How Beacons are Reshaping the Future of the Real Estate Sector?

How Beacons are Reshaping the Future of the Real Estate Sector?
How Beacons are Reshaping the Future of the Real Estate Sector?

When it comes to working for your real estate business 24/7/365 without contacting your customers in-persons, beacon technology has a crucial role to play. The realtors can easily get connected or show their listings to buyers who enter the 300ft proximity. Simply put, location-based marketing can be effectively done through beacons. Beacons act proactively and initiate contact with prospective buyers or tenants through beacon-enabled smartphones. 

Nowadays, people’s changing requirements and expectations lead the mobile app development company and realtors to integrate advancements of emerging technologies like augmented reality, BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), virtual reality, and wearables. The reason is simple- like other industry sectors, the real estate sector is also about offering a rich and pleasant experience to customers when they search or visit the property.  

Real estate app development is thriving by keeping pace with these changing needs and has started adopting beacons based on BLE technology for sending messages. Beacons can transmit messages on the customer’s smartphones as and when customers come within their range. However, here only one thing is necessary- the smartphone’s Bluetooth should be on to receive a notification. Beacons can play a vital role in micro-location marketing of the real estate sector. 

Let’s go through the top five benefits beacons offer to the thriving real estate sector and reshape its future.     

  1. Grab Attention of Passers-by

Beacon-based real estate app can provide virtual guides or brochures for visitors who are interested in buying properties. Beacons can send real-time notifications to people who come near to the property. It is possible for realtors to replace the sale signs with beacons with the help of a real estate app development company. 

Beacon-based inbuilt app features can send notifications with more information on the respective property to interested people once they download the app. In a way, real estate agents or realtors can promote their properties in a more effective way. 

  1. Arrange Open House Tour

In today’s pandemic age, it is difficult to arrange a tour of the property for real estate agents. Also, at times, realtors may find it difficult to remain present at the site. Their, beacons can lend a helping hand. Beacons enable real estate dealers and property owners to give more idea about their properties by highlighting their notable features through notifications as and when the customer or a visitor walks through the property. 

Beacons can be attached at different positions throughout the house to trigger the distinct alerts as a tour guide. For example, a beacon placed in the kitchen can notify the visitor that the kitchen is remodeled. Another beacon near the main door notifies the customer that the lock system is keyless. In a way, realtors can send alerts or messages in a customized and personalized way using beacons. 

You can add a video to the beacon page for offering personalized and guided tours of the home to every visitor whenever they want to see it. 

  1. Give Competitive Edge

Beacons can boost your marketing campaigns and property presentation. Beacons in the customized real estate mobile apps not only attract more visitors by giving them real-time updates but also offering a more memorable and immersive experience. You can spread brand awareness effectively using beacons. The use of beacons in the app shows that the realtor is tech-savvy and uses every necessary tool to sell a home or property. In a way, the real estate app with the beacon-based feature can spread brand awareness for your real estate company. 

The real estate app development company can integrate features including real-time notifications to give the real estate company a competitive edge using the BLE technology.  

  1. Update Consumers

As mentioned above, the beacon-powered notification feature enables realtors and real estate agents to notify prospective customers about upcoming projects, under-construction schemes, and ready-to-move properties. Also, it is possible to keep people updated about festival discounts and other promotional offers using beacons. All you need visitors or people to come near your property and their beacon-enabled smartphones will receive the notification.

It can assist consumers to make informed decisions for purchasing your property. Also, the real-time update can play a vital role in considering various properties in a specific time period. For example, prospective buyers who wish to buy a house after six months can take more interest in upcoming or under-construction projects, and the notifications can help them find such properties. 

  1. Make Events More Interactive

Realtors tend to participate in trade fairs and various events to promote their property. It is beneficial for realtors and potential buyers alike to participate in such events. Here, beacons can successfully captivate the customer’s attention as they pass by the stall. What’s more, the integration of beacons in the kiosk can help gather more people to their desks. Realtors can also use Augmented Reality (AR) to showcase their building in the pre-construction stage in a more enticing way.  

Considering today’s pandemic situation, these events have been reduced significantly. Here, beacon-based apps can be one of the most effective ways to promote property as and when prospective buyers come near the property. 

The Bottom Line

BLE technology has taken the location-based sectors like healthcare, real estate, and retail by storm. Here we have mentioned some of the most effective ways beacons and BLE technology can shape the future of a thriving real estate sector. From increasing the sales to keeping the customers updated, beacons can play multiple roles in growing the real estate business.