How To Live In The Moment And Be Happy Right Now

How To Live In The Moment And Be Happy Right Now
How To Live In The Moment And Be Happy Right Now

Mindfulness is an art and indeed it’s not everyone’s cup of tea? Isn’t it? Well, I understand living in the present moment can be really overwhelming or hard sometimes due to our hectic schedules. We always feel the urge to prepare for the future so that it does not get pile up. Additionally, it’s always hard and uneasy to let go of the past or people who disappointed you.

I think this is the reason why we are more stressed, negative, and unhappy with our life right now. Ever thought about what we can do to live in the present moment and be happy right now?

Mindfulness is the only answer, mindfulness is the only way to reduce our everyday stress and deal with negative emotions positively and resiliently. In this blog, we have discussed some effective ways to live in the present moment and be happy right now. So, let’s get started.

Ways to live in the moment and be happy right now

1. Focus on “now”

We often keep our focus on the past or the future. Meanwhile, the key to living happily right now mindfully is to keep our focus on the present. You need to understand that it is so easy to dwell in the past but it is more enjoyable and positive to live in the present moment. When you focus on the present moment, do not focus on your thoughts, you can watch your child play; you can make a cup of coffee for yourself, or could do anything which is simple. Keep embracing such moments.

2. Mindfulness+ Clear intentions = Happy life

Many of us keep reacting to situations that are even not controllable. Therefore, instead of reacting towards everything, just keep your intentions clear and understand your core values so that you can live by them mindfully. Take your decisions mindfully, do not dwell on the mistakes you might have done in past, and do not worry about the future. Overall, keep your intentions clear.

3. Keep simplifying your life

We often tend to fill our minds with so many thoughts and things to do in real life. However, the key to keeping yourself happy and mindful is to keep your life simplified. Therefore, start getting rid of the extra stuff you are filled with and keep your thoughts clean and pure, and make your life easier and simpler.

4. Maintain a gratitude journal

The best way to be present at the moment and be happy about it is by maintaining a gratitude journal. If you are a beginner, you can start by writing 3 things you are grateful for throughout the day. In this way, your life will become more joyous and happy within a few days. It’s also the best way to count your blessings in life.

5. Meditate and clear your thoughts

Whenever you feel stressed or overwhelmed about something, start meditating. The best part about meditation is that you can do it anytime and anywhere. So, if you are in your workplace or home, start meditating and clear your negative thoughts. You can also try chocolate meditation, pet meditation, and more type of attractive meditation forms.

6. Unplug to connect with reality

In order to live happily, positively, and mindfully, you really need to disconnect from the fake world of social media and connect with reality. You can opt for digital detox once a week or twice a week. When you go under digital detox make sure you do something which seeks your interest like reading books, spending time with your pet, or polishing your artistic side.

7. Eat well and mindfully

Due to our hectic schedule and overworking, we tend to eat abnormally which is really unhealthy and negative for our physical and mental health. Therefore, whenever you eat make sure you are eating mindfully with the presence of your mind and body. Whatever you eat make sure you are eating healthy and being grateful for the meal. Overall, life is not a race, slow down, and enjoy your meal mindfully.

8. Be in touch with your support system

Sometimes, we tend to get negative about life, work, or family. Therefore, be in touch with your support system and share your feelings with them. Sharing or communicating your feelings with your loved ones, family members, or friends will take you to a positive outlook. Additionally, it will help you to de-clutter your negative thoughts.

9. Learn to forgive

Somewhere we all are living in the past…aren’t we? Why we are not forgiving ourselves or that one person for the things that we are not even accountable for? In order to live happy in the present moment, start forgiving, start being grateful instead for the lessons you have learned from your mistakes, and keep smiling.

10. Stop worrying and enjoy the present

Why do we worry so much even when things are not under our control? If you really wish to enjoy the present and be mindful right now, you really need to stop worrying about the past, future, or even the present. You really need to start enjoying the moment right now. If you are spending quality time with your partner and worrying about doing the chores, you are definitely doing wrong with yourself and your partner.

11. Keep kindness handy

In order to stay happy in the present moment, keep kindness handy. Kindness can be shown anywhere and anytime. You can be kind to anyone and make their day. Since everything revolves around you; kindness will also be revolved around you. Therefore, keep kindness handy and believe in karma.

12. Visualize goals

Reasons behind our worry are almost related to relationship issues, money issues, or goal issues. If you will visualize your goals prior and will set plans accordingly, you will be able to live in the present moment and be happy right now. Therefore, keep visualizing your goals.

I hope this blog helps you to live in the present moment and be happy right now.

Thanks for reading!

More power to you.