Compare Our Calgary Dedicated Server with Other Hosting Server

Dedicated Server Calgary
Dedicated Server Calgary

Every business person needs the best web hosting for business hosting. Are you one of them? Yes. There are a number of hosting options available for customers. Still, when it comes to best and cheap, it depends on your web host choice that offers groundbreaking services at an affordable price. But it is also necessary which type of business you are going to host. If you have a startup, then go for the small web hosting. With your growing business, either scale up your resources or choose the higher hosting to sustain your business presence. Compare the web hostings, their services, features, support, advantages to get an easy idea. 

In this guide, we will focus on why and when you should choose the cheap Dedicated Server Calgary for your business and how it is different from the shared server hosting. Also, which one is best for them. Therefore, go through once to know which web hosting is the perfect choice for hosting your online business. 

Why you Choose Dedicated Server if Shared Hosting is Best?

When a business person and site owner start their own online business, it looks for web hosting that cheaply offers useful resources. At initial, you need limited resources to start or build your business. Hence, when a cheap Shared Plan fulfills the startup business needs, why does someone go for the expensive plans.

Similarly, When a business person wants the highly upgraded resources to sustain the large-scale website performance and need robust hosting to handle the traffic spikes on the website, then a Dedicated Server Calgary is the best choice. It offers you a broad range of world-class services with complete root-level access over your server. Apart from that, it provides you the resources that enhance your website performance and speed. 

Therefore, Shared Server comes with a shared platform where users can share resources, offering less data security and best to host the small websites. In contrast, the Calgary Dedicated Server provides the complete dedicated platform and devoted resources allotted you completely and offers high security. Hence best for large websites. 

Compare Dedicated Server with Shared Hosting Server

Compare Dedicated Server with Shared Hosting Server
Compare Dedicated Server with Shared Hosting Server

Dedicated Server and Shared Server are the best web hosting type build for the same purposes but with different functionalities. Therefore, before choosing the one suitable hosting, make sure what’s your website requirements and what plan is best fit for it. Here we provide you the difference between both, so it is easy for you to differentiate easily. 

Sites hosted on the Server: 

With a Shared Server, a web host is responsible for your server maintenance, while in the case of a Calgary Dedicated Server, your site is hosted on a dedicated platform, and you get complete server access. 

Bandwidth and Disk Space: 

With Shared Hosting, you get limited Bandwidth and Disk Space for your website hosting. When you need more resources, then you need to pay extra costs to scale up your resources. When we talk about the Cheap Dedicated Server Calgary, it provides you unlimited bandwidth and high storage space with your entry-level plans. So you will not need more resources. 


It is the first factor that every business person considers before hosting or starting their own online business. Shared Server is comparatively cheap in price but offers you limited resources that are only suitable for startups. Simultaneously, the Dedicated Server Calgary Server is quite expensive but provides you the top notch resources with endless customer support. 

Required Technical Skills: 

With Shared Server Hosting, you didn’t need to have a strong knowledge of programming languages. Anyone can buy it for hosting their online business or for blogging websites. But for managing the dedicated server by yourself, you must have strong technical skills else you will be unable to manage and operate the dedicated hosting.


Security is every business person’s concern. With the Shared Server, you can share the resources with other websites and lower the security threats. Still, with the Dedicated Server, you get the wholly dedicated resources and standard security measures. It provides you the DDoS protection and Server Secure Security to keep your data protected against outside attacks. 

Server Performance:

Performance is the center of attraction for your users. If your website loads faster, more users visit your website, and you get higher user traffic. With a Shared Server, you get enough website performance. Still, with a Calgary Dedicated Server, you get the best hardware tools and secure network that results in the optimal website performance and 20X faster server speed. 

Level of Control:

Server control is necessary to operate and perform some operations on the server. With the Shared Server, you didn’t get the server control. In contrast, with the dedicated server, you get complete root-level control over your server. Hence best for website hosting. 


A Dedicated Server is the vast hosting platform that provides some space on rent for website hosting. It is the perfect option for business persons who want to host their large scale websites and look for long term business stability. Similar to its name, a Calgary Dedicated Server provides intense and dedicated resources for website hosting. Such far-reaching resources help to boost your website performance and server speed. 

With the Dedicated Server Calgary, you get the state of the art hosting services, including extensive bandwidth, high storage space, data security, backup plans, highest uptime, speedy server, and much more with complete root-level access. Also, you can easily customize your resources according to your website requirements.

As you have gone through this entire article, we have mentioned the dedicated server benefits, why it is best rather than other web hosting services, and why you need to choose the cheap dedicated server Calgary for your website hosting. 

You may now get the answers to all questions, hence helping decide why you should choose the dedicated server hosting for building your online business. 

Choose the best hosting plan now and sustain your online business presence with the Calgary Dedicated Server.