need to worry about scalability either, Because we have an adaptive elastic scaling If your website suddenly has a huge traffic surge from 5K visitors to 500K in a single day, your website will automatically scale with needed resources without even the need of a manual upgrade. You just need to pay $2 for every extra 10K visitors or for every extra 5GB SSD storage at the end of the billing month.

What about speed, this is another story. With 10Web, you get a guaranteed 95+ PageSpeed Score. If your website is built with one of the 10Web’s templates and hosted on 10Web, you will automatically get a 95+ PageSpeed Score. You can also migrate automatically with just 1 click to 10Web and optimize your website’s PageSpeed score as well.

Lastly, at 10Web we provide 24/7 live chat support within just 1-2 minutes response time. You can chat with our experts about any WordPress related issue. And all these features are just for $10 a month. If you host 10 or more websites, the price can go as low as $6 per website. And this is the regular price without any discount.

You remember right, 10Web comes with a 14-day free trial with no credit card required. You can go on and register right now. So, guys, this is it. It was me Sunil from 10Web, a managed WordPress hosting platform powered by Google Cloud.

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