How to Fix Hotmail Email Not Working 2022

How to Fix Hotmail Email Not Working 2022
How to Fix Hotmail Email Not Working 2022

Are you trying to log in to your account, but Hotmail isn’t working? It seems like a problem, but don’t worry, you’re right here. This blog will help you discover the latest solutions for fixing your Hotmail Not Sending Emails issue at home.

It’s normal to experience problems in your email accounts or applications. The best part is that you don’t have to look for a solution. The problem can be solved quickly by the user, similar to how you’re likely to resolve your Hotmail problem at home. Before we begin the troubleshooting procedures, look at the reasons these issues arise when using Hotmail and what the causes are.

Why is Email Not Working?

Hotmail was among the first online email services to provide free email services across the world. The service boasts an active user base of around 400 million. It was in the year 2012 that Hotmail has been changed into Users can still use their existing account at and can also create new domains through Even though Hotmail is also known as Outlook is among the most trusted email providers worldwide. However, sometimes you may encounter issues with it. A lot of users have complained about Hotmail not functioning in receiving email messages. This issue could cause many problems, especially when you have to send or retrieve your email quickly.

If you’re also having this issue and you are thinking, ” why is my Hotmail not working?” Then you need to read the causes below.

  1. There are too many cookies and caches in your browser’s caches and cookies
  2. Poor Internet connection
  3. The wrong Homail account credentials
  4. You’re using an obsolete version of the browser.
  5. Your device or mail is infected with viruses
  6. The incorrect configuration of emails
  7. Error code

Here’s How to solve your Hotmail not working

You can log into your Hotmail account through any internet browser from any device. But, it is not difficult to acknowledge that the features that Google Chrome offers are unbeatable. There are numerous features and functions that are available on Hotmail that can only be accessed through Google Chrome which is why most people use their Hotmail account through Chrome exclusively. The problem begins when you begin to experience problems and are unable to use your Hotmail account through Chrome.

If you find that your Hotmail isn’t working with Google Chrome then you should follow the steps listed below to fix it immediately.

  1. Begin by going to Microsoft Live and reset your password on your account.
  2. If you’re unable to log into your account, head to the page for account recovery and type in your email address.
  3. Verify the CAPTCHA by selecting Next.
  4. You’ll be able to receive a verification code via your mobile phone or email address, or in the authenticator app.
  5. Input the code into the space provided and create the fresh password to your Hotmail account.
  6. Follow the instructions on screen to complete the account recovery. Be sure to set up your own password only you know, but that cannot be used to hack.

Solution for Hotmail not working in Android as well as iPhone

If you’re Hotmail account isn’t working in your iPhone or Android application, you need to follow the steps below to fix it.

  1. Be sure to enter the correct account details. Don’t use the autofill password, and input the password manually.
  2. Another thing to be aware of to determine if your email account is compatible in the application or not. You can create an account that has Hotmail, Live, MSN and Microsoft 365, Exchange Online, and Exchange Server accounts in the application. If you aren’t sure what kind of email account you’re using, first contact your email provider, or inquire with Hotmail supportive help.
  3. If it already registered your account with the app, but it isn’t functioning, you must take the next steps to add it.
  • In your Mail application, click settings.
  • Choose the account you want to use. Hotmail account.
  • Then click on Remove Account button.
  • Choose from Device option, and you will see your profile deleted successfully from the mobile app.

When the account is deleted You must join it back to the app in the same way you did previously.

How do I sign to my Hotmail Account using Chrome?

If you’re not able to connect to your Hotmail account via Chrome the only way to resolve the issue is understanding the issue. In the following, we’ve listed the different reasons leading to Hotmail not working on Chrome.

  1. Your browser’s version you are using is not compatible.
  2. You’re using an inactive account to sign in to
  3. Your device isn’t suitable to run
  4. If you’re using Hotmail in your email application the app should not be up-to-date.
  5. JavaScript is not enabled on your browser.
  6. Many caches and cookie on your Chrome browser.
  7. Your firewall on your system or Antivirus interferes with your access
  8. The internet connectivity you have is not strong
  9. Your Hotmail account has been temporarily suspended or blocked.
  10. The security of your account is compromised

How to Make Hotmail Work on Chrome?

Use the following steps to solve your Hotmail issue on your Chrome problem.

1. Try clearing your browser’s caches and Cookies

  • Start Your Chrome browser and then click the three dots icon in the upper right side to launch the menu.
  • Select More Tools from the menu, and then click Clear Browsing Data.
  • Choose the appropriate time period and then check all the boxes.
  • Then, choose Clear Data and finish the procedure.

2. Update Chrome to the latest Version

  • Another option to fix the Hotmail issue of not working on Chrome problem is to upgrade your browser to the most recent version. You will not only be able use your Hotmail account, but it could also resolve various other issues in your browser, and offer new features.
  • You can upgrade your Chrome browser by pressing the menu at the top right corner. Upgrade Chrome to the most current version.

Once you’ve changed your browser, restart your device and then try to access for the second time.

3. Utilize HTTPS

If, after attempting the two steps above but you are still experiencing similar Hotmail isn’t working issue Then you need to try connecting using HTTPS.

  • To begin first, go to in your browser.
  • In the Other Opportunities section Select the option to agree to connect to HTTPS.
  • Finally, click your Save button to save the settings.

4. Make sure you are using an anti-virus

It is possible that your Antivirus blocks your access to as well as In order to fix this try opening these sites following the blocking of your Antivirus temporarily. If, after deactivating the Antivirus it is possible to access Hotmail via Chrome Then you’ve identified the issue. The only permanent solution to this issue is to add on the list of whitelists for your Antivirus security.

To Close

We are hoping that following the steps above, you’ve resolved your Hotmail that isn’t working problem. In the event you are still experiencing issues regarding or with your Hotmail account, please contact our Email Technical Support. Our experts will assist you to figure out the reason for what is causing the issue. Hotmail isn’t working and resolve it immediately.