Best Outdoor Activities to Lose Weight

Best Outdoor Activities to Lose Weight
Best Outdoor Activities to Lose Weight

Plenty of outdoor activities not only help you get active and lose weight but also enable you to absorb the necessary vitamin D and enjoy the fresh air while basking in the warm sun. We get so much more positive energy from engaging in outdoor activities than being closed in a dark, stuffy room. Also, our body and mind will appreciate switching up the exercise routine. Recent research has shown that doing exercises outdoors increases motivation as well as calorie burn. Moreover, it also boosts fat loss and makes you feel better mentally. There are different outdoor activities that are perfect for losing weight, and they don’t even have to feel too hard to do when you perform them outside. Depending on your preferences, you can opt for activities such as hiking, cycling, swimming, rowing, or kayaking. Activities such as climbing, beach volleyball, tennis and jumping rope are also good for burning calories. Some of these activities are individual, while some require a partner; some can only be done during the spring and summer months, whereas others can be done throughout the whole year. Take a look at some outdoor activities that aren’t running but burn calories. 

1. Hiking

An hour-long session of hiking can burn about 500 calories – that is if you hike on flat terrain. And if you take up hiking on a rough uphill and downhill terrain, you can burn even more fat. According to recent studies, hiking has been linked to decreased negative feelings such as tension, depression and anger. Hiking is a great low-intensity activity that is able to boost our energy levels. To keep your glutes and calories burning, you should aim for heading high as altitude has been shown to promote weight loss. On the other hand, moving downward is beneficial for decreasing sugar levels in the blood as well as improving glucose intolerance.

2. Cycling


Another low-impact activity that is not too harsh on your joints and is quite effective in fat loss is cycling. Cycling is not only more eco-friendly than driving a car, but it is also good for keeping your body toned and in shape as it uses the majority of your muscles to do the activity. Moreover, cycling is best known for reducing stress and risk of many diseases, while at the same time promoting mental and physical fitness. Cycling increases heart rate and in that way, it burns fat. It’s also good as you can do it together with your friend, family member, or a partner – all you need is to find a perfect route, get mountain bicycles and head out. Cycling for one hour burns up to 500 calories, depending on the type of terrain. 

3. Swimming

Swimming is a top cardio activity to lose weight. It helps in improving your muscle tone as it involves a lot of effort against water. It has muscle building and fat burning for the result. Light swimming can burn up to 400 calories, while vigorous swimming burns up to 600 calories. Many people like indulging in the cold water swimming in some hidden lakes or rivers in forests or mountains. This kind of swimming reduces both blood pressure and body fat. Studies have shown that this outdoor activity prevents summer and winter colds. Research some of the wild swimming spots in your area and try it – you might like it!

4. Rowing 

Rowing is an activity that can be taken up both indoors and outdoors. Outdoor rowing is a real fat burner – it burns up to 1000 calories per hour of rowing. Quite impressive, right? Due to the upright sitting position, you build a strong core. The best part of rowing is the fact that you can reap all the benefits of rowing, such as calorie and fat burn, in just half an hour. So, if you lack time, rowing is a great activity for you. As a low-impact activity, it can double your pain threshold as well as strengthen your muscles. Other alternatives to rowing are kayaking or canoeing, which are more portable options. Remember that you do need to master the technique of rowing.

5. Climbing

For some serious full-body blasting, climbing is surely one of the best things you can do. You can do it indoors on a rock-climbing wall or outdoors by climbing on real rock. Climbing even up a tree engages all your body muscles. You need to be pulling, pushing, lifting, and performing all other kinds of activities. Climbing is a complex activity that requires good orientation, muscle coordination, and balance, and as such it improves brain and memory power. Climbing has also been found to be a perfect cure for depression. Climbing for about an hour can burn up to 500 calories.

6. Beach volleyball

If you love the beach, then beach volleyball is the perfect activity for you. Beach volleyball can make your beach experience a lot healthier. It’s a full-body workout, burning quite a few calories, up to 600 an hour. It burns more calories than regular volleyball, as it’s played on sand, which is an unstable surface. Consequently, the sand will challenge your muscles and improve your coordination by trying to maintain a good ball flow throughout your game. Moreover, it is an incredible cardio workout that increases your heart rate. It keeps you fit all season long.

7. Tennis


Tennis is a popular sport nowadays as it is fun and it makes you strong and fit. It also brings about plenty of advantages for your bone health. The arm you hit the ball with along with your lumbar spine and legs are predicted to increase in bone mineral density and content, being a great base for strong bones, not prone to breaking so easily. Some studies have also found that 3 hours of playing tennis vigorously can decrease chances of getting psoriasis by 25-30%. However, keep in mind that you shouldn’t be grunting as it affects your response time and accuracy negatively. Also, it ruins the game.

8. Jump rope

If you’re feeling a little lazy to leave the house and you want to burn some calories, we have just the activity for you – rope jumping. Jump rope is perfect for a cardio workout, it provides definition and it is known to target the abs. Even though it might seem simple, it is a very effective activity. It strengthens the back and shoulders and gives definition to your calves and thighs. It burns around 700 calories per hour – fascinating, huh?

Try to spice up your workout routine with some of these fun and engaging activities – bring along a friend to make it even more amusing.