Designing the Ultimate Carbon Fiber Shaft Upgrade

Designing the Ultimate Carbon Fiber Shaft Upgrade
Designing the Ultimate Carbon Fiber Shaft Upgrade

Carbon shafts are lighter and more rigid than steel options offering the highest durability and best torque absorption. It is important to select a drive-shaft that meets your requirements and budget after understanding function, safety and performance.

Benefits of the Ultimate Carbon Fiber Shaft Upgrade

A custom-designed shaft that is lighter, stronger, and more flexible than any other model. A carbon fiber shaft is an upgrade that will do more than just make your pool stick blend in with the others. First, carbon fiber is incredibly strong; this strength translates to your arm when you shoot pool. This weight transfer gives you consistency which gives you better shots. For players who like to use the “loose” stroke, they can rely on the sleek, lightweight feel of the stick designed for them – which improves their motion control making their game even stronger. The shaft is the most important upgrade for any player. Steel shafts are stiffer and heavier, while carbon fiber is lighter and more flexible, meaning that you’ll be able to swing at faster speeds. A quicker swing speed can amplify your odds of sinking your ball in the hole. Consider these benefits before making the decision on what shaft to buy for use in play. Carbon Fiber is incredibly high-performance and lightweight. It allows the golfer to gain more distance on their shots and it provides increased stability on their clubs. Golfers can get up to an increase in ball speed and optimal flex performance by replacing steel shafts with Carbon Fiber shafts and achieving a lower weight. The shaft is made of durable, high-quality carbon fiber. It will generate less vibration than the original shaft, giving you great performance and more playability. The upgrade is worth it to your game because it gives you better flex qualities, increased power transfer, and much less flex in the rear.

Carbon Fiber Shafts for Compact Trucks or Car

We provide customers with the opportunity to upgrade their truck’s shafts and improve: power, NVH, and durability. For the 2018 model year, we have introduced a new Level 3 Performance Package at no cost for those who want to complete their stock-to-Modified build. We include our Dynalite 13.5lb or 89lb thrust forged aluminum transference as well as complete installation of the unit before returning the truck back to our showroom.

Metal Shafts can be used as part of our Performance Packages; we only use precision-machined billet steel shafts made in Michigan and turn them into lightweight, durable, and reliable torque leaders Carbon Fiber shafts are the ultimate upgrade for helping to improve performance. The main advantage of carbon fiber is that it’s about half as heavy as steel or aluminum. This makes it easier to shift gears, helping you get more miles per gallon. Some companies even make carbon fiber shafts specific for compact trucks and cars with low ground clearance. If you are looking for durability, efficiency, and weight savings, your next upgrade should be carbon fiber shafts. They are designed to take on loads of up to 3000lbs which is 3x the strength compared to aluminum. Carbon fiber shafts can be fabricated in any size so if your truck or car has a custom color scheme, this is an incredible choice. Clear Choice Truck & Body Works is always happy to help with designing the perfect upgraded shafts.

Facts about Carbon Fiber Drive Shafts

Carbon fiber driveshafts are lighter weight than steel, so they require less horsepower to operate. This results in faster acceleration and higher performance. Carbon fiber also doesn’t have the bowstring effect associated with spinning shafts, so it is more durable and reliable. Carbon Fiber Drive Shafts – A Strength and Weight Savings Secret One of the lesser-known benefits of carbon fiber is the enhanced tensile strength and overall weight reduction it provides. Carbon is usually used to reinforce weaker structures with less material, and it’s proven to be just as effective in the case of drive shafts. There are plenty of half shaft competitors now on the market, but those who make them out of carbon fibers demonstrate less twisting and failures as well as increased durability. Carbon fiber is a tough material that is more durable and lighter than many metals. In addition, it doesn’t rust or corrode easily. There are two types of carbon fiber – 3K and 12K. The first number represents the strength of the material with 3 being on the lower end that will bend before breaking and 12 being on the higher end.

How to Choose the Perfect Driveshaft for Your Car or Truck?

The first step of a mismatched procedure is to look at the power source. What engine do you have? Does your new engine have a different displacement than your old one? Naturally, if you have a 2-liter engine and want a 4-liter motor next, you don’t want the same set of rims for both. One of the more important elements of a car’s suspension is the driveshaft. Driveshafts are also major movers of energy from the engine to the wheels. They transform rotational energy from the engine into linear motion, allowing your vehicle to move forward. This elongated piece of metal is supported at each end by one or more universal joints and bearings. Depending on your vehicle, you’ll need no less than 7 pieces for your driveshaft upgrades. A wide variety of shafts are available for most applications with different widths, lengths, bends, and adapters. It’s important to match the type of drive shaft you order with the type most appropriate for your specific vehicle before ordering it. There are many important factors to take into consideration such as the type of vehicle you own, what your driving habits are like, and whether or not you plan on upgrading your suspension.