10 Best Water Purifier Under 10,000

Best Water Purifier Under 10,000
10 Best Water Purifier Under 10,000

The article is based on some Best Water Purifier Under 10,000. All living being requires water for a living. Water is needed by all human beings and fundamental for the survival and proper behavior of our body.

The day by day growth of contamination is affecting the quality of water. In plan to live a fresh and healthy life, we demand to check the quality of the water we are drinking. The heavy amount of water is free on earth but it is not fit for human loss. The kind of product is not always by its bill. We have finished now and are catching steps to maintain our logical resources in a better look.

A water purifier uses to erase the microorganisms and germs along with some dissolved pollutants and chemicals.  The retail is flooded with hundreds of “water purifiers from the different brand”. But if you are set for the “Best Water Purifier Under 10,000” then you right to do a part of the analysis. Price is always a powerful factor during they buy a product.

We all very find out the value of pure water suitable for drinking still these days due to the rise in water pollution.  So, with hundreds of models possible in the market. It comes quite tough to take a choice in selecting an apt water purifier.

Here the list of Top 10 Best Water Purifier under 10,000

1. Aqua guard delight RO + UV + MTDS Water purifier

 Aqua sure delight features multi-stage purification which gives 100 % clean, safe, and tasty drinking water. It is a solution of the best in class purification technologies like RO + UV + MTDS

Taking around the purification technology, this water purifier comes with powder filter, chemical block, RO membrane, UV disinfection chamber and post-carbon filter. The cutback of up to 90% TDS, this purifier can delight water with a high TDS level up to 2000 PPM


  • Electrical and storage – Electric purification, relevant for areas with water mall
  • 7L – Also the quantity, more the users can be provided with drinking water
  • RO + UV + MTDS – Need many filters to purify water and enlarge taste.


  • Colour – Black
  • Total Capacity – 7L
  • In the box – Water purifier, User’s Manual
  • Power – 40W

 Product Details

  • Filter – RO membrane, UV Disinfection, Chemi block
  • Timer – Yes

 2. Kent Ultra Storage 7L UV UF Water Purifier

It applies double purification that works first by UV, followed by hollow fiber, UF leaf to completely filter out, dead bacteria viruses, and cysts.

It is 7L water purifier. The water purifier has turned on carbon pre-filter in the purifier that cut bad taste and colour. It provides purified water that is fresh, tasty and safe to drink. This purifier is considered as the Best Water Purifier Under 10,000.


  • Brand – Kent
  • Colour – White
  • Type – Electric
  • Model ID- Ultra
  • Model Name – Ultra storage 7UV


  • Filter Cartridges – UF membrane, sediment
  • Installation – Wall mounting


  • Power – 100-300 V
  • Operating force – 24 VDC

 3. Live pep pro plus 7L RO UV UF Water purifier

Water that capacity your faucet may or may not treat. As deep as bottled water is trouble. Using a powerful RO water Purifier that can ignore all the dissolved impurities and germs present in water is a great solution.

The storage capacity is 7l and its purification quantity is 12l per hour. This water purifier has function on.


  • Wall mounting
  • Purifier water from any cause
  • Elegant and shiny skin


  • Types of purifier – Electric
  • UF cartridge – N/A
  • Max duty cycle – UP75
  • RO membrane – 70-80 Gallons per day

4. Aqua guard Crystal Plus Water Purifier

The Brilliant European design blends well the aesthetics of the kitchen. The silver direction goes clear on the eyes, discover a lasting impact on the viewer.

  • Mineral guard automation has needed minerals in your water
  • Auto shut off that turn of the UV lamp when it does not help for 10 minutes.
  • The energy of the UV lamp and in turn saving on power consumption.


  • Auto shut off – The deeply resistant purifier is now built with an awesome feature of automatically turn off the UV lamp when the purifier is not in work for 10 minutes
  • Long cartridge – Outshine in class 6000 bits of cartridge life.
  • Hi-flow – Bring 2 bits of secure water per minutes
  • Warranty – The brand is warranted across manufacturing defects for a period of 12 months from the date of opening purchase.

5. Eureka Forbes Aqua sure Aqua guard splash 6L RO UV MTDS water purifier

 This area of purifier from Eureka Forbes which comes with superior craftsmanship which is powered by universal, RO + UV+MTDS technology. The aqua sure space of water purifier suffices to satisfy all your needs.

The aqua sure group of water purifiers is built with the ability to purify water from any source.


  • A 6L container allows you to stock water and allots without electricity.
  • Quantity – 6L
  • Excellent RO + UV + MTDS regulator purification setup to adjust taste calculate on the source of water.


  • Power consumption – 45 W
  • Weight – 6 kg

6. Blue star majesto MA3BSAM01 8L RO + UV water purifier

It gives access to clean drinking water which is a basic requirement. It enlarges the taste of water by removing volatile organic impurities.

Blue star purifier provides you clean, flat and better kind drinking water. 1 year’s warranty. To receive 100% clean and pure water you can suppose blue star majesto. MA3BSAMO1 8L RO water purifier.


  • Storage – Yes
  • Real body – ABS
  • Capacity -8L
  • Type – Electric

7. Usha Laguna 63HNCTT3TIOS Table Top Water

Warm, cold and normal water dispenser with a single faucet, best in fine cold water storage quantity of 3.5L. Full and deep drip tray to avoid flow over of water.


  • Hot storage – 1L
  • Cold storage – 3.5L
  • Freeze Space – 3L/H


  • Brand – Usha
  • Model no – 63HNCTT3TIOS
  • Type – Tabulation
  • Service – Heating, Normal and cooling

8. Aqua active Misty alkaline 15L RO UV UF Water purifier

The small aqua active misty alkaline 15L RO UV UF water purifier. The wired price is valid across the cities in India like Chennai, New Delhi, Bangalore. The definite online store for variety in the price.


  • Electric purifier
  • Tank capacity – 15L

9. Kent Maxx UV+ Uf Water Purifier

If you are trapping for a low key and powerful purifier then the must be it. If you only deal on purifying the tap water then this a purifier to go for.  The amount length is cheap and its brand name has its print status in the market. Suitable   For low TDS water.

Key Features

  • Automatic UV + Uf purifier
  • Best for low TDS water
  • Leakproof

10. HULN Pure it Classic RO + UV Water Purifier

The HUL Clean it water Purification Uses a 6-point purification process to afford the best quality purification. It’ TDS elimination capacity is also a stable 1800 PPM.

Key features

  • 6 points purification
  • Change hard water up to 1800 PPM into the silky and delicious water.
  • Leading voltage Fluctuation guard.  

Above is the list of Best Water Purifier Under 10,000