10 Style Tips Every Woman Should Know

10 Style Tips Every Woman Should Know
10 Style Tips Every Woman Should Know

It’s not easy to keep up with the latest fashion trends and to wear figure-flattering clothes at the same time. However, even though fashion trends sometimes change slightly and sometimes drastically, there are some style tips that never go out of style. Looking fashionable and chic is a skill, believe it or not. For some women, it’s natural and easy with their sense of style, while for others it’s quite hard to visualize what would look good on them and what pieces of clothing would go well together. In order to look fabulous every time you step out of the house, there are some useful style tips to have in mind. It’s not all about the choice of clothes – there are also some other important aspects that you perhaps didn’t think of. For example, it’s hard to imagine that you can dress fashionably if your closet is in total disarray and you can’t even see what you own. This makes it difficult for you to visualize some outfits. So, start by organizing it and getting rid of things that don’t fit or that you don’t wear. You should also be aware of your body type and the clothes that fit you. For more tips on this topic, read about some genius fashion ideas to upgrade your casual style.

1. Organize your closet

To follow style tips, start by organizing and editing your closet. Go through the clothes you own and make a selection. Get rid of everything that doesn’t fit, that you don’t like or that you haven’t worn for a season. You can donate or sell such clothes. Decluttering the closet will help you see more easily the things you have and it will help you visualize some outfits that you otherwise couldn’t. You should carefully organize the remaining clothes. Hang some of them and categorize them according to the type and colour. Fold the rest of them – put them in categories as well. For organizing shoes, investing in a shoe rack would be a great idea.

2. Know your body type

In order to follow the best style tips, you should know your body type and purchase the right type of clothing for you. The basic body types include rectangle, apple, pear and hourglass and each body type requires different types of clothes for the right fit. You should first consider your body type and then look online for some information about the perfect clothes. And then, next time you go shopping, have this in mind and buy clothes according to your body type. You’ll see, it’ll do wonders for your overall appearance.

3.   Wear accessories: jewelry, bags, scarves

Even though accessories such as jewelry pieces, bags, and scarves don’t seem so important when it comes to our overall appearance, they are indeed essential. They add that final touch of elegance – like a cherry on top. Of course, if it’s well-coordinated. Outfits that are complemented with jewelry tend to look so much better if done in the right way. So, make sure that you do get some stunning jewelry pieces and organize them so you can easily see what you own. Earrings and necklaces can be easily used as statement pieces. Today it’s modern to wear a few small earrings on each ear, in different places. If you still don’t have an earring hole, it’s time to pierce your ears at professional studios such as Blomdahl. When it comes to bags, we should coordinate them with our outfits as well as use scarves as ultimate outfit upgrades.

4. Find a good tailor

Having a good tailor is key as not all clothes that we buy fit perfectly. A good tailor can make some alternations to your clothes and this can in turn completely change the looks of the clothes on you. It’s definitely more stylish to wear clothes that are a perfect fit.

5. Wear clothes suitable for your skin type

Many people are not aware of this, but skin type does play an important role when it comes to clothes choice. This is the reason why some colours look great on you and why some simply don’t. You should fill your closet with colours that are flattering for your skin tone. For example, colours that look good on cool complexion are white, grey, silver, black and blue. On the other hand, colours such as olive, brown, gold, yellow and red work well with warm skin tone.

6.Have a few classics at hand

Classics simply never go out of style and you can never go wrong with them. You should always have in your closet a few classic pieces of clothing. These include denim clothes, a black leather jacket, a trench coat, a black pencil skirt, and blazer as well as a white fitted shirt.

7. Choose colours carefully

Even though black is one of the most popular colours when it comes to clothes, due to its slimming effects, you shouldn’t limit yourself in wearing it. Don’t be afraid to experiment with other colours as well. Add a pop of colour with some hot pink or bold yellow – it will be something else. Embrace clothing pieces in brighter shades, it will open you up. Start with small items such as the belt or a bag.

8. Learn to layer

Layering has the power to transform any simple outfit into an amazing one. How come? Well, you add texture, depth and dimension to your appearance with the right layers. Even though it’s a difficult skill to master, it’s worth learning. You can find inspiration online and try imitating it for starters until you get confident. You’ll see, when you have some experience in it, the ideas will just keep popping! The results of layering can be pretty playful and eye-catching.

9. Get some comfy and basic colour shoes

Comfy shoes are a must – there’s simply no point in wearing pretty but uncomfortable shoes. So, pay attention when you buy them, make sure that they are comfortable, that they are stylish and that they fit perfectly. It’s also good to get shoes in a few basic colours, which you can combine with all kinds of outfits. Placing them on a shoe rack will enable you to assess your shoe choices better. Shoes can be a great addition to an otherwise plain outfit. They must be coordinated both with the clothes and the bag. Always try to imagine the whole look.

10. Have in mind rules for showing skin

As you already probably know, there are some rules when it comes to showing skin. We need to be careful about this and learn to show just the right amount of skin. In another case, the whole outfit loses its point. The essential tip to keep in mind is that you should always show just one part of your skin. For example, to show off your legs, opt for a long-sleeve high-neck mini dress. And if you want to show your cleavage, then wear a dress that covers your legs. And whenever you’re in doubt, go for less, not more. Too much skin can look trashy.

Being fashionable and looking fabulous in all outfits is a skill that we can all learn with these few simple tips and tricks.