Is At-Home Microneedling an Ideal Procedure?

Is At-Home Microneedling an Ideal Procedure
Is At-Home Microneedling an Ideal Procedure

Some people who own a microneedling pen often have no idea how often at-home microneedling should be done. The answer lies in two factors: the sensitivity of your skin and the length of the needles in your microneedling pen. 

If the needles are short, you can do it a couple of times during the week. If the needles are long, you may have to consider doing it monthly. Also, you must check how your skin reacts after every microneedling session. It will help you determine how often you should carry out microneedling. It is a good idea to use other skincare products while microneedling to get the best results. 

Can Microneedling at Home Put My Skin at Risk? 

At-home microneedling isn’t entirely enjoyable. It is often slightly uncomfortable. Remember, you are puncturing your skin and there’s nothing enjoyable about that. The amount of pain you feel depends on how hard you prick your skin during the microneedling procedure. During the process of microneedling, you will most certainly bleed. However, the intensity of the bleeding would depend on whether your style of treatment is heavy or light. It is advisable to avoid using harsh products on the skin a few hours after microneedling. 

At-home microneedling requires you to be careful and ensure that you don’t damage your skin. Keep your microneedling pen as safe as possible and make sure your skin tolerates the length of the needle being used. After every session, clean the needle and keep it in a safe place. Since you’re using the needles to prick your skin, there’s a high chance of getting it infected when not properly cleaned. 

In reality, not everyone can benefit from a microneedling procedure. People with bad acne are generally advised to avoid microneedling procedures. It could lead to harsh facial breakouts. People with very sensitive skin are also advised not to try microneedling. 

Should You Try Microneedling At Home or Pay Expert?  

The choice entirely depends on you and your budget. If you feel you can carry out the procedure without any issues, you don’t need to consider meeting an expert. Also, you may consider doing it yourself when you consider costs. Apart from getting the necessary materials for microneedling, you may not have to spend any money doing it yourself. 

However, having an expert helping you out would make it a lot easier and safer. You will most likely get better results if an expert is involved. At-home microneedling is Not Entirely Safe Most dermatologists do not recommend at-home microneedling. However, if you are certain that you can get the best results doing it yourself, you can go ahead. Although you must be very careful and make sure you have a good knowledge of what microneedling is all about.

You can carry out online research on what microneedling is all about, the most effective microneedling pens and needles, and how to successfully carry out a microneedling procedure. Always remember that microneedling is a procedure that you must carry out at regular intervals. It takes a lot of patience and time before you may start reaping the benefits. So, don’t stop because you are not seeing results yet. 


At-home microneedling procedures may not produce better results than getting it done by an expert. Notwithstanding, with the right microneedling pen, the right needle length, and the right skin, you will most likely do a smooth job yourself.