Amethyst – Know About This Highly Demanding Gemstone

Amethyst – Know About This Highly Demanding Gemstone
Amethyst – Know About This Highly Demanding Gemstone

Amethyst is popular purple color quartz that has a vitreous shine and is loved by many. It stands for calmness and wisdom, and its shades range from light violet to intense deep purple, or a mix of violet and red. It is in great demand among jewelry lovers, even if it is not their birthstone.

Where are amethysts found?

Amethysts are mostly found in volcanic rocks. Although these can be found all over the world, the largest deposits are in Brazil and Uruguay.

Amethyst is always in demand.

Amethyst is everyone’s favorite gemstone for its lovely violet hue and excellent healing properties. In addition, it is popular for its close association with both the third eye and crown chakra.

Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians loved Amethyst for its intense powers. In addition, the Greeks believed that the grounding quality of the gemstone could protect them against intoxication.

Amethyst has so many shades and is considered the most beautiful crystal in the quartz family.

Physical healing properties

  • Amethyst is said to balance the metabolism and the hormones. It benefits the endocrine system. The purple color of the stone is displayed to keep the mind, body, and soul cleansed. You can go for a crystal of Amethyst if you struggle with migraines.
  • Amethysts help you if you are trying to quit drinking.
  • It strengthens the immune system and makes the body fit enough to fight the diseases.
  • It will reduce your stress and anxiety levels and provide the power to heal.

Emotional healing by Amethyst

  • Amethyst has the power that it will soothe and calm you. It will give you a sense of calm and clarity.
  • The gemstone can help you overcome grief, sadness, and fears.
  • It will help you understand the true meaning of spirituality.
  • It will also help you to manage your anger issues.
  • The gemstone works well in keeping the negativity away. In addition, it increases your concentration powers and gives a boost to your creativity and ideas.
  • Amethyst will help you make the right choices. At your downtimes, when you are confused in choosing a path for you, this gemstone will help you choose a way for yourself.

Metaphysical properties

  • Amethyst is a healing gemstone. As Amethyst works with the third eye chakra, it works on your intuition and sixth sense powers. Even the color symbolizing the third eye chakra is indigo which makes the association of this chakra with Amethyst more intense. With the awakening of the third eye, one can feel the flow of inner wisdom and imagination.
  • Amethyst will let you have a deeper connection with the cosmos. In addition, it will help you feel confident.
  • Amethyst is a powerful gemstone that will protect you from attacks and mishappenings. It will also keep you away from misfortunes.
  • The gemstone helps you keep away from black magic.

Amethyst in history

Amethysts have been used for making royal and religious jewelry for a long time. Crown jewels were made using this much-loved purple color gemstone. Its name comes from the Greek term “amethystos” which means ‘not drunken.’ According to the early Greek lore, wearing Amethyst prevented drunkenness because due to its color, the gemstone was associated with the god of wine, Bachus.

Zodiac Birthstone

Amethyst is associated with the love month of chilling winters, February. It is, therefore, the birthstone for Pisces. Amethyst is said to bring love and calm to the wearer through the welcome of spring.

Amethyst protects a sympathetic Piscean from falling into other people’s problems and keeps them spiritually grounded in their own journey.

How to use an Amethyst

Amethyst is a gemstone preferred for its soothing nature. Here are some ways in which you can get most of this gemstone.


Because of its association with love and calm, amethyst jewelry is considered an excellent choice for gifting purposes. Engagement rings with Amethyst are quite popular. You will also find a wide variety of amethyst studs, necklaces, pendants as these are quite a demand.

When Amethyst touches the skin, it gives healing energy through its vibrations.

Holding a crystal of amethyst close during meditation is said to open the third eye and the crown chakra. You can keep the crystal in your left hand to enhance its protective powers.

Combining Amethyst with other gemstones

Amethyst goes well with Tourmaline. The combination lets the wearer feel protective energy. If you are willing to work on your love relationships, consider combining Amethyst with Rose Quartz.

A combination of Citrine and Amethyst is said to make the wearer feel energetic all the time.

Amethyst for workspace

Keeping an amethyst at your workstation will benefit you immensely.

Firstly, it helps you focus and feel a sense of calm, increasing your concentration, and you will be inspired to do better.

When you place Amethyst in your home, it absorbs negativity’s strains and transforms them into positive energies. Placed in the bedroom, the crystal can help you have a good sleep and feel relaxed.

Cleaning Amethyst

You can clean Amethyst in soapy water. Make sure you keep it away from harsh cleaners. Steam cleaning is also not advised for Amethyst

Where to buy authentic amethyst jewelry

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