Features To Look For In A Premium Quality Saree

Features To Look For In A Premium Quality Saree
Features To Look For In A Premium Quality Saree

Sarees are an essential type of attire for every woman to have on hand. It is always useful to have various kinds of sarees in differing colors, designs, materials, as specific occasions call for particular types of sarees. However, no matter what kind of saree one is buying, it is crucial to make sure that the material used is of excellent quality.

Good quality clothing is vital in many ways. It can influence many people’s first impressions; it can also affect the rate at which the fabric deteriorates, as lower quality clothing is likely to get damaged quickly.

One can get premium silk sarees through various means; it is even possible to go online and buy silk sarees with prices that are appropriate for their quality. This article highlights all the features in a high-quality silk saree that an individual should be aware of so that they will be able to make the best decisions when selecting their choice of saree, be it online or at a store.

The Touch:

This feature is the quickest and easiest way to get a good idea as to the quality of the saree. Generally, in high-quality sarees, if one is to run their hand across the fabric, it should feel uniform and smooth in texture; this is especially crucial when picking soft silk sarees online.

The high-resolution pictures provided by the retailer will portray the texture of such sarees effectively, allowing the customer to choose with ease. It is also essential to check the condition of the fabric post-delivery to ensure that the product received is of premium quality.

As one moves their hand across the fabric of the saree, it will feel very rich and soft against their skin. There should not be even the slightest of coarseness in the material as one runs their hand across the fabric.

As one is checking the saree, the individual should also make sure to check for any bubbles or tufts in the material; such discrepancies are a marker for improper design and manufacturing of the saree. A pure silk sarees’ price is not low, but its cost is a portrayal of its quality.

The Sheen of the Fabric:

The quality of the fabric will directly affect its sheen. Excellent quality sarees reflect light with a luminescent glow. This type of brilliance will be very comfortable on the eyes and stands as a marker for the quality of fibers used in making the saree.

This characteristic is something that one should keep their eye out for when shopping for silk sarees. This feature is also something that an individual can quickly check for when looking at silk sarees online.

Most online retailers display their plain silk sarees with prices for customers to be aware of their quality. They also usually provide multiple pictures of the saree that the customer can refer to when checking for its quality, namely the sheen of the fabric.

Colours and Borders:

One can say that the vibrancy of the color of the saree and the design of the border is indicative of the saree’s quality. How one can tell the quality from the color and border design is quite simple.

For colors, a high-quality saree will have sophisticated colors that remain consistent throughout the fabric, without any flaws. It does not matter if the colors are light or dark; however, the colors should not be loud or crass.

Various colors can even be interwoven during the weaving to get an intricate collage of colors that would make the wearer stand out. The borders are just as easy to distinguish.

Generally, when one looks at premium quality sarees, one can see that the border designs will be much more complicated when compared to the border designs of lower quality sarees.

The quality of the threads used to weave the embroidery or zari work is also another way to tell the quality of the saree; they possess a sheen of their own and will not come loose, even after multiple uses.


As can be seen, there are various qualities in a saree that one can look at when they are trying to determine its quality. When shopping online for silk sarees, remember to scrutinize the pictures provided carefully before checkout to ensure a satisfactory purchase. By keeping these factors in mind, it can be easy for an individual to buy silk sarees with prices that are cheap, which are of high-quality and will last for years.