How to Download All My Emails from Webmail to Desktop or Other Webmail Accounts?

Download All My Emails from Webmail

Do you have any specific solution for how to download all my emails from webmail to another suitable format or a webmail account? If nope, then the blog post is completely ready for you to resolve this issue. Do you know how? This blog post will go to explain one of the topmost secured and trusted Email Backup Solutions that anyone can simply use for how to backup webmail emails in Outlook PST, PDF, MSG, MBOX, EML, EMLx, etc. Also, the same solution is well-capable to save data from a webmail account to another webmail account like- Gmail, G Suite, Office 365, Exchange Server, IMAP Server, Yahoo, Amazon WorkMail, Hotmail,, Hosted Exchange Server, and so on. So, if you are seriously looking for such type of solution please read the entire blog material. Keep following every line…

Why Users Need to Backup Webmail Account?

Well! There are a lot of reasons where users are finding a trusted solution for how to backup webmail email in Outlook PST, PDF, MBOX, EML, or any other format. Some of the main reasons have been discussed below:

  • The Webmail application does not have an attractive interface and it facilitates only a few counted features that distract users towards other email applications.
  • The Webmail email application does not give any feature to save and manage address books, calendar items, notes, tasks, journals, etc. So, users are always looking for the best app.
  • As we know that the internet connection is a must for accessing emails from Webmail clients, whereas in Outlook or any desktop-supported app, emails can be easily accessed without internet connectivity.
  • In the Webmail apps, users can be backed up their emails after contacting the hosting provider or need cPanel access to generate a backup of email that only be used after generating a Webmail account. And, MS Outlook can easily generate a backup of its emails. Hence, email archiving is much easier than Microsoft Outlook.

After getting the different reasons to save webmail accounts data to another format, I think we should proceed to collect the solution to resolve the problem that we have discussed in the first para.

Email Backup Software – A Best Choice for Users Designed by Many Professionals

Mail Backup Software
Mail Backup Software

In this section, we will go to download and run the amazing Email Backup Software on any Windows machine. This solution will surely solve your issue of how to download all my emails from the webmail application to another suitable format. By using the program, users can simply backup from around 40 webmail email accounts that are listed below:

  1. RoundCube webmail
  2. Gmail
  3. G Suite
  4. IMAP Server
  5. Office 365
  6. Exchange Server
  7. Hosted Exchange Server
  8. Amazon WorkMail
  9. Yahoo Mail
  10.  I&1 Mail
  11.  HostGator
  12.  Zoho Mail
  13.  Comcast
  14.  Hotmail
  15.  Yandex
  16.  Cox Mail
  17.  AOL
  18.  FastMail
  19.  Windstream
  22.  Mail2World
  23. Charter Mail
  24.  Shaw Mail
  25.  Smarter Mail
  26.  BlueHost
  27.  Century Link
  28.  DreamHost
  29.  FTP Email Accounts
  30.  Horde Webmail
  31.  AT&T
  32.  HostMonster
  33.  MWeb Webmail
  34.  EarthLink
  35.  SqirrelMail Webmail
  36.  Rackspace
  37.  Rogers
  39.  Telstra

The Email Backup Software Supports saving data from the above-listed webmail accounts to desired saving output formats. This program offers so many popular saving output options so that users can export from webmail accounts to any desired saving output option. These options include PST Outlook, PDF, MSG, MBOX, EML, EMLx, Gmail, G Suite, HTML, MHTML, Yahoo Mail, Amazon Workmail, Hotmail,, Office 365, Exchange Server, Hosted Exchange Server, IMAP Server, and many others.

Amazing Beneficial Features of Email Backup Solution

The tool offers many amazing features and benefits that you can collect while performing the webmail email backup process. Read all the beneficial features that we have shown below:

  • It offers a batch function for users to save a large number of webmail emails to another suitable output format in a single go.
  • Use its various email filters and date filters to move any important webmail emails at a time.
  • Login id and password of webmail email account are necessary to perform the backup process.
  • It can export your complete webmail emails alongwith all its email attachments.
  • The tool facilitates a very easy interface so that any technical and non-technical users can access it properly.
  • This program is Windows-based which means anyone can access the solution on any Windows OS platform like- 7, 8, 10, etc.

Download FREE Trial Edition

To collect its more amazing benefits, you can simply download the free trial edition of Email Backup software. With its free trial, anyone can export and save the first 25 emails from any webmail account to desired saving output option without any single cost. After getting its free trial facility, you can freely go to purchase a license key for this software.