How to Transfer Mac Outlook Data to Windows?

How to Transfer Mac Outlook Data to Windows?
How to Transfer Mac Outlook Data to Windows?

Email transfer from Mac Outlook to Windows is not that complicated if you opt for the right way to do it. If you want to transfer Outlook data from Mac to Windows and you are stuck in the procedure. Then this guide will solve your migration problems. Here in this post, we will explain the best way to export Mac Outlook data to Windows Outlook. So stay with us until the best.

Well, we know that Microsoft Outlook is available from Mac to Windows so it is widely used by both users. But when users want to open Mac Outlook data on Windows. So it is possible thanks to the file extensions. Both Outlook support different file extensions to store your mailbox data. Mac Outlook stores your data in OLM format and Windows Outlook stores your mailbox data in PST format. If you want to move Outlook data on Windows, you need to convert Mac Outlook data to PST format using OLM to PST Converter.

Reason to Move Mac Outlook Data on Windows

  • Not everyone uses Mac Outlook and if users want to share their Outlook emails with their coworkers, they still use Windows Outlook.
  • There is no official way to open Mac Outlook on Windows.
  • If a user is upgrading or migrating from Mac to Windows, then they need to transfer Outlook data from Mac to Windows.
  • Some users use Mac and Windows Outlook in different locations.

How to Transfer Mac Outlook Data To Windows?

As we already discussed above, there is no official solution available to transfer Outlook data from Mac to Windows. Therefore, we recommend you go for SysTools OLM Converter which is a great choice and is specially designed to convert single or batch OLM files without facing huge size challenges.

  • Download the tool on your Windows system and then launch it.
  • Browse for OLM files and open them in the software interface.
  • Press the PST format in the list of export types.
  • Lastly, browse to the location for output data and then hit export to get the result instantly.

Other Prominent Features Of Using Alternative Tool

  • Secured the mailbox structure the same as before the conversion. Also, the PST File Converter offers complete protection to prevent any changes during the process.
  • This application is very easy to operate without having advanced technical knowledge.
  • It allows you to convert OLM to PDF, PST, HTML, TXT, and many more export options.
  • It also offers filtering benefits to convert specific data based on date range, subject, sender, recipients, etc.
  • You do not need to download any additional apps to complete the process.

Final Verdict

However, many Outlook users are looking for a solution to transfer Outlook data from Mac to Windows due to file incompatibility issues. Therefore, in this post, we discuss the perfect way to move Outlook data on Windows by using workarounds. This solution is completely safe against any type of risk and prevents data loss during the process.