How Students Are Improving Their Learning Skills via Learning Apps

How Students Are Improving Their Learning Skills via Learning Apps
How Students Are Improving Their Learning Skills via Learning Apps

The present generation has changed the shape of the education system, in a good direction. With multiple learning apps out in the market, they take help of not just a single learning app, but multiple learning apps to advance in their education and skills.

“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think” → Albert Einstein

As stated above by Einstein, education cannot be just learning the facts, but it’s about training your mind on how to think and apply the learnings in life. That’s what we need in our education system right now. And indeed we can see a drastic improvement too these days, hoping for more Einstein’s to come up!

To our surprise, the major shift was observed in online learning. Gone are the days, where we waited for the teachers to give us a clear explanation of our doubts. Earlier, students depended more on offline tutoring too, to improve their academic scores. It’s the Gen Z and Alpha now and with the increased usage of the smartphones, children are liking to use smartphones for online learning and education as well. Today the students take help of online educational platforms to solve their queries.

With the improvement in the tech industry, we definitely saw major improvements in Ed-tech as well. Students are taking help from multiple educational apps to not just improve their academic score, but also improve their other skill sets. These include improving their grammar, using productivity tools and learning multiple languages, coding, courses as well.

Here are the top 5 study and learning apps that are helping students improve and sharpen their learning skills:

1. Brainly – Study & Learning App:

This global study and learning app has the world’s largest knowledge-sharing community that has made students all over the world fall in love with their studies. The students get to solve their homework questions, get instant 1-1 help from the online tutors, learn free textbook solutions and excel in their academic scores!

Why Brainly? → Ask Questions → Get Help → Go Beyond!

  • A huge trusted community with over 300 million students & experts on board.
  • Snap solve → Take a snap of your question and get answers instantly.
  • Math solutions → Indeed a math solver for all your toughest math equations and problems.
  • 24×7 help → Get your doubts solved in detail from the teachers online.
  • 1-1 Tuitions → Connect with tutors 1-1 and excel in your grades.
  • Free textbook solutions → All syllabus covered, answered by verified and qualified experts.

Brainly study app has been a one stop solution for cracking your toughest homework questions and providing online tuition, helping students boost up their learning and grades.

2. Grammarly:

Grammar’s the main base in communication for students. This app is helping students rectify and improve their grammar, spelling, punctuations, and much more in many ways. Students, clearly, are dependent on this app, be it writing an essay or presenting a PPT. 

Here’s does it work?

  • Firstly enable Grammarly in your keyboard settings.
  • Now, start typing and Grammarly will take care of your work.
  • Grammar checker → Be rest assured that your grammar is mistake-free.
  • Spell checker → An instant proofreader to easily avoid common mistakes
  • Punctuation corrector → Advanced punctuation correction
  • Synonyms editor → Get auto-suggestions of better word choices, and select the proper synonyms.
  • Explanations → Get short and clear explanations of the corrections made.
  • Learning → Understand your mistakes, learn and avoid the mistakes in the future.

Use Grammarly to ace your presentation skills. Be it submitting research paperwork, or a seminar presentation, use this app to make your work look more genuine and free of grammar errors.

3. Hello English:

Nowadays, students are more interested in learning multiple languages, this adds up as a pulse point when they plan to pursue their education abroad in future. And this language learning app lands on the top list of suggestions. Hello English is a free app to learn multiple languages. You get to learn languages like English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, German, Turkish, etc.

Highlights of this multiple language learning app:

  • Interactive sessions → Get 100% free interactive lessons with the language’s grammar topics, vocabulary, and much more.
  • Interactive teachers → Discussion with the teachers on grammar and translations.
  • Practice daily → Learn more with daily latest news, audio-video clips, articles & e-books.
  • Practice Games → Improve your spoken English skills with conversations and speaking practice games.
  • Dictionary → Learn 10,000+ new words, and hear their pronunciation as well.
  • Track your rank → Know your global and city rank & win coins.

4. Mimo:

Students are aware of the technical skills and its demand in the industry. They are smartly learning these software skills along with their academics. As the app quotes – “Learning to code has never been so easy!”, that’s indeed a true statement from the Mimo coding app. At Mimo, learn to code in Python, HTML, SQL, Java Script, and much more.

Coding is fun with Mimo:

  • Learn → the most popular in-demand programming languages like –  Python, HTML, SQL, Java Script, etc.
  • Practice → bite sized exercises and challenges in coding.
  • Real-time coding → Create the code, run it and build real-time projects on the go.
  • Build portfolios → Create websites and apps on your own.
  • Certification → Showcase your programming and coding skills with the proper certification.
  • Community → Join millions of coders, learn and share knowledge.

Students get to be ready with the latest programming languages with the Mimo coding app.

5. Coursera Learning App:

The present generation students are very clear with their career goals. They need a crystal clear understanding of the career path they choose and tend to look for free online courses to take a glimpse of their career choices. And Coursera is a very genuine and authentic online learning platform for in-demand industry skills.

What you can learn from the world-class experts & leaders here:

  • Learn → top in-demand skills in the industry
  • Build → Get to know and build your career path across a wide range of industry-tailored courses.
  • Free Courses → Check for free courses available, have a glimpse of your career options.
  • Get certified → Complete the courses and get certified too, develop skills and credentials to stand out.

Learn the free introduction courses here and get ready for your future career goals with the Coursera learning app.

By going through all the learning apps here, we definitely understand one thing here is that education is no longer just your academics. The education system has now adapted the digital learning phase where all the aspects of learning are covered right from your academics to skill development.