Best And Cheap Kitchen Wall Tiles

Best And Cheap Kitchen Wall Tiles
Best And Cheap Kitchen Wall Tiles


Cheap kitchen wall tiles are always an option for families when building projects. In addition to the cheap price, but in the standard price of paving bricks, in general, the quality still needs to be guaranteed. To help you make it easier to buy cheap kitchen wall tiles, the following article wants to share extremely valuable experiences.


Choose granite tiles or ceramic tiles. In the market for ceramic tiles in general and coatings in particular, there are two main types of bricks, mainly granite and ceramic tiles. Because of the differences in the two types of bricks also give different prices:

  • Granite tiles are characterized by having homogeneous brick bones, so they have great hardness and durability. It is generally best applied on walls subjected to strong external force, such as exterior (exterior) areas. This type of coating complies with the standards, aspects such as elasticity of the tile to better adapt to sudden changes in temperature, resistance to humidity must reach a high standard to overcome spillage. sweat when is
  • Ceramic tile is not a homogeneous brick and has a lower bearing capacity than granite tile. However, it is considered a cheap wall cladding line because it meets the criteria of scratch resistance, strength, water-resistance, and is mainly used for interior wall cladding. Ceramic tiles have a variety of designs and patterns on the ceramic surface to help them be used well in decoration beyond the protective ability of home walls. Also, you need to consider when choosing cheap wall tiles based on the type of brick, first of all, it is necessary to assess the need to use on the wall surface in any location and what type of brick should be prioritized. Therefore, the construction of your house only ensures quality and aesthetics, but your family’s budget is not well-capitalized.


The number of bricks you need to buy will depend on the surface to be applied and the size of the brick. In addition, square-shaped bricks such as 60 × 60, 30 × 30, 40 × 40 ceramic tiles are also widely used in the construction of wall coverings. However, mainly wall tile patterns will generally be produced in sizes like 30 × 60, 25 × 40. Tiled walls should be calculated to be the same size as the floor tiles.

harmony in the circuit lines. Choosing the size of tiles when paving the walls should pay attention to the starting points so that the number of cut bricks is the least. Because this ensures the aesthetics of the wall in general and also saves construction costs. Also, another note is that cheap wall tiles need to be calculated in terms of size when considering room space due to a wide area, wall covering will not be a problem, but with rooms. If it’s narrow, an unbalanced tile size will create a crampy feeling.

Above I just tell you what you need to know about choosing cheap kitchen wall tiles. I hope you have the necessary information to help you!

Best Durable Tiles For The Kitchen

Currently, people pay a lot of attention to kitchen decoration, because they want to bring new things, impress a cozy and cheerful space when the whole family eats. Apart from focusing on interior architecture, kitchen tables, kitchen cabinets, homeowners are also very interested in choosing tiles for the kitchen. One of the types of tiles used by many families is the tiles. If you also need to use tiles for the kitchen, keep the following in mind to ensure that you have a spacious, airy, clean, and safe kitchen space.

The first identifies the location of the tile spiers

Before entering the location to choose the tiles for the kitchen, you must determine the location where we will lay the tiles. You’ll be paving the kitchen floor, the wall tiles in the back of the kitchen, or between the upper and lower cabinets each location will have the appropriate tiles to ensure aesthetics and usage characteristics. use, in addition to providing security to users.

Choose tiles for your budget kitchen

Ceramic tiles products are very diverse and abundant, so their price in the tiles market is also very diverse based on their different characteristics, sizes, and colors. You can be sure that tiles will continue to guarantee absolute quality.

Choose tiles to suit your kitchen interior design

Kitchen tile floors can be easily changed according to taste, but we must choose tiles with good durability. Each type of tile will have a different lifespan, for example, do not use ceramic tiles to make your kitchen surface non-durable because they are easily scratched or broken. In case of choosing ceramic tiles, granite to make the kitchen surface more durable and safe. Therefore, when choosing tiles, we should pay attention to both the interior and the color of the wall paint, the color of the interior equipment inside the kitchen to ensure that we choose the type of tiles, the size of the tiles, the color of the tiles. harmony, there is a common connection.

Choose tiles with good load-bearing capacity

The kitchen is a frequently used area in the family, members often travel through this area. Therefore, you should choose to floor with high hardness, durability, and high load-bearing capacity. Additionally, tiles have a smooth, glossy enamel coating, making them easy to clean and clean. Regarding the patterned texture of the tiles, it is advisable to choose tiles with embossed patterns on the surface or to choose non-slip rough tiles to avoid slipping, which is not safe, especially for children and the elderly.

By applying the above criteria when choosing tiles for the kitchen, I believe that you and the members of your family will be truly satisfied and comfortable with a beautiful and clean kitchen space. safe. Don’t hesitate any longer, come to the showroom to order today. A big surprise awaits you.