How to Open Thunderbird Emails in Outlook?

How to Open Thunderbird Emails in Outlook?
How to Open Thunderbird Emails in Outlook?

Mozilla Thunderbird is a popular email client that allows you to send and receive messages. This program is completely free to download and use. It saves email messages as MBOX files in a concatenated format. However, in order to open Thunderbird emails in Outlook, you must first export the contents to a PST file format.

PST, or personal storage table, is a Microsoft Outlook proprietary file that holds emails, calendars, contacts, notes, tasks, attachments, and other information.

Open Thunderbird Mail in MS Outlook Using Various Methods

We’ll go over how to import Thunderbird emails into Outlook in this article. We offer you two options for completing this task:

1: Manual Method

2: Automated Method

Method 1. How to Manually Import Thunderbird emails to Outlook?

Let’s start with the manual approach. Both “configuration of Thunderbird with IMAP” and “configuration of Outlook with IMAP” are mentioned here. When you choose IMAP, the emails on the mail server will be synchronized. As a result, you will be able to import emails from Thunderbird to Outlook.

It consists of two steps, which are described below.

Step 1: IMAP Configuration in Thunderbird for Gmail

The following is the basic technique for opening Thunderbird emails in Outlook:

To allow email synchronization on the mail server, first enable the IMAP option.

1. Go to your Gmail account and sign in.

2. After that, go to the settings by clicking on the Gear symbol.

3. Select the Forwarding and POP/IMAP options.

4. Now, Enable IMAP from the drop-down menu.

5. Select the option to Save Changes.

6. Activate the IMAP option and select the manual configuration option. In the outgoing and receiving sections, fill in the required information.

Incoming:, Port: 993

Outgoing: , Port : 465

6. Select the Re-test option if you entered the proper information. The task will thereafter be completed. After that, select “establish a new account.”

7. Thunderbird allows you to access your Gmail account. The configuration procedure is now complete.

Step 2: Import Thunderbird Messages into Gmail Settings

Select and move the Thunderbird mails into the configured email account now. To save your Thunderbird communications, you can create new folders in your Gmail Inbox.

Step 3: Integrating Gmail with IMAP in Outlook

You spotted the setting of Thunderbird with your Gmail account while trying to open Thunderbird mail in Outlook.

Now it’s time to configure the Outlook profile to work with Gmail:

  1. To add a new account, go to the File menu and select Add account.
  2. A dialogue window will now appear on your screen. Select “Manual configuration or other server types” and then click Next.
  3. After that, select the Pop or IMAP option and click Next.
  4. Fill in the blanks in the dialogue box.
  5. For an IMAP email account, choose IMAP under Account Type.
  6. Now type for the incoming server and for the outgoing server. Then select More Settings from the drop-down menu.
  7. Select the Outgoing server(SMTP) option under Outgoing server, and then click “Use Same Settings as My Incoming Mail Server”.
  8. Now go to the Advanced tab and change the receiving server port to port 993/995.
  9. Select “This Server Requires an Account” as well.
  10. For an IMAP mail account, select “This Server Requires an Encrypted Connection” and set the encryption to SSL.
  11. In the outgoing server field, enter 587/465 as the port number, select TLS as the encryption method, and click OK.
  12. To check the account settings, select Test account configuration.
  13. The notification “your account settings are correct” will now appear. Next should be selected. Finally, Outlook is used to export your files.

Method 2. Quick Way to Export Thunderbird Mail to Outlook PST

It is clear that the above-mentioned manual method is a very time taking process, and users want a fast and easy solution. So, choose a quick and reliable solution such as the tool to Convert MBOX to PST. With this software, you can export selective Thunderbird mailboxes into PST format and then easily open them in Microsoft Outlook. You can even export multiple MBOX files at once.


There are a few ways to open Thunderbird emails in Outlook, but users generally look for a fast and reliable solution. In this article, we discussed both the manual solution as well as automated converter software. Using the software allows you to quickly convert the Thunderbird files and open them in Outlook without data loss. It is truly a reliable and easy solution for all users to import Thunderbird emails to Outlook.