Best Cycling Routes in Australia

Best Cycling Routes in Australia
Best Cycling Routes in Australia

When people think about Australia, the glorious marble beaches, crystal turquoise water, and hot weather immediately pop out. Of course, the Australian coast is rich in many other wonderful environmental delights and diverse ecosystems, but if you truly want to experience this awesome continent, you only need to hop on your bike. No matter if you are a resident or a keen traveler, cycling across Australia represents a wonderful and memorable adventure every individual must try out once in their life. You would have the unique opportunity to see Australia’s hidden gems, visit some remarkable sites, and cycle across rough and invigorating terrain that will leave you coming back for more. If you are not sure which cycling routes to choose, here is a thorough list of the best cycling routes you can find down under.

1. Unravel the history in the Goldfields Track

If you live near Melbourne or if you are visiting, you simply must try out the historical Goldfields Track. This is a one-of-a-kind 210 kilometre route that is named for an abundance of gold supplies that made Melbourne the richest city in the world. Even though this was true at some point in history, many residents still remember the glory Melbourne used to have back in the old days. The cycling route starts at the top of Mount Buninyong which is a 90-minute drive from Melbourne. You would cycle through the historic towns of Ballarat, Creswick, Daylesford, and Castlemaine. The entire cycling journey finishes in Bendigo, so everything would be a real thrill.

2. Capital City Trail- a real family delights

If you haven’t left the premises of Victoria, and you are up to something more smooth and fun, take the interesting car-free city cycle train in Melbourne. Covering around 30 kilometres in inner-city Melbourne, this route is ideal for families and kids as it is easy and fast to complete. If you want to buy new kids bikes for your little adventurers, trying them out on this route would be perfect as the terrain is nice. The ride is actually a complete circuit, so you can start and finish anywhere you wish. Your kids would be utterly delighted as they would cycle past many of Melbourne’s famous sights such as the Melbourne Zoo, Aquarium, Como Historic House and Garden, the Royal Botanic Gardens, and Yarra Bend Park.

3. Not for the plain-hearted – Bondi to Mt Kosciuszko trail

Bondi to Mt Kosciusko route in NSW is ideal for all those cyclist enthusiasts who have more days to spare (around 6-8). Besides being a 658 kilometre trail, not only would you need to take six to eight days to complete, but you would be able to witness numerous of Australia’s ecological wonders. The route begins at one of the most famous beaches in the world and ends at one of Australia’s highest mountains – what more can you ask for! You need to pack layered clothes and bring enough food and water, but you would be able to stop and rest at some restaurant along the Sydney coastline. Along the route, cyclists would be able to compress all the delights of NSW delights, the coastline, the southern highlands, all the way to the majestic Snowy Mountains.

4. A real bushwalk delight – Mawson cycling trail

Starting just north of the city of Adelaide and then travelling all the way to the Outback town of Blinman in the Flinders Ranges, the amazing Mawson Trail is perfect for mountain bikers who strive to get to know South Australia’s rural areas. The entire trail is around 900 kilometre long, but it includes rocky, inland, little-used country roads, fabulous State forests, and unique national park fire trails. Along the trail, you would be able to pass historic towns such as Lobethal and Birdwood, but also the world-renowned wine region Barossa Valley and stop for some must-do wine tasting. This ride is not for novice riders, as it is rather difficult and most of the trail is off-road so you would certainly need to go with a mountain bike. Plus, you must pay attention to the season and weather. The most ideal cycling period is in the spring, as summer’s heat can be unbearable, and in winter the clay soils in the southern section can become a horrific cycling mire.

5. The majestic Sydney ride

For keen riders who want to experience Sydney like never before, this inner-city ride is a true delight. There are more routes within Sydney, but the most popular tracks are around the Sydney Harbour which is around a 7-kilometre loop. Another enticing cycling track is located in the stunning picture-perfect Centennial Park in Sydney’s East. It is another loop but a shorter one (around 3,7 kilometre) and it is absolutely ideal for family cycling adventures as it’s filled with smooth roads and a segregated bike path. This cycling route might be a real adventure for tourists as they would be able to see Sydney’s Harbour and all other famous sights and monuments along the way. It’s no wonder that over 700,000 cyclists choose this route annually.

6. Feel the nature at the Maria Islands cycling route

Anybody who is up for some off-chart adventure must head to Tasmania’s Maria Island where there is absolutely no traffic whatsoever, only wandering wombats and other animals. If you opt to unwind, clear your mind, and enliven all your senses, you must cycle around the numerous islands wild (and wide) tracks. The island is entirely a national park, and besides an abundance of wildlife and biodiversity, cyclists would be able to cycle along the island’s wide tracks, cruise around the consist and industrial relics at Darlington, and later take a short tide to the marvellous patterned sandstone of the Painted Cliffs. You could spend a day paddling to the isthmus that binds the island together and cycles around unsealed tracks that are undoubtedly unique on the whole planet.

7. Uluru – the outback Australian cycling route

Get ready to experience Australia at its finest and wildest – the outback! Uluru is one of the quintessential Australian journeys because you cycle around Uluru which is the pivotal Australian spiritual epicenter. The outback bike ride is one of the best-value activities you could do at Uluru and see and feel the sacred Aboriginal land, witness the splendid watering hole and observe the ancient rock along the route. What’s more, the Uluru cycling route is completely family-friendly, it’s even suitable for toddlers, so the whole family could maximally unwind in these sacred lands. You could hire bikes at the site, so there’s no need to carry yours, and you could visit Outback Cycling’s mobile bike shop at the Uluru Kata-Tjuta Cultural Centre to get some cool souvenirs.

Get your bikes, bring enough water and put adequate sunblock, and get ready to experience Australia at its finest! These cycling routes would definitely leave you coming back for more!