How to make money from Blogging for Beginners?

How to make Money from Blogging for Beginners
How to make Money from Blogging for Beginners

There are many ways to make money in your spare time. Many businesses of recent times have been started by entrepreneurs in their spare time and have gone on to become big successes. For example, there are many youngsters in their 20s, who have gained good followers in their social media accounts such as Instagram, and have gone on to become influencers for a brand, thus making thousands of dollars. However, since the past decade, many persons have tried their hands at blogging, and few have succeeded. Many have failed, and the same reason was that they did not follow the rules of success or they were not consistent in following their dreams. In this article, let us focus on how to make money from blogging for beginners.

How to Start a Blog?

Have you thought about starting your own blog? Did you research on the internet, and have by now accumulated many tips for making it successful and earning another income? Please note, in this article, you are going to get a step-by-step detail of making money from a blog. The first mistake or error everyone does is during the starting process of a blog and choosing the wrong niche.

A. Look at your Interests

Also, please note, you may have built considerable traffic to your blog. You may also be making money, but you need to make new posts consistently as per the recent trend. You can get traffic to your blog and then not give interest to the same digital presence for the next six months. Every day, new blogs get added to the internet; you must fight tooth and nail to retain your customers.

If you are not interested in spending at least one hour on your blog, then it is a waste of time and money to start one. Also, you need to have a passion for writing and having a good knowledge of English. You may have to try/retry new strategies to build a larger audience. There are times when you must walk the extra mile to write posts on the recent events connected with your niche and increase the traffic to your blog. The question is – Do you have IT in you to achieve success?

B. Prepare a Fool-Proof Plan

You need to concentrate on one niche which can generate content all round the year forever. You cannot select a topic, which will be in the news for two years and then disappear from the people’s eye. You need to design the content around the topic and niche only. So, you can build a loyal community for your blog.

Take time to select a niche, and you need to have an interest in writing about the topic and have sufficient knowledge of the industry. If you select a niche which you are not interested in, you will lose interest and will not concentrate on the blog.

C. Platforms

There are many platforms for designing websites such as Medium, Blogger, and others, but the most famous is WordPress. If you want a proper blog, it is necessary to host on WordPress with a custom domain.

D. Domain Name

It is the name that will attract the customers to your blog. You need to select the best domain name that is in tandem with your niche. Ensure you make use of SEO basics, and do not forget to take a top-level domain such as .net or .com. At times, you may feel an urge to buy a domain name which has hyphens, but as per industry experts, it is not a good idea. The reason, it has been linked with spammers.

E. Web Hosting Company

You can find multiple web hosting companies around the globe. If you have focused on WordPress, then you can get multiple options. Please take the time to select the package as per your budget. You need to ensure that the service quality is of the highest degree.

However, there are times when you need to make use of Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) to make your blog loads at a proper speed.

F. AMP plugin

It is the Mobile Friendly Pages (MFP) that has gained prominence, but now even the search engine giant (Google) has focused on Accelerated Mobile Pages. This new specification can help a web page go for greater loading speeds.

G. Google Analytics

You need to install the tool Google Analytics on your blog. You can get to know the origin of traffic and track source of traffic. Google Analytics is the important tool that can help you to know all important data of your website or blog.

H. Google’s Webmaster Tools

If you are interested in making money, you need to make use of Google WebMaster Tools to determine the rankings of keywords, and any articles that will impact the traffic. With this tool, you can submit the XML sitemap, know the entire impressions that every keyword has generated, along with click-through rates. If you need to know the fruits of your efforts, then it is possible via Google Webmaster Tools.


In this era of digital marketing, it is possible to reach the target audience with paid campaigns. But SEO still matters, and you need to implement the best principles in the blog to get a high ranking. You need to know the basics of search engine optimization before writing articles and posting on your blog.

J. Useful Information

There are two types of content on the internet, one is valuable and the other one is just fluff. This stuff is just written to satisfy the search engines and inform that the blog is active. Yes, it will do the task, but unless you are a celebrity, the audience will rarely visit your blog if your content is just mere words. So, instead of just writing for search engines, also write for humans and especially, the persons who are interested in writing articles for your niche. However, writing skills does not come overnight. It will come with practice. The most important part – do not forget to post articles/videos on the website at least four times a month.

K. Social Media Platforms

There are millions of blogs on the internet, and just imagine the challenges you should make for a new visitor to come to your blog. If you have valuable content in the form of articles on your blog, let it be easy for the visitor to share them on social media platforms. You also need to integrate social media platforms in the form of icons on your blog. The visitor will find it easy to share the content.

Also, you can build a social media profile for your blog on every popular social media channel. With consistency, you can create a loyal community for your blog.


Are you from Bangalore & do you want to start a technology blog dealing with recent updates on innovations? It is a good idea, and chances are you can get excellent traffic to the website, but the layout as well the site architecture needs to be perfect. The blog has to look perfect, and you need to hire an experienced website design company in Bangalore for the job. However, you need to make a list of the requirements such as navigation features for your blog/website. When your blog gets launched online, new visitors should get interactive and stay engaged. If the layout is not perfect, then the visitors will not stay longer on your blog and you will get a high bounce rate.  

So, it is vital that you take time and select the perfect website design company for building your blog. Then you need to follow the steps accordingly as per the tips mentioned in this article. You will taste success soon. All the best!