Discover Ways To Maintain Tree Health

Discover Ways To Maintain Tree Health
Discover Ways To Maintain Tree Health

A beautiful landscape grabs everyone’s attention. Healthy trees beautify a landscape and increase your property’s curb appeal. Along with improving the air surrounding the home, trees also increase the property value. It has been observed that the property with trees possesses more value than the one with no trees.

However, to maintain the pristine condition of the lawn, a homeowner has to take care of trees regularly, which could be daunting. From watering to mulching, you have to perform several activities for maintaining tree health. Sowing seed and watering could be some easy tasks, but for pruning leaves and cutting branches, you may need a tree service in St. Johns County, FL. Keeping this in mind, you can discover the ways to maintain tree health by reading the below points-

1. Plant the right seed

The first step is to choose the right seed that works for your lawn. The climatic condition and soil property must support the growth of the tree. Choose a species that can adapt to the climatic condition of Florida so that you can have a healthy tree. The space where you plant the seed must be spacious that allow the growth of roots. You may get trouble by planting a tree at a congested site, so try to plant the seed away from other trees.

2. Provide support to the growing tree

A growing tree needs support and maintenance. For that, you can place a stick on either side of the stems. However, you must remove the support when the tree can stand to make the tree trunk strong. Once the tree stands in windy conditions, you can remove the sticks. This will result in a healthy and strong trunk.

3. Pruning

A shrub or tree both require proper pruning to maintain its health. There is a proper method to prune tree branches. People make a common mistake while pruning: flush cuts, i.e., cutting branches off the giant branch. Flush cutting is a kind of wound, and these invite pests. If you are unaware of pruning methods, finding tree-cutting services in North East Florida is better. The professional will also redistribute the tree’s branch weight that promotes healthy growth.

4. Root protection

As stated above, you must also plant a seed in the decongest area. Also, make sure that you avoid parking cars over tree roots. It may hamper its growth and may also kill it. Once the roots become weak, the tree health will deteriorate. You can ensure that enough oxygen supply is there in the roots. The soil beneath the tree should also be fertile and nutritious. For that, move on to the next point.

5. Mulching

One of the ways to replenish roots is through mulching. It provides shade and coolness to the roots, suitable for tree health. Mulching is also an excellent way to improve soil nutrition. The tree branches and leaves will grow healthy as it adds nutritious matter to the soil. Along with these benefits, mulching also improves the texture of the soil. If you experience weed growth around the tree, try mulching to remove them.

6. Watering

A young tree needs regular water intake to grow healthy, but a mature tree also needs water regularly. Sprinklers may not be sufficient to water the trees efficiently. The roots of plants are spread in a wide area and run deep beneath the soil. It is imperative to water the soil and not just sprinkle. Sprinklers may wet the soil, and you may get satisfaction with it, but an effort to water your trees regularly will keep them healthy.

7. Remove stump near trees

If there is a stump near the healthy trees, you need to remove it as soon as possible. The root of the stump may overlap the roots of healthy trees and hinder its growth. The old stump may also eat the nutrition from the soil, making healthy roots bereft of essential nutrition. A tree service company in St Augustine, FL, can remove the stump by grinding it in chips. On stump removal, you can ensure that your tree remains healthy.