8 Best Video Editing Tips for Beginners

Video Editing Tips for Beginners
Video Editing Tips for Beginners

Video marketing is in a stage where it has reached its peak in terms of digital marketing. Be it brand image improvement or product or service awareness, video marketing has broken the justified rules earlier in the digital world. With the maximum number of people watching videos every day through different platforms, taking video editing as a profession is an immaculate decision.

With numerous online video editor software available, where one must start is always an intriguing question. The beginners may find it especially challenging. But this article is solely created to assist the beginners in offering them delectable tips while editing the videos

Top Video Editing Tips for Beginners

As a beginner, these tips will help you get clarity on where to start and how to proceed further. 

1. Select the Right Tool

With many video editing tools available in the market, selecting the right one is the first step you must take. Most of these video editors are incredible, less expensive, free, intense, and have diverse features too.

But the point is, you must select the one that is suitable for your video editing style. It is highly recommended to select the software after using 2 to 3 of them.

You may find a lot of free video editing tools. Select 2 or 3 of them. Please go through the tutorials and learn from them. Attempt to create videos as suggested in the tutorials. Then select the one that suits your style.

Having said this, the best software for beginners. If you plan to learn the tricks and shortcuts to create engaging videos, this must be your choice. You can create engaging video content in less than 10 minutes. The web-based platform can be used in any OS as well. With 4000+ templates available, this will be your one-stop solution for software needs.

2. Faster Computer

We do not endorse any computer brands. All we want to say is, use a system that has large storage space and decent RAM. It will help in the quick rendering of the videos. Also, selecting the images stored in the local drive can quickly come up while a system with Low RAM may not do so. The idea is to access your files faster and get the output at a relatively faster pace. 

3. Learn from the Tutorials

We are reiterating the same. The software that you select will have its video tutorials available on YouTube or even on their website. Could you go through it and learn from them? Experts suggest using the same video template and video content created by the tutor. It will help you map the output and compare your performance. Learn the tips and tricks offered in the video. Get hands-on experience and check for the software if it suits your style. 

4. Use rule 3 – 2 – 1

Use this rule called 3 | 2 | 1. It is a pretty simple task-oriented rule that allows you to make different videos on the same content as you get the project files online for creating one video. Create three of those. Compare the output of all three and select the best one as your masterpiece. Further, as you do this, save these three files in different locations even if the system crashes. You have this file stored, and you can retrieve them. 

5. Create a Theme

The most significant part of the video is the theme or the core idea of the video. Without this, you cannot go anywhere in creating the video. Firstly, think and ask yourself this question “What is the message you are planning to convey?”

It will open the doors of the idea tank. Create a message and attempt to show it visually. It is highly recommended to work on a story or an idea. The video will be of no use if you imbibe effects and features without any solid theme. 

6. Create a Streamlined Workflow

Video editing is a task that requires you to be organized. Keep the files in appropriate folders. Keep locations for saving the output as well as the videos that are in midway. As a video editor, the last thing you need is confusion. Tap your creativity by organizing your workflow appropriately. 

7. Shortcuts

It would help if you learned the Keyboard shortcuts. It will not only be handy in creating the video quickly but also makes your work easier. Not all the time, the features in the video editing software can help you as fast as the keyboard shortcuts do. There is software available where you can customize the keyboard shortcuts too. 

8. Music in Sync with the Video

It is one of the mistakes made by the video editors. As you create the video, select the soundtrack that suits the visuals. You cannot have a hard rock playing at the back while the video is all about meditation. Choose them wisely.

Quick Tips to Create Delectable Videos

As a beginner, you must also know how to record videos to edit them further. It will enhance you as a professional too. 

  • Use a Smartphone: You certainly need not spend on expensive cameras. Your smartphone can do wonders. There are phones available with exceptional video and audio quality; use them. Of course, shaky videos will take time to edit. To avoid that, use a tripod. It is cheaper than any of the cameras.
  • Choose a Calm Place: The mic on the phone can detect unwanted noise. You can prevent them by shooting the video in a calm place. 
  • Simple Message: This must be the pivot of an idea. Keep the message very simple for the audience to understand. Further, enhancing the simple message is an art and is widely accepted by the audience too.
  • Plain Background: It is good to keep a simple plain background to avoid distraction. As you create video content, the audience focus must be on the message. Keep that in mind while creating videos.


So, these are the tips that every beginner and also expert should follow when it comes to editing a video. Otherwise, making them engaging for the audience will not be possible.