8 Must Visit Cities in Europe For a Perfect Europe Trip

Holidaying in Europe can never go wrong! Amidst this pandemic and chaos, don’t we all deserve a serene vacation? If Yes, then here’s a package of beautiful European countries for you to plan your next trip.

How to visit Europe from India?

Flights– There are flights from New Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai and Kolkata airports that connect many cities in Europe such as Amsterdam, Vienna, Zurich, Madrid, Paris and Dublin.

After you land in Europe– Want to experience the most of your European vacation? You can customize your travel comfort according to your wish. If you want to travel by train, there are a number of places that you could visit.

On Road– You can also go on a long journey throughout Europe by road that connects some of the significant countries like France, Germany, Italy and London.

The typical European Holiday package consists of the below 8 must visit cities:-

  • France
  • Austria
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Netherlands
  • Czech Republic
  • Greece
  • Switzerland

1. Paris, France

Credits- Sarasophie

Apart from The Eiffel Tower, The Louvre museum is also a must visit place in Paris which takes you on a tour of unbelievable masterpieces of various artists around the world. So, next time when you visit Paris, don’t forget to check this glossy place off your list.

  • General Trivia- The city of Love – Paris was originally a roman city called “Lutetia”
  • Common weather – 8 degree celsius to 25 degree celsius 
  • Famous food – Croissants and French Macaroons

2. Vienna, Austria

Credits- Helene Sula

This beautiful city called Vienna in Austria is full of charm and vibrance. You can spend your whole day in Vienna strolling down the streets and looking at the breathtaking views of the cathedrals that are centuries old. On the contrary, Hallstatt is a beautiful village that overlooks Lake Hallstatt in the Salzkammergut region. 

  • General Trivia- Vienna is described as Europe’s cultural capital
  • Common weather- 10 to 22 degrees celsius in summer and -4 degrees celsius in winter
  • Famous food- Tafelspitz, The Wiener Schnitzel

3. Rome, Italy


Another must visit city in your European vacation will be Rome. The colosseum brings such authenticity to the country and also one of the biggest tourist spots in Italy. And also you cannot miss out on The leaning tower of Pisa, which broughy international laurels for the Roman architecture.

  • General trivia- you can travel to the world’s smallest country in Rome which is Vatican city.
  • Weather – 1 degree to 17 degrees celsius
  • Famous food- Tiramisu. Mushroom risotto, pasta and pizza

4. Barcelona, Spain

Credits- reddit

Spain is one of the most aesthetic countries in Europe. If you’re travelling in summer, beware of the hot climate which may become unpredictable. If you are a soccer lover, then you cannot miss out on Barcelona’s exceptional soccer championships and culture rich museums. 

  • General trivia- Barcelona’s  history stretches over 2000 years.
  • Weather- 14 to 19 degrees celsius
  • Famous food – Tortilla, Churros, Paella

5. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Credits- Werk Aan De Mur

Amsterdam is such a liberal city in the Netherlands. As the dazzling beauty of freshly bloomed tulips welcome, you can travel in plenty of canals and visit beautiful houses and themed coffee shops in and around the city.The best time to visit is December so you can also celebrate their double christmas with them.

You can walk around and visit 

  • The Canal Belt
  • Stedelijk Museum
  • Vondelpark Park
  • Rijksmuseum Museum
  • General Trivia- Love land festival, Culinary festivals, Expo and fairs are common in Amsterdam
  • Weather- 2 to 21 degrees celsius
  • Famous Food- Stroopwafel, Dutch pancakes 

6. Prague, Czech Republic

Credits- saltinourhair

Prague in Czech republic is famous for it’s mighty castles, Gothic cathedrals, Baroque, medieval squares and stunning  bridges. To add more fun to your European holiday, you can also go to a Beer Spa in Prague! Slowly travel to the south and learn pottery from the natives of Prague.  

Learn more about the strange astronomical clock tower in the centre of the city. 

  • General trivia- Prague castle is the largest castle in the world!\
  • Weather- -3 to 25 degrees celsius
  • Famous food- Chimney cake, dutch pancakes

7. Santorini, Greece

Credits- puzzlesplash

If you are a water-person, Santorini is one of the most beautiful islands in Greece where you can relax with Greek cheese and bread with a fresh cup of juice. The perfectly pretty blue domes provide the perfect stay in Santorini. Though it is a very small island, they have many churches and amenities and make our stay an unforgettable one. 

  • General Trivia- there is a place called Mykonos, which is very similar to Santorini.
  • Weather- 2 to 20 degrees celsius 
  • Famous food – Taramasalata, olives, Moussaka

8. Zurich, Switzerland

Credits- walk on the alps

Hands down, the most beautiful country in Europe. Swiss is a perfect destination for you to relax indefinitely. The majestic view of the Alps, clear waters and skies, cute little wooden cottages and furry animals grazing the grass will altogether be a cherry on the cake. You can also take the longest cable car in europe. Niesenbahn- A scenic 30 minute ride.

And do not forget to stuff your bags with authentic Swiss chocolates and watches.

  • General Trivia- You can test your stamina by climbing the world’s longest stairway with 11,674 steps alongside the Niesen mountain railway.
  • Weather – -4 to 23 degrees celsius 
  • Famous food- Cheese fondue, Älplermagronen, Raclette

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