Benefits of Dubai Mainland License

Benefits of Dubai Mainland License
Benefits of Dubai Mainland License

A Dubai mainland license permits individuals to perform business activities both within the UAE and abroad without restrictions. To administer the operations of mainland companies in the UAE, there are certain regulations and policies amended by the government. Company equity share is one of the most important governing laws associated with mainland business. 

Starting a company in Dubai is easier than ever as it has become a fast-growing city over the last decade. To make the process of setting up businesses smooth and time effective is the goal of the Department of Economic Development. With a geographically strategic location, the government’s excellent infrastructural facilities, a large market base for consumers and business-friendly policies makes the mainland business setup in Dubai an attractive proposition. 

The business owners can trade with the customers directly and can provide services to the government by having a mainland business license. 

The following are some of the key benefits of having a mainland business set up: 

Opportunity to Trade with Other Mainland Businesses 

Having a mainland license permits the entrepreneur to conduct trade activities in the mainland area with other companies. Free zone businesses on the other hand limit the trading option within the same zone. A lot of legal requirements are needed if they like to trade with mainland businesses. Without any limitations, mainland businesses have access to the UAE and beyond. 

Good Market Presence 

To open a shop or office anywhere in Dubai is one of the biggest benefits of having a mainland business license. It permits the entrepreneur to set up an office in any location within the UAE and it is the best way to do business in the local market. There is also a countrywide increase in the presence of the company. 

Free zone companies on the other hand are not permitted to operate outside of the free zone they are registered in. To carry out their services on the mainland, these companies need a distributor. Getting a mainland business license is a preferable option if the business owner is wishing for a good market presence and long-lasting growth in the Dubai market. 

Unlimited Visa Grants

There are no restrictions on the number of visas that can be obtained on a mainland license. However, when the entrepreneur can fulfill the basic office space, mainland companies can apply for endless visa grants. Business owners can obtain more visas if they have more office space. Indian investors have more options to use their human capital with endless growing scope. 

Initiative to Promote FDI 

The Dubai mainland license is more appealing to Indian investors and business owners due to its sudden alteration in economic policy. Earlier, the mainland certificate has given only full possession to the Emiratis. However, Indian investors are also now given the same ownership of different sectors including logistics, e-commerce, transport, communication, etc. 

Work Along With Government Bodies 

Government projects in UAE are huge business propositions and are high on investment as well as return. They require specialized companies to be their contractors and it is much clear that being able to take up such huge projects is highly profitable. Having a mainland business license is the only way to get such a big opportunity. 

Free zone companies are permitted to work with only private commercial companies and are not allowed to pitch for government project opportunities. The business owner has to go ahead with mainland company formation to get contracts with UAE governmental bodies. 

The benefits of having a mainland business license in the UAE are enormous. The experts at A&A Associate are well versed to handle the end-to-end process to acquire a Dubai mainland license. They deliver innovative solutions for a successful business in the UAE.