For The Love of Dogs: Is Pet Insurance Worth The Price?

For The Love of Dogs: Is Pet Insurance Worth The Price?
For The Love of Dogs: Is Pet Insurance Worth The Price?

Dogs and other pets are often as much a family member as any other person in your household. Dogs and pets have a way of finding their way into our hearts and making our lives that little bit better.

Their unconditional love and eagerness to meet us at the door when we get home are just two reasons so many of us choose to buy a pet for the home. 

They may require feeding but they also can often be very expensive. That’s why many of us choose to buy pet insurance policies. However, not all pet insurance policies are the same. They vary hugely in terms of their premium but also in terms of what is covered. 

Here, we look at what exactly pet insurance is and what its advantages are. We also identify any disadvantages that are often highlighted in pet insurance reviews.

By examining all the pros and cons of buying insurance for your dog, we aim to ensure that you know what you should be getting in return for your money if you do buy from the top 10 pet insurance UK. 

What is Pet Insurance? 

To fully understand what you should be receiving in return for your premium and any other pet insurance cost, you must know what pet insurance is. In short, it is like health insurance for your pet. While the majority of citizens in the UK are covered by the NHS, which is free, pets do not have the same service upon which their owners can rely.

That can be bad news, as if your pet is unwell, veterinary bills can be extremely expensive. Some injuries or illnesses, especially chronic ones, can be eye-watering. It is not unheard of for vet bills to cost tens of thousands of pounds. 

The best pet insurance for dogs, UK-wise, and other pets ensure that you never have to decide between finding that sum of money and your pet’s health or well-being.

While you cannot buy pet insurance after the diagnosis of a condition, the best pet insurance for dogs in the UK and any other animals will usually cover the course of treatment if diagnosis occurs after purchasing a policy. 

Advantages to Pet Insurance 

Pet insurance is an extra cost. So before shelling out for your premium, it can be comforting to know what benefits you get from having a policy in place when you buy a pet. 

Peace of mind

Knowing that you can rely on your policy to ensure that your pet can always receive the necessary care is an immense comfort. The peace of mind you feel as a result cannot be underestimated. It is simply something that you do not have to worry about – the future health of your pet – if you have purchased a policy that you believe to be comprehensive and robust.

Ultimately, too, having pet insurance protects you against having to make hard decisions in the future. You never want to put yourself in a position where you cannot fund life-saving treatment for a pet because it is too expensive for your earnings or savings. 

Long term money saving

Many people initially shy away from buying pet insurance because of the associated costs. However, in the long run, it will save you money. The vast majority of pets will require some form of treatment from a vet at some point in their lives.

You can reliably estimate that those vet bills will cost a lot thanks to the consultation fee of a vet, as well as any procedures, medicine, or x-rays a pet may need. 

Better care

As pet insurance helps you pay for services that you may not otherwise have been able to afford, it also provides the ability to offer your pet a better standard of care. For example, suppose your dog needs some form of surgery on its legs as it broke it during over-excitable play.

Not only does that surgery cost a lot, but the dog will probably benefit from having some form of surgery afterward. Physio costs can mount up over the course of a year, yet many insurance policies will cover that care as standard. 

Disadvantages to Pet Insurance

There are two disadvantages to pet insurance policies. The first is the added cost to your outgoings. Premiums do not have to be expensive, but they are still an extra payment that you could sometimes have in your wallet. 

The second disadvantage to a pet insurance policy is easily circumnavigated. As not all insurance policies are created equal, you put yourself at risk of purchasing something that is not fit for your purpose. Some policies do not cover or protect you very much. While you would hope that that was reflected in a cheaper cost, that is not always the case.

Therefore, to ensure that you are getting value for money, be sure to read through your policy’s wording or terms and conditions. There, you will be able to determine what your pet is covered for and the likelihood of your insurance company paying out in the unfortunate event that your pet becomes unwell.

Should I Get Pet Insurance?

Before buying a specific policy, it is well worth reading pet insurance reviews of any of the top 10 pet insurance companies in the UK. However, it is always a good idea to buy some insurance for your dog or other animals in your care for the risk-averse. Veterinary bills can be crippling and force you to make decisions you do not want to make if you cannot afford to pay the costs. A good and perfect pet insurance policy may be a monthly cost out of your pocket, but the alternative is often not contemptible for any loving pet owner.

If you can afford to take the one-off hit for treatment for your pet, that’s a different story. However, the majority of us are not usually in a position to risk having to foot a bill that a relatively cheap pet insurance cost would have otherwise covered.