Why Do You Really Need a Meeting Note Taking Software?

Why Do You Really Need a Meeting Note Taking Software

Successful entrepreneurs often have two or three assistants optimizing their professional and personal lives. Why? Business operations move at the speed of light. For this reason, businesses also hire office assistants to ensure that all their activities and processes are on schedule.

In business, AI assistant tools can fill the personal assistant’s position. These apps can be especially handy in meeting settings. Most business owners often forget that a productive meeting has a wide range of processes and steps.

These critical tasks can eat up work hours beyond the thirty to sixty minutes of actual meeting time. There are many reasons every business needs a meeting note-taking tool such as Aira. Some of these aspects include;

Enhancing focus

All personal assistants understand that their role when working for the influential or rich is to stay in the background. It is not a job for anyone with a large ego. It is the heart of service. Make your employer successful.  

Intelligent meeting tools have features that can make your business meetings successful. They can oversee the lengthy life cycle of a meeting. Aira, for instance, is an artificial intelligence-powered tool that records, transcribes, and analyzes meeting procedures.

Her notes taking processes ensures that all meeting members are free to zone in on the agenda and topics. Minute writing, as most assistants will tell you, is a brain-draining process. Automatic meeting note-taking software will free your meeting members from the mundane task of minute writing and increase connection.

Saving time

A good assistant has the desire to get even the most mundane of chores done effectively. However, according to Glassdoor, the average office assistant’s salary is  $44,285. For lean businesses, this human resource cost can be prohibitive.

Meeting assistant tools are less expensive in the long run, flexible and tireless. The best meeting tools will not only take notes and transcribe your meeting, but are fantastic scheduling tools as well. They can share the meeting agenda, topics, notes, and gather insights. They will make your meetings more engaging and collaborative.

By eliminating the need to have more employees taking notes during the meeting, you will create a lean business meeting devoid of distractions. Meeting tools will also help coordinate and schedule your meeting across different time zones.

These processes will allow those in diverse regions to listen to minute recordings. Meeting assistant tools preparation features will ensure that your meeting stays focused, saving time for every employee.

Increasing collaboration

Online teams meeting and video conferencing apps are at the forefront of teamwork. The adoption of remote work means that employees now meet online more than ever before, sharing their creative thoughts and problem-solving skills naturally.

More services products are coming up in the digital environment thanks to online meeting tools. For this reason, meeting assistant tools have become smarter, especially in the collaboration arena. They now can do more than take meeting notes and transcription. They have fantastic features as well that increased feedback and make meetings more fun.

Meeting tools like Aira can help collect and analyze meeting feedback data. This feature can help lower the negative meeting statistics and overwrite that old negative meeting stereotype. For instance, did you know that states that 71% of senior managers find their business meetings inefficient and unproductive? Meeting AI tools can enhance teamwork and sharing, enhancing problem-solving.

They can make meetings more fun

While a large percentage of workers find meetings hard to bear, most of them agree that these platforms are necessary for business growth. One major complaint that people have against meetings is that they are a bore. Indeed, 62% of managers say that while these gatherings have an advantage of bringing teams closer, they often fail at it.

Remote work can exacerbate this lack of team spirit. Workers are spending tireless hours online, only meeting each other via video calls. Consequently, the constant back-to-back Zoom or Microsoft team meetings have a lot of awkwardness.

Note-taking meeting software can double up as the team’s digital assistant, making all members at ease through music and other broadcasts. These AI tools can foster team spirit by sharing special announcements such as birthdays, work celebrations, or presentations.

Improving transparency

Businesses have over time embraced ethics and transparency as the cornerstones of success. Accountability brings success to businesses. Minute taking tools can play a huge role in team access to information.

They will send all meeting proceedings to all meeting members after the meeting for collaboration. This process increases loyalty, transparency, and a feeling of ownership amongst all employees.


Meeting note taking software is a lifesaver. These platforms are intuitive, efficient, fast, and error-free. They will save time, increase transparency, collaboration, and focus on your team’s meetings.