Zillow Clone – Step Into The Lucrative Market With A Robust Application

Zillow Clone - Step Into The Lucrative Market With A Robust Application
Zillow Clone - Step Into The Lucrative Market With A Robust Application

Mobile applications have become a place for us to avail almost all services. This surge has caused many businesses to take a shift towards the digital arena. Over the years, digitization has become the critical component for success.

The real estate business is highly lucrative and profitable for entrepreneurs. Real estate agents, brokers and people largely depend on the internet to sell or buy properties. This thirst has led to the introduction of real estate apps.

Real estate apps like Zillow have proved to be effective for people to buy and sell properties effortlessly. Now, you might wonder about how Zillow performs. Here’s what you need to know about developing an app like Zillow.

Zillow app – All you need to know about the real estate app

Zillow is a leading real estate app launched in 2004. Since then, the app has been remaining as a leading online real estate platform among users. Zillow is the most sought-after app among people for all real estate activities. 

Zillow takes the position of a real estate broker and helps people find the right property according to their convenience. The major challenge with the traditional real estate business is the high fee charged by the brokers. There were also many misconceptions among the people and agents. But with an app like Zillow, the users can peacefully find their properties.

Are you interested in developing an app like Zillow to upgrade your real estate business? Explore the following passage to know the ways to develop a Zillow clone app.

How to develop an app like Zillow?

Zillow clone app is an alternative to the standard Zillow app developed with the same distinctive features. Building an app from scratch is challenging and time-consuming. Instead, entrepreneurs can prefer ready-to-launch Zillow clone app pre-built features. 

These ready-made Zillow clone apps will help you to launch your app in no time, as they are already pre-built. Opting for this will save your time and is also a cost-effective solution. 

Mechanism to follow for developing a real estate clone app

For developing a real estate app, it is essential to consider certain things. Following are some of the mechanism to follow for creating a Zillow clone app,

Simple design 

When it comes to real estate apps, they will be mostly preferred by the customers. So, it is essential to develop an app with a simple design. Too much complexity in operations will fret up the users. Moreover, the users should feel comfortable using your app to find or sell their properties. You can minimize the colour and theme of your app as user-friendly apps will attract people essentially. 

Advanced search options 

People prefer using your app to find the best deals in a quick span of time. So, the app must have an advanced search option. When it comes to searching properties, people will have different parameters, and your app should focus on providing opportunities for the users to compare the best. 

Concentrate on different technologies

When you decide to compress your business into mobile applications, you should also find means to do that. Through your app, you have to provide real-time data for the customers. This can be done only by technologies like Big data, augmented reality and virtual reality. Through Big data, you can store large amounts of data pertaining to your real estate business. Technologies like Augmented reality or virtual reality will help you provide a virtual view of the properties to your app users. 

Cutting edge features of a Zillow clone app

Search options 

This is one of the essential features of a real estate app. You might think that it is pretty basic, but trust me, it plays a significant role in app functioning. The search tool must be quick, smooth and should provide the results quickly. The users can search for properties and locations through this search option.


Listing all the properties at a single stretch will be difficult for the users to browse and find the properties. So, provide a sort and filter option for the users to list the content based on various parameters like cheapest and most featured properties.The users can sort the results on the basis of the cost, location-centric and amenities centric,etc. This will be an easy way of finding out the best properties through the app.

Image gallery

This feature is essential for the sellers to post pictures of their properties in the app. The sellers can add descriptions to those properties and upload them in the app for the perusal of the buyers. This will help the buyers to get an idea about the property.

Map view 

A map view is a mandatory feature to include in a real estate app. The seller can integrate the map of their properties and the description so that the buyers will be able to visit the property. 

Property estimator

The property estimator will help the sellers estimate the property’s current value in a corresponding area. This in-built feature will help the sellers to calculate the price of the property according to the current plot value. Even the buyers can go through this to check their property cost.

Virtual tour 

A virtual tour of the property has become the dire need of a real estate app. Moreover, the buyers will get a chance to see the property virtually along with their neighborhood areas. Through a virtual tour, the users will be able to see a 360 degree view of the properties. 

Review and feedback 

This option will help users give their honest feedback and review about a property or a user with whom they have interacted. These reviews will help the other users to understand about the properties and sellers.

Ways to monetize the app

As an app owner, you generate revenue through two streams. They are,

  • Firstly, you can charge a subscription fee or registration fee from the buyers, sellers and realtors to access your app efficiently.
  • Then secondly, you can collect a listing fee from the sellers and realtors to list their properties at the top of the list. 
  • Thirdly, you can also invite third-parties to advertise in your app and earn a considerable amount of money from that. 

Wrapping up,

As mentioned earlier, a real estate business is a revenue-generating stream through which entrepreneurs can earn more profits. Especially with a technology-driven real estate app like Zillow, you can rule the market to a great extent. So, with no further delay, start working on your Zillow clone script.