How Do I Convert Thunderbird to Outlook?

How Do I Convert Thunderbird to Outlook?
How Do I Convert Thunderbird to Outlook?

As we all know, there are a large number of users searching for the same question how to convert Thunderbird to Outlook. Some non-technical users found this task very complicated. To solve this problem of converting Thunderbird files to MS Outlook. We describe the best method in this blog. So stay tuned to the end.

In today’s world, Thunderbird is a popular email client among users and top organizations. But many users want to convert their Thunderbird to MS Outlook because they think Outlook has user-centric features. And to learn more about the user requirements, read the next paragraph.

Why Users Want to Convert Thunderbird to Outlook?

The following users need to move their Thunderbird account to Outlook:

  • One of the main reasons is that Thunderbird doesn’t have spam filters, but MS Outlook has this feature that helps prevent cyber-attacks.
  • Thunderbird is not that advanced, so Thunderbird has lack security.
  • Additionally, no drag-and-drop functionality is available in Thunderbird.
  • Finally, there is no task and calendar list in Thunderbird.

These are some common facts that users migrate to Outlook from their Thunderbird account. Now we will discuss how to convert Thunderbird to Outlook manually.

Manual Method to Convert Thunderbird to MS Outlook 

#Method 1: – Using Microsoft Outlook

Step 1. Find the folder where your EML files are stored.

Step 2. Then, for the file you want to convert in Outlook right-click on that file.

Step 2

Step 3. Now, the menu opens, select the open with and then click on Outlook.

Step 3

Step 4. The Outlook file opens, then expand the move option and choose the destination in which you want to import the Outlook file.

Step 4

These are the steps of the manual method, but this manual method is not a perfect solution for non-technical users. Because this method is technical and very time-consuming as it converts Thunderbird files to Outlook one by one.

So, to overcome this problem we are going to explain the Best MBOX to PST Converter Tool to Convert Thunderbird to Outlook. This tool easily converts the end number of Thunderbird file to Outlook in an easy manner. Also, this tool is tried and tested by a technical expert’s team you can easily rely on this tool. Also, find the working steps of this tool in the next paragraph.

Working Steps of the Tool – Step by Step

Step 1. Add a file to select the desired file.

Working Steps of the Tool Step 1

Step 2. Then, collect the data from the MBOX file for Conversion.

Working Steps of the Tool Step 2

Step 3. Now, preview the MBOX converter emails with the attachment.

Working Steps of the Tool Step 3

Step 4. The last click is on Export to convert the MBOX file.

Working Steps of the Tool Step 3


In the above description, we have discussed the best solution to convert Thunderbird to Outlook. Also, we have mentioned both manual and automated methods. And hopefully, you will learn the best solution instead of going through the manual method.