How to Open EML File in Outlook? Complete solution

How to Open EML File in Outlook Complete solution

If you are struggling to Open EML file you have reached the right spot to get a solution for your problems. Today you will learn about the issue and simple methods to open EML Outlook. Before we start, let’s learn about EML files and their functions.

What is an EML File?

EML file was introduced and created by Microsoft. It is a file that saves emails in simple text format. It contains the sender & receiver’s email address, date & time, subject, message body, metadata, and attachments.

  • Locate your EML file and hit the right mouse button
  • Select the option open with
  • After choosing Outlook your EML file will open

How to Open EML files Manually 

It mainly works with Microsoft Express and is supported by various email clients. such as Thunderbird Apple Mail and many more. EML files are easy to manage. Now let’s see how you can open EML files manually and by using a professional application EML Converter.

Reason Why EML Files Fail to Open

Many reasons can occur when you try to open EML files. Let’s know about a user’s face while they try to open their EML file in Outlook.

In every Outlook version, there is a slight difference in the method to open an EML file. But not a major difference. Let’s see the steps If your EML file is healthy and showing an error that’s how you can open an EML file.

  • Due to incorrect file association, your EML files don’t open in Outlook
  • When your EML file is not compatible with Outlook it will not open 
  • If the EML source is unknown Outlook does not support that EML file and prevents it from opening
  • A corrupted EML file will not open in Outlook
  • Sometimes third-party plugins interfere with your Outlook and prevent you from opening EML files 

Throwbacks of Using Manual Methods

There are many limitations you have to face when you use the manual method. It is easy to open EML files individually but when it comes to opening EML in a batch your problem starts there because you need to repeat the same process again and again.

While opening the EML file a slight change in Outlook settings can prevent you from accessing your file. You can’t do much about your corrupted EML files because Outlook will not open your corrupt EML file.

How to Open EML Files Using a Professional Application

Using a professional application to handle your EML file can be a smart decision. Because you can merge your EML files into PST format by using the EML to PST Converter application to manage your files. Let’s have a look at how easily you can use this application.

  • Download your application from the official site
  • Install the application and choose your desired language 
  • Locate your EML file and select your file
  • It will preview your EML files with many options 
  • Click the export button to begin the process of file conversion
  • Choose the export selected to save your EML file in your preferred format

What are the Benefits of Using a Professional Application

  • You can view EML files in bulk without any limitation
  • Allowed you to merge as many EML files into one folder
  • The easy-to-use interface makes it ideal for non-technical users.
  • This app allows you to open EML files without Outlook
  • Have a wide variety of format options to convert your EML files such as PDF, MOX, PST and more
  • Ideal for private and official use.

Final verdict 

In this article, I have given you all the important information about EML files you can open your EML file manually but it’s not ideal to use because it can cause you to lose your data. On the other hand, using a professional application is the best choice because it’s easy to use keeps your files intact and repairs corrupted EML files.