How To Get A Clean Shave With An Electric Shaver – Effective Steps

How To Get A Clean Shave With An Electric Shaver
How To Get A Clean Shave With An Electric Shaver

When shaving with an electric shaver, you may get hurt or have a clumsy look due to the wrong technique or carelessness. But how to get a clean shave with an electric shaver, then?

Do not wait any longer. Let’s dive into this article to find out tips to get a perfect shave!

Electric Shaver
Electric Shaver

How To Get A Clean Shave With An Electric Shaver?

Prepare Carefully Before Shaving

You may not care much about this round, but it is the foundation of a good and clean shave. So, don’t skip the preparation steps!

Indeed, you don’t want to have a scar on your skin because of shaving. That’s why you must make sure that the blade is razor-sharp before starting the process. If your blade becomes dull after a period, you ought to replace it immediately!

Besides, it is undeniable that shaving with a full battery shaver is a must. Only with a fully charged shaver can you obtain a smooth and close shave.

How to get a clean shave with the electric shaver?
How to get a clean shave with the electric shaver?

Clean Your Face Thoroughly Before Shaving

Firstly, use warm water or a cleanser to generously wash your face. This step will provide a cleaner shave since your hair is softened, and excess oil will be removed. You can also apply some cleaning cream to the face and leave it there for a couple of minutes.

If you prefer wet shaving, shaving cream is an indispensable item. An electric shaver with wet shaving can increase your comfort and closeness. Besides, good shaving cream can soften and lubricate the hairs, letting the razor cut the stubble quickly and close to the skin.

Clean your face before shaving
Clean your face before shaving

The lather also serves as a lubrication for the blades, reducing friction and heat while also making the shaver more forgiving. If you hate to use shaving cream, move on to the next section!

Apply Powder Or An Pre-shave Lotion

Another way to start the shaving is to apply powder on your face or a pre-shave lotion to soften the skin. It is important to choose a suitable and non-allergic lotion type for your face skin; otherwise, you can possibly get super irritated.

If you enjoy dry shaving, it is very crucial to apply this lotion. To be more specific, the pre-shave lotion will ensure good lubrication, moisture absorption and decrease the chances of scratching your skin.

Do The Shaving Properly And Effectively

Well, that’s enough information on the pre-shaving tips. Now, let us introduce you to how to shave your hair more effectively.

The first thing you must remember is to hold the razor with the dominant hand. For example, if you write with the right hand, you should shave with it as well.

While you keep the shaver on the dominant hand, use your off-hand to pull the skin. Do you know the reason why we have to do this step?

When you hold your razor at the straight angle to your face and pull the skin taut to keep the hairs upright, the razor is at the right angle and allows you to have the closest shave.

When you’ve ensured that you hold the shaver at the right position, start shaving against the grain. However, please note that there is no fixed “right” direction when shaving your hair. You can find out your hair growth direction by simply moving your hand over the face and feeling the direction.

Typically, many people don’t know this fact and just shave against the grain. With such an approach, they can still shave the hair cleanly, but there is a high chance they’ll inadvertently cause themselves a nasty cut.

Those accidental cuts can cut off the hair growth process, block the development of hair follicles and cause ingrown hairs later. And surely, no one wants to have ingrown hairs, right?

Hence, please be mindful of finding the way your hair grows and follow that direction!

Keep shaving with the direction your hair grows, slowly and delicately. During shaving, please prioritize the sensitive areas like the neck, jawline, cheeks, etc.

You’ll need a lot of patience there, as those areas are very difficult to treat. Typically, electric razors tend to create heat over time; it’s best to shave those sensitive areas first to reduce irritation!

Finally, a good viewing angle will save you from straying over the sensitive areas previously shaved. It will also help you see your skin growth direction more clearly to stretch the skin and cut the hair neatly.

Get The Suitable Skincare Method After Shaving

After shaving, please apply the lotion to your face as it is particularly crucial for those with sensitive skin. Particularly, aftershave cream or lotion will give you a pleasant scent in addition to medicating and moisturizing your skin after shaving.

This step will soothe the skin and purify the pores, preventing acne and ingrown hairs, which are definitely opposed to what you want when searching for a “clean shave.”

Aftershave Cream
Aftershave Cream

Finally, please clean your razor carefully after each use, whether using an automatic cleaning station or doing it manually. It is reasonable to assume that regularly lubricating the foils and blades will help to prevent wear and heat created during operation.

Besides, you have to replace all the dull blades. This one should go without saying. Blades and foils should be replaced each year or so, depending on how frequently you shave and the harshness of your beard.

The Final Verdict

We are sure that you now have the answer on how to get a clean shave with an electric shaver, which is not very complicated. Yet, please follow all the important notes about the shaving direction and proper skincare for the best result! If you still have any wondering, leave them in the comment box below to discuss together. Good luck!