Know The Factors To Consider Before Buying An Air purifier For Home

Know The Factors To Consider Before Buying An Air purifier For Home

Today, most of the cities in India are polluted and have allergens in the air. Therefore, people at least want to breathe in fresh air when indoors. Today, the metropolitan cities are crowded with futuristic amenities that keep the people deprived of nature’s blessings. Therefore, an air purifier is very much essential today to help people breathe in fresh air while indoors in polluted cities.

In this article, you will know about some of the specific factors that one needs to consider before buying any of the best air purifiers in India.

Why Are Air Purifiers Essential & How Does It Function?

The indoor airs are more polluted than the outer atmosphere. Yes, you read it right as the deodorants, cleaning agents, and other solutions pollute the air inside your house. People who are already suffering from asthma or dust, allergies must mandatorily use air purifiers for their health recovery or stability.

The air purifiers function by purifying the air from the pet hairs, dust, pollen, allergens, and other pollutants. Moreover, it will also absorb the pungent or foul smell around your house in minutes. But conditioned, you need to buy one amongst the best air purifiers in India.

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Factors That You Need to Consider Before Buying the Air Purifiers

Here are the few things that you must look up to before planning on buying your new air purifier. Make sure you go through them all.

  1. Know your needs

There are certain specific needs of individuals for buying air purifiers for their homes. Doctors prescribe the patients breathe in fresh air when indoors. For different needs, there are specific types of air purifiers available in the online and offline market. For allergies, you need to seek an air purifier that specifically gives allergy relief. Similarly, there are asthma air purifier, smoke air purifiers, pet air purifiers, and others.

These are the varieties of air purifiers meant for the specific needs of the people. So, decide on your needs and then plan your purchase accordingly.

  1. Size of the air purifier

There are different types of air purifiers available in terms of size, such as whole-house, large, medium, and small. The small air purifiers are specially meant for small rooms less than 300 square feet. The medium air purifiers are for the rooms above 300 and less than 700 square feet. The larger air purifiers can be ideal for the rooms of up to 1900 square feet.

Apart from these, there is another model for the whole house that will be centralized and will be able to purify the air around the whole house without any barriers. Consider the room size and then plan on the ample size of the air purifier that you need to buy.

  1. Look for the intuitive features

Apart from the basic features of the air purifiers, you also need to consider some special features if you wish to avail at a good price. Some of the features that you must look for are:

  • Energy star rated air purifiers will help you conserve energy and save money on energy bills.
  • Wi-fi air purifier allows you to control the operations through your phone.
  • Additional air quality indicators on the purifiers give you an update on air quality.

These are a few additional features that you could for. Some other optional features that you can seek are handles, remote control features, fan speed alterations, caster wheels, and others. Check the specifications of all the best air purifiers in India to find and purchase the best for your needs.

  1. Maintenance Needs

There are usually three different types of filters that are used in air purifiers. You need to consider the efficiency of all three and buy the one that meets your needs and requirements of optimal performance. All three filters are best in their purposes and have different longevity. Based on the longevity, the maintenance of the air purifiers is decided. The HEPA filter needs replacement after five years, Carbon filters after six months, and Pre-filters after three months.


Choose the best air purifiers in India after considering all the factors mentioned above. You need to be sure about the efficacy of the product you are buying. When you are out for your air purifier shopping, you can also look at the best water purifiers in India to ensure better health.