How to Keep Your Air Conditioners Clean During Summers?

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Air conditioners are among the best modern-day appliances that help us deal with the blazing summer heat. Stepping into a cool room after a hot and humid day outside feels nothing short of a blessing. However, there is also nothing worse than a broken air conditioner, especially during the summers. Not caring for your air conditioners can make them inefficient. If you regularly get your AC checked, it can reduce the costs of maintenance in the future. All major expenses can be prevented if you get your AC regularly checked.

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Installing an air conditioner can be a huge investment, making it all the more important to keep it clean and working even during the winters. This article will give you tips on maintaining the efficiency levels of your appliance and saving up on extra maintenance costs.

  1. Plan a regular cleaning schedule before the start of summer– You should always invest in a yearly clean-up of your air conditioner right before the summers arrive. This clean-up will include tightening the connections, lubricating the fan, and a general appliance tune-up. You can call the AC company and request them to visit for a clean-up of your AC. This annual cleaning will also help diagnose any serious issues with the AC and look into any kinds of leaks. Such yearly clean-ups will make your air conditioner more efficient and help save up on energy costs.
  2. Air filters– An air filter helps remove pollutants, dirt, and other foreign harmful particles from the air before sending it out. With time an air filter gets clogged with contaminants which reduce the efficiency of the air conditioner. This can create extra pressure or strain on the system while also limiting the airflow to the room. Getting your air filter checked can help extend the life of your AC and help maintain the efficiency levels. Moreover, it would help if you consulted a technician before changing the air filters to ensure you are using the right air filters for your AC.
  3. Get the return air ducts cleaned– Air ducts can also get dirty with time, just like the air filters. They can get congested or jammed with dirt or lint leading to obstruction of the airflow. This again strains the AC and reduces its life span considerably. Therefore, it is important to vacuum or clean these air ducts to ensure that the HVAC unit receives maximum airflow.
  4. Pipe insulation- Before the start of the summers, you must check the pipe insulation. Faulty insulation can directly affect the CA’s cooling and efficiency. You do not need to contact a technician for this task, as pipe insulators can be changed easily.
  5. Check the wirings– The first signs of overheating can be seen on the wiring systems. Make sure you thoroughly check and replace them if necessary. Do not take this task of changing the wires upon your shoulders. Always call a professional electrician to change the wires safely.

Apart from the above-mentioned points, you can also follow some basic tips to keep your air conditioners working. These include- keeping the room closed while the air conditioner is on, keeping the room shady, and using a smart thermostat.  In order to keep your air conditioner working perfectly without any faults and obstructions, it is important to give it some time to cool down. Keeping your AC on at all times will also increase your electricity bills and strain the entire AC unit.

As mentioned earlier, buying a new AC can be a huge investment for some of us. Therefore it is crucial to perform thorough market research and get an air conditioner that suits your budgetary needs. Moreover, nowadays, you can easily look for an air conditioner online and even get huge discounts on the prices.