7 Amazing Ideas to Increase Engagement for Your YouTube Videos

7 Amazing Ideas to Increase Engagement for Your YouTube Videos

YouTube leads when it comes to video marketing. For an individual, it provides a platform which you can use to build a successful career. For a brand, it provides an opportunity to promote their business to more audiences in an innovative manner as video resonates more with customers worldwide. Thus, it has the potential to engage more effectively with the audience.

But to ensure that your YouTube channel is a success, and your engagement rate high and followers souring, you need more than just authentic content. It requires more effort so that you can hold the engagement of your audience, leading to an increased traffic rate.

There are simple tips which work perfectly to engage more audience through YouTube videos.

1. Make sure to treat your YouTube as a dinner party

When you host a dinner party, you take extremely good care of your guests. You know their dislikes and likes; you know what they are expecting, and above all, you take time to converse with them. Treating your YouTube channel as a dinner party means the same. It implies that you work hard to create a community where you can start a conversation with the audience. So, whenever they comment, reply to them and engage them.

Does it also imply knowing what the audience expects to see on your channel? What problems are they looking to find answers to and more? Yes, it does. If you don’t treat your channel like this, it would be a charade which is there to make your brand look good, but doesn’t fulfill any purpose.

2. Outro in your video is important

YouTube outro video is the end sequence of the video, which defines clear CTA for your viewers. It asks them to subscribe, to follow your social media channels, or to check out other videos from your channel. When you have clear directions for users, it aids a business in getting more engagement. Also, the outro helps create creative videos for better effects.

Creating outro is pretty simple with the help of Canva outro-making features. It even has templates that you can customize to save time.

3. Video thumbnail matters

The thumbnail of your YouTube video is probably the most determining factor that can encourage a user to click on your video. If the thumbnail is not appealing or compelling, people won’t click on the link. It is the first impression of your video along with your title, so you need it to be strong and relevant to the content.

The thumbnail also cannot lie or mislead the customers about the video. If the content of the video is different from the thumbnail, it can lead to distrust, and the viewer can even unsubscribe.

Also, keep a few things in mind while creating the thumbnail like:

  • Add text if using compelling images is not an option
  • Use a face of a person who is in the video or the main object of the video, like cupcakes for a tutorial to grab the most eyes
  • Make sure the tool you use is perfect. A simple yet accomplishing tool is Canva, which helps you design the best and most relevant thumbnail for your video.

4. Have consistency

The best way to create a community of engaged subscribers is to be consistent with your content. Let your content be different, but not your schedule, having consistency ensures that your viewers wait for your content. Consistency should be present in your:

  • Schedule: Maybe pick a day or two in a week to share the video so that people look forward to it
  • Content: You can post a variety of content in your niche. But if you make videos on fashion, a sudden video about games will not get great results.
  • Promotion: Consistency is also required while promoting your video. Where you promote and how you promote certainly helps get more audience and engagement.

5. Use trending content for your videos

Using trending content for your video is a great idea to ensure you get brand awareness. That is imperative if you want your audience to find you and see your video and follow you. Trends are something you cannot ignore, though you cannot follow them blindly even. 

A trend will work for you only when it is something that your audience likes, appreciate, and wants to see. For instance, there is a trend of ‘expert react’ in which people call experts to review a famous movie or TV series or a scene. Or there is a trend ‘reacting to videos or movies of foreign language’ which is pretty famous too.

But not all these trends are fit for your audience. Find the one which suits them and use it to your advantage.

6. Include featured channel

Another way to grow engagement rates is to collaborate with other popular content creators. There are two ways to do this. First, you both talk about each other’s channels in your video and leave a link for their channel in your description box. It provides you with both a chance to expose your channel to new customers.

The second way is via the featured channel. To do this:

  • Click Modules > Other channels > Save changes 
  • Add a channel or channels and save.

It is a great way to get more audience and engagement for your video. Just be sure to add channels who are from your niche and your audience would enjoy.

7.  Engage

  • When you engage with your audience via comments, you get a better response on your channel. So,
  • Go through your comments and ask questions about what they like in the video and why?
  • Answer their queries or start a conversation with them through the comment that they made.
  • A lot of small-time YouTubers comment on other people’s channels to grow subscribers. Embrace them and support them if you want to support as well.
  • A trend is going on where YouTubers ask for video replies from the audience when they ask, ‘what videos they would like to see in the future?’ Also,  they ask them to create the video by opening it with the name of their brand for creating more awareness and engagement.

YouTube is here to stay as it is the second largest search engine besides Google. Any given day, a person spends more than three hours on YouTube. If you work on creating effective videos and get higher engagement, it can help a business with leads and conversions. So, gear up and create an innovative video to get more engagement using these modest tips.