A Complete Guide to Explore Multiple MSG Files in Windows 10

Explore multiple MSG files in Windows 10

In this write-up, we are going to show you two reliable methods to explore multiple MSG files in Windows 10. Many users have MSG files but they are having trouble accessing them because of many problems.

Here you will learn about the problems that users face to read multiple MSG files on Windows. Then we are going to provide you with a manual and an automated solution, so let’s start this article without wasting more time.

What Problems Stop Users to Explore Multiple MSG Files in Windows 10

In this section, you are going to learn about those problems that prevent users to read multiple MSG files on Windows. Learning about them will help you in future so you can easily recognise and stop them from happening.

  • Windows 10 does not have a default application associated with MSG files. Users need an email client to open and read these files. If no such program is installed, users face difficulties in exploring MSG files.
  • If MSG files are corrupted, they do not open properly. This can happen due to various reasons, such as storage issues, file transfer errors, or malware.
  • Windows 10 does not come with a built-in MSG  file viewer. Users need to install an email client that supports MSG file format to open and explore these files.
  • Security settings on the computer can stop you to open MSG files. Ensure that email client settings are not blocking access to these files.
  • If the file associations for MSG files are not configured correctly, Windows may not know how to open them. Users should check and set the default program for opening MSG files.

Now you know what problems can stop you from reading multiple MSG files on Windows, now we can move to our main topic to explore multiple MSG files in Windows 10.

How to Explore Multiple MSG Files in Windows 10 Manually?

There are only a few methods to explore multiple MSG files in Windows 10 because of its encryption without the Outlook application your MSG might be useless. But still, we are going to show you how you can access MSG files manually.

  • Select the email and change the MSG file extension  MSG to HTML by right-clicking on the MSG file
  • After that click on the “Save As” and select the format HTML.
  • then, use your preferred browser to open the HTML page.
  • Now you can read the MSG file.

This provided method is the easiest manual method to explore multiple MSG files in Windows 10. But it has many limitations that make all your efforts useless. soon you will learn about those limitations in detail.

Limitations of Manual Method

There are many limitations to manual methods and it’s a bit lengthy when it comes to handling MSG files in a large number. In this part, you will see what limitations you will face with the manual method.

  • Windows 10 doesn’t provide a built-in feature for bulk preview MSG files. Users need to open each MSG file one by one, which is time-consuming, especially when dealing with a large number of files.
  • Manually exploring lacks search capabilities. Users cannot find specific content within MSG files, making it difficult to find information in a timely manner.
  • Windows 10’s File Explorer has limited options for sorting and filtering MSG files. Users will struggle to manage large sets of MSG files based on date, sender, or subject.
  • If users rely on the default email client for opening MSG files, they might face issues. Different email clients have different levels of support for MSG files, and some may not handle them properly.
  • Windows File Explorer does not provide built-in support for viewing MSG file metadata. This can be a limitation when users need to access additional information associated with MSG files.

After using the provided manual method if you are still not able to explore multiple MSG files in Windows 10 properly. We have another solution you can try it is a professional application with a lot of features.

How to Explore Multiple MSG Files in Windows 10 Professionally?

You can use the MSG Viewer Tool designed by ForensicsWare with this tool you can easily view Outlook MSG files without depending on any email client or software. Let’s have a look at its user-friendly interface.

  • Download the application and open it
  • Locate your MBOX files manually or use the auto-search function
  • Load the files and view the files with eight preview modes
  • Choose a horizontal or vertical view to read your MBOX files

With only a few steps you can explore multiple MSG files in Windows 10 with ease and this application also provides you with a lot of beneficial features that you are going to learn about in the next paragraph so let’s go.

Beneficial Features of the Professional Application

  • You can easily browse and view .msg files, including their attachments, with success.
  • This capability allows for performing an in-depth analysis of email messages in Outlook.
  • To thoroughly investigate MSG files, users can take advantage of multiple preview modes.
  • It is possible to browse .msg files efficiently even if you don’t have Outlook or Exchange Server installed.
  • If you are facing problems to Search MSG files you can read this blog to find your answers
  • There is no limitation on the file size to read MSG files for forensic analysis.

Last Words 

In this write-up, we have provided all the important information you need to read MSG files and shown how to explore multiple MSG files in Windows 10. You can choose any provided method to read MSG files according to your needs.