10 Genius Fashion Ideas to Upgrade Your Casual Style

10 Genius Fashion Ideas to Upgrade Your Casual Style
10 Genius Fashion Ideas to Upgrade Your Casual Style

Being fashionable and stylish and not spending a fortune on your new wardrobe is actually possible! Although there might be some new pieces of clothes, you will definitely need to buy in order to freshen up your style. You can still upgrade it with existing one piece of clothes. Here are also some really effective methods you can use in order to get a stylish casual look and become a chick street style star. 

#1: Make Sure to Know What Pieces You Have in Your Wardrobe

The very first thing to know when it comes to upgrading the style is what pieces of clothes you actually have in your wardrobe. This is essential to know for two reasons. First, you have to know what you have at your disposal when it comes to clothes. Second, knowing what you have in your closet will help you combine pieces of clothes you already possess much better. 

For that reason, another essential step you should undertake is to declutter your closet and decide what things to keep, give away to your family or friends, what pieces you will donate to some charity such as Dress for Success, for example. This charity is dedicated to empowering young professionals in need for quality clothes and this type of support. And if you want to make an even greater impact and show some environmental consciousness, then finding a textile recycling center will definitely help you fulfilling this aim. The basic rule on decluttering is to get rid of everything that doesn’t suit you anymore, you don’t feel comfortable wearing it, or you haven’t worn it in the last one year. This way you will know what pieces of clothes you can count on, and what new pieces you should buy, so don’t miss this step. 

#2: Invest in Pieces You Already Have in Closet

Since we lost this useful habit of fixing our things when they get damaged, millions of items finish in recycle. Not only that this is against any sustainability and welfare environment, but it also negatively affects our budgets. Instead of compulsive shopping and throwing the clothes, make sure to explore your local area and all the small shops that do the restorations, whether it is about your clothes, shoes, or purses. This way, you will prolong the life of your valuable belongings. In some cases, some of our items only need in-depth cleaning. 

#3: Always Go for Classics and Choose Quality Materials 

The best thing when it comes to casual clothes is its simplicity. So, if you want to highlight it even more, then always choose classic pieces like a white shirt, white T-shirt, or little black dress, because these are pieces that go well both with sneakers and high heels. Quality materials will make you feel more comfortable wearing your clothes, but they will also make your clothing look more classy and expensive. So if you want to attain this effect, you should definitely pay attention to the material composition of every piece and choose pieces that will never go out of style. 

#4: Combine Incompatible! 

Whether it comes to colors, clothes, or accessories, combining pieces that seem incompatible at first sight is one of the best possible ways to upgrade your casual style. Wearing a graphic T-Shirt with jeans will get a whole new dimension if you pair it with a vintage plaid blazer and trendy sneakers. Wearing casual clothes is like having a plain canvas and painting it, so don’t hesitate to be daring and create your own style. 

#5: Vintage and Second Hand Shops Can Help You Get Some Really Cheap and Branded Pieces 

Whenever you want to upgrade your casual style to the next level, but dont want to spend a real fortune, then vintage and second-hand shops can reveal you a real treasure at very affordable prices. Here you can find some of the top quality and world-famous brands that in some cases have even the etiquette on them, which means those pieces haven’t been worn and are actually new. 

#6: Jewelry Is Always the Best Solution for Upgrading Any Style

Jewelry has this magic impact that makes every, even the simplest style, unique. So, whenever you want to upgrade your casual outfit and be noticeable, don’t forget to pair it with some piece of jewelry. It can be simple button-like earrings, bijouterie, or gemstones, or even timeless pearls. Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong. The only thing to take care of when it comes to jewelry is to get it shiny and polished because this is crucial for maintaining its quality. You can do it all by yourself, using ultra sonic cleaner that provides keeping your jewelry in perfect condition with a bit of effort.

#7: Trendy Sunglasses Elevate Every Style to the Next Level  

Again, you can wear the simplest white t-shirt and jeans, and the moment you put on the sunglasses, the whole image becomes different. This is one of the most effective accessories everyone should have. The only thing to take care of is to choose the right pair of sunglasses according to your face shape, and you’ll be looking spotless. 

#8: Long Dresses Can Be Also Casual and Trendy

Hot summer days usually require appropriate clothing, so high temperatures are always a good idea to choose a one-and-done outfit. Boho-style dresses, oversized or cotton dresses with different patterns are the best choices to look casual and classy at the same time. Furthermore, you can always upgrade your style when wearing a dress by pairing it with belts, accessories, or some interesting shoe wear.  

#9: Bags Are Another Element that Can Upgrade Your Casual Style 

Another golden rule on combine incompatible can easily apply to bags. Mini woven handbag for a night out, paired with jeans and high heels, will make you look both casual and classy. Colorful bead bags, sophisticated clutch, or vintage leather handbag are the perfect choice for all those who want to make their appearance more appealing. So, just like we have mentioned before, be daring because this is the only way to become a style-icon. 

#10: Don’t t Forget the Scarves! 

Scarves were always essential to upgrade any style, so there is no difference when it comes to casual style. A silky scarf around your neck, or used as a headband, can make of the simplest combination a glamorous look. So, check your closet and find some, or go and buy some silk-painted scarves that will upgrade your style. 

Wearing Casual Clothes and Being Stylish Is Possible! 

Now we’ve introduced you to an idea of how to improve your overall style and make it be more stylish and classy it is all up to you! Get your closet in order, create a list of all new pieces you should buy so you can upgrade your style, and make a style icon of yourself! With a bit of creativity and effort, your casual fashion style can be an example to others.