8 Dos and Don’ts for Your Greece Vacation

8 Dos and Don’ts for your Greece Vacation
8 Dos and Don’ts for your Greece Vacation

Planning your Greece trip? Here are the 8 Do’s and Don’ts to remember while on your trip to have a hassle-free time on your vacation!

8 Dos and Don’ts for your Greece Vacation

Traveling to Greece, the country with the most enchanting boulevards with marvellous architecture and island shores, will be filled with experiences that flatter every second you spend there. As vaccinations are already rolling out, Greece is slowly recovering from the pandemic and opening its doors to embrace tourists from many countries.  

Visiting Greece is more than sightseeing, as you will be bringing back a part of its culture along with you. Apart from following strict travel protocols and regulations against covid-19, there are also Dos and Don’ts which you need to remember. The following points not only stops you from making accidental mistakes but also make your time in Greece memorable by making you a part of the Greeks.

Do accept if you get invited 

In Greece, people are friendlier than you expect. Brace yourself, because it’s quite normal if a sudden conversation with a stranger in a restaurant leads you to get invited to have dinner in their home. Instead of finding it strange, accept it and use the opportunity to make friends and enjoy the local home-cooked foods.

Don’t forget to get gifts

Don’t forget to get some gifts such as wines, flowers, fruits, cakes, etc while you are planning to visit the host family who invites you to visit their home. It is an etiquette, strongly expected from you.

Do take it slow

Greece has far more sightings to see and food and cultural experiences to offer. Plan everything for days you spend and try to stroll through the streets of Santorini, travel through time through the dramatic view from Acropolis, and dive into the historical arena of Delphi at the same time by spending a few more days.

Don’t show your palm to Greeks

Sounds strange? That’s why it’s a don’t. In Greece, showing your palm is disrespectful and offensive. It’s considered as vulgar as showing your middle finger. So be respectful and mindful with your actions. 

Don’t worry about language accessibility

In general, if you know English it is easy to communicate with the locals as almost all Greeks can speak English, as it’s a part of their education. Even while in metros, getting tickets or rechargeable E-cards will be easier as they are available in English, French, and Russian too.

Do carry your driver’s licence

If you are planning to rent cars in Greece make sure to carry your license. For people visiting from Europe, it’s enough to hold onto their driver’s license. Whereas people from other countries are expected to carry their international drivers’ license.

Do follow Clothing Etiquettes

Female visitors are expected to be conservative with the clothes they wear. In Greece, monasteries and cathedrals are quite orthodox and don’t appreciate clothes that reveal legs and shoulders. Save those crop tops, trousers, and dresses while visiting museums, other monuments, and beaches.

Don’t opt for an Off-Season visit

Many sites and hotels are closed during the off-season, making it less accessible for you to enjoy the most popular destinations such as Mykonos and Santorini.

It is time to pack our bags to visit the home of Greek gods. Make sure to go through the best Greece tour packages that suit your comfort at Pickyourtrail to enjoy the vacation which will break the longest break you gave for traveling.